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  1. I don't know how a QB who plays in the SEC, throws 60 TD's and beats 7 top 10 teams isn't the best prospect in the draft.
  2. Only reason he would go is Jones is a superior prospect to Allen. Guy looked pretty special this season.
  3. Was never a big Daboll fan because of some of the personnel groupings he uses and some of his situational calls but when you dissect this offense, we're leaving a lot of plays on the field that should be positive plays. Mainly because of Josh missing them and some poor execution.
  4. Houston's so streaky. Hope we catch them on a down week because when they're hot, they're a pretty tough opponent. Much rather play them then KC at KC though. That's a no brainer.
  5. That was so scary. If he hits that ball direct, it's coming out.
  6. It would be great if Steelers played mostly their backups. That would be an easy win. Oh wait........
  7. I don't think he's including the person he's calling "dumb".
  8. My uncle and I were saying the same thing yesterday. He gets too pumped up when he plays at home.
  9. I'm talking about how that projects on his season and what kinda of player he will be in the future. You're talking about 1 game in the context of a season. See how asinine that is? We can go back and talk about good games Demetrius bell and Kirk Chambers had too if you want.
  10. In one game. No one cares about one game. It's over. It's about a season of work.
  11. Now you're making stupid assumptions. I never said any of that. I do think Ford is a Guard and not a tackle though. Dawkins is a superior player to Ford. Because Dawkins gave up a sack to Miller and Ford didn't, in 1 game, is almost meaningless. Please realize that.
  12. Ok great. Is he better then Dawkins? No, he absolutely is not. That's why we don't base how good a player is off 1 game.
  13. Ok and he had 20 passing snaps where he had help. All it takes is getting beat 1 or 2 times and it can change a game. How long did Josh hold the ball on those other 9 snaps? Was Miller rushing the passer on all those snaps? Ford is a average to below average RT right now. I'm glad he held his own in limited responsibility but that doesn't change that much.
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