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  1. There's this dwindling group of people who continue to push Tyrod as a starting qb.
  2. They were a little over aggressive all day but the last series was ultra conservative. A little tighter coverage and they force Fitz into sacks or a turnover instead of letting him go down the field in 2 minutes and get a cheap TD.
  3. Hated the last series on D. Should not have come down to an onside kick.
  4. I liked Murphy coming out of college. Never wanted to cut him here. He's an above average DE. He's no Chris Kelsay, who totally sucked.
  5. I wasn't that worried until I saw his college stats. 20-28 his senior year is pretty lousy. We'll see I guess.
  6. Funny how people bring up the Browns miss for Hauschka considering it was his first miss from 30-39 in 7 years. Hauschka missed only 4 from that distance in 12 years. Bass is half way there in only his first game. Hauschka also went 4/4 in the Playoff game including hitting from 47 with 5 seconds left. You feel confident in having Bass do that?
  7. He was? That's pretty crappy. I don't see this kid being on the roster at the end of the year.
  8. He should be cut. Can't miss inside of 40 like that. One of the few bad moves Beane has made along with going into Josh's rookie year with just him and Peterman and no veteran QB on the roster.
  9. Not a Rosen fan but he's gotten a raw deal. Two terrible teams with two terrible O-lines.
  10. Ok, you're right. Still doesn't really change the truth. NY and NYC had much higher levels of cases than FL. Florida's spike would look like nothing compared to the cases in NY if the testing was at the same levels. We know FL was performing 300-400% more tests during their peak than NY was during their peak. I don't know. The charts look pretty similar to me. Which countries were those? Some little small, homogeneous Nordic country? Most states and countries who didn't have a first wave of cases, had a spike in the summer. Even Japan, Australia, Israel etc experienced spikes. You can't run from a virus. You have to face it sooner or later. The idea that you can open any of these states that didn't have a 1st wave of infections, let alone a state with 20+ million people and not see a rise in cases in illogical. Red and blue states who both missed the 1st wave all had major increases in cases this summer from California and Oregon to FL and Texas.
  11. It's funny how the narrative shift was to cases once the testing had become 5 times more abundant in this country. FL cases and NY cases are not remotely comparable. Mount Sinai hospital is estimating NY was peaking around 85K new cases a day in late March. Florida's one day peak was 15k cases. NY has suffered many more cases of Covid. The massive death toll tells us that. The NY death chart mirrors epidemilogist's chart of what would happen if no safety precautions were taken. Massive infection and death followed by a steep decline in both. NY just decided to hurt their small businesses on top of that. You act as in FL didn't have a specific regional plan for reopening. We did. I live in an area that had their phase 2 reopening pushed back because the infection and hospitalization metrics weren't where they needed to be. Again, to assume states who avoided the first wave of covid could avoid spikes in infections after reopening is nonsensical. The point was to have hospitals ready and not have them get overloaded and guess what, that's what happened, no matter how hard the media wanted to spin it. I never said NY did it the right way. They did it the quickest way but the loss of life was substantial. I would never recommend the way they did it. They really didn't have much of a choice bc it hit them first but again, to say they got it under control is misleading imo. They basically did Sweden's plan without meaning to. I only brought Sweden up bc they got on the other side of covid by really doing nothing but let the virus run it's course, which is what NY unintentionally let happen also IMO. If you think National healthcare looked great after what happened in Italy, Spain and the UK, then you might want to go for a brain scan.
  12. It's your opinion that protective measures helped get them on the other side. I disagree. I think massive infection rates and death helped get them on the other side. Sweden never locked down, never closed schools and they're really not even wearing masks and they got to the other side without close to the death rate NY had. That's a real success story. There seems to be this narrative that FL could have avoided a spike in infections when they reopened. I don't think that's true. I haven't really seen a state that didn't get hit early that reopened without a spike in infections. Miami Dade county, Florida's most affected county locked down all non-essential business for 2 months. They've had a mask mandate since April 9th. What are they supposed to do, stay locked down forever? It's a joke. FL has done quite well. Everything is open state wide, we've just hit our lowest daily covid case numbers in 2 months, we have 1/3 of the deaths of NY, we didn't have the massively avoidable nursing homes deaths, our unemployment rate is much lower, people are flocking here, not leaving, we're in a lot better shape financially with a lot less debt, it's not even close.
  13. If NY state was a country, If you have by far the worsts deaths per capita in the world. Nothing to brag about.
  14. Maybe letting it rip through was a poor choice of words. I mean I could do the hindsight is 20/20 thing like everyone seems to do these days but I'm not that type of person. The chart we've seen over and over again is basically a mirror of the NY death chart. They got slammed early and it's helped them get to the other side of this thing faster. IMO. I don't think anyone should be following them as a guide.
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