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  1. I've never been more happy to be so wrong about somebody.
  2. Not taking anyone over Josh but damn, Herbert wowed the hell out of me. Thank god the fins didn't select him.
  3. I'm not really scared of controversy. We dance around so many topics in this world. Another big lie is the link of crime and poverty. Total nonsense.
  4. Of course they're correlated. Don't be the person who lives by the exception and not the rule. That throws out the facts because 1 person out of 1000 breaks the rules. Statistics matter. No one cares that Richard Sherman is black. Or has dreadlocks. Every time a celebrity of any kind gets arrested you'll have people convict them before their day in court. It's the price of fame. Has nothing to do with race. People love to see people fall from grace.
  5. Oh wow. Then you are really lost. You don't believe intelligence is negatively correlated to violent crime. You think violent crime is equally distributed across all intelligence levels? When did the facts stop mattering to you? Did you write the date down?
  6. No, but you have to be smart to be a brain surgeon. It's just a saying. Did he actually earn a masters from Stanford.? I went to a top 25 school that had a football program. The athletes are completely catered to. Extra help, tutors, everything. I've also seen some shady things I wont even get into. Things are completely different for athletes than the general student.
  7. It does. It's probably the best way we can sort people's cognitive abilities without having everyone take an IQ test. Do you think him getting booked for domestic battery is a better way to assess his intelligence?
  8. Yes. people taking the SAT are children as opposed to a few months later when they can buy a home, work full time, join the military etc.
  9. The SAT is a much better gauge of someones IQ than a high school GPA or many other things for that matter.
  10. I like when people call Richard Sherman smart. Maybe for a football player but the guy got a 990 and 1080 on his SAT. He's no brain surgeon. *edit. I see someone already mentioned that.
  11. I think PFF is fine for things like QB pressures and some defensive player rankings, but their QB scoring has never made any sense to me. I think their rating systems is extremely flawed for most offensive positions outside of OL.
  12. For anything negative said to Nassib, I would bet there's 50X more positive things said. You can never get rid of every idiot, but they are an extreme minority in this situation. Looking at his IG, i can't even find a negative comment.
  13. There's no shattered cultural barrier. It's 2021. It's a first but not some earth shattering cultural move like you seem to be framing it. Jackie was spit on, called a ***** by player and coaches. He played in an era of segregation. He played 20 years before it was legal for a black to marry a white. Nassib will go through none of that. All he will receive is support and admiration. You seem to be living in a different time period. Some people seem to have a hard time grasping progress. They want certain groups to stay in a perpetual state of victimhood.
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