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  1. This season will be nothing new for Tom Brady since the refs have not let anyone get within 6 feet of him for the last two decades.
  2. We can get him and Dunbar cheap! Get it done OBD! Just kidding and drunk. Also, I apologize since I assume this was at least the 10th repeat of this lame message board joke in this thread!
  3. In 2008 Dick Jauron would have been all for it.
  4. Man when Darcy Regier said there would be some suffering seven years ago he wasn’t kidding...
  5. News Years 2021’s slogan: ”Let’s Try This Again”
  6. You know it was bad when Rex thought you were out of shape...
  7. If I am able to make it to SJF to watch a practice sometime this year it will definitely be me!
  8. Maybe O line and LB but it feels great that I had to think about this question for the first time in decades.
  9. I also guess that means he is going to have to include some additional figures if he waves to the crowd when comes to the games.
  10. Wow does this mean his dad will have to be a Bills fan?
  11. They had to watch the Bengals vs Dolphins. Isn’t that punishment enough?
  12. My emotions are all out of whack I hate seeing Allen get sacked and yet I am excited for what Epinesa is going to do! This is like Jalapeño ice cream it is cold but hot.
  13. Sounds like Goodell has been hitting up his wet bar...🍸
  14. He always came across as a great person and by happenstance also Bruce Smith's god son I believe which is pretty cool. He also had a great last minute come back game against at the time a decent Carolina team. But he was not ready to be a starter and definitely not ready on day one. It is also too bad we were in need of a QB in the wrong year of 2013. That was probably one of the worst QB classes in the last 20 years.
  15. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha Oh yeah I definitely also had the Irish Flu for a couple days after that trip! 😂
  16. I think I already had it from when I went to Vegas back in January. I had a brutal dry cough and fever for about 4 days even had to miss some school and work. It eventually went away though but it was so random and so brutal it made wonder.
  17. I went to vegas twice at the start of the year. The under construction stadium looks amazing in person. I can’t wait and hope to see the finished product when the Bills play there when the world starts moving again.
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