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  1. I hope every Bills fan watching on Amazon Prime struck around to watch that post-game interview. It was gold. My favorite part was Josh admitting that one of the reasons he took the Gillette sponsorship was to troll the Patriots and their fans. I'll admit, the extra cherry on top of the "soundly beating the Pats on national TV for the third straight time" sundae was seeing Josh Allen as the face of Gillette in those commercials that were being shown while his team was laying the smackdown in Gillette Stadium. Most fun I've had watching the Bills since the Chiefs game.
  2. I presume the OP was joking, but... If an ACTUAL O/U on receiving yards for John Brown was set tonight (and I haven't checked the books, so maybe it has), it'd be...what...like 9.5 yards?
  3. I believe that if you go back to my pre-draft posts, you'd find that I openly advocated for the Bills to spend a high pick on a wide receiver, and to spend premium assets on the offense in general. Where I generally differed from you and ScottLaw was that I did not feel -- as you and Scott seemed to -- that it was the ONLY way forward, and that not doing so would constitute an outright, unforgivable mistake by Beane. Given that the Bills offense is currently ranked 2nd in PPG 11 games into the season, and that the defense is ranked 5th in PPG allowed despite being absolutely ravaged by injuries, I don't feel I was too far off base. I do admit that I poked fun at you and ScottLaw about the concerns over the outside WR positions. I felt that Gabriel Davis would step up and become a viable #2. For all of the vitriol thrown his way this season, Davis is currently ranked 23rd in the league in receiving yards and has as many receiving TDs as Mark Andrews or Justin Jefferson do. Where I thought they could use help in terms of weaponry -- and I still feel this way -- is in the slot. I DID think that between McKenzie, Crowder, and Shakir, one of them would step up. I admit to being totally wrong in this case. Obviously, none of them has.
  4. I always kind of felt like the "back by the Jets game" timeline seemed really optimistic. I don't blame Von at all for being optimistic. That's a good mindset to have. I just think it's really asking a lot for an injury like that to only cause two games missed. In any case, I really, really thought Von had torn his ACL. The fact that he didn't, and that he seems more likely than not to be available for the playoffs, is a huge plus. Time for the young pups to step up.
  5. Cosell is right: the Bills offense, outside of Allen and Diggs, is nothing special. It depends too much on Allen being Superman every week. The Bills offense is very productive, ranked 2nd in PPG. The Bills are a very good team overall. Dorsey needs to do a better job utilizing the weapons he DOES have, including the speed of Cook and Hines and the quickness of McKenzie. All of these things are simultaneously true somehow. It's a confusing situation, with definite "chicken or the egg" facets to it. Any way you slice it, it would be absolutely in the best interest of Josh Allen and the Bills as a whole if Beane spent the entire offseason building up Josh's protection and weaponry. Just pretend the defense doesn't exist this offseason. I don't even care. Weapons, protection. Weapons, protection. Wash, rinse, repeat.
  6. Last year, yes. Judon played through medical issues and had 12.5 sacks in 17 games. This year, Judon is healthy and playing like a man possessed, with 13 sacks through 11 games, which leads the NFL. I'm not definitively saying he will or won't have a great game against the Bills (though my money would be on him having a big impact), I'm just saying that he's a different player this year than he was last year.
  7. Bills, going on their third road trip in 12 days, play well on defense, but show exhaustion and stretches of stagnant offense that keep the game closer than it should be. The Judon vs Brown matchup tilts the game in favor of the New England defense. Bills run defense continues to excel, but pass defense makes Mac Jones look like Joe Montana. The Bills' best chance of putting up points is to completely unleash Josh Allen as a runner. But will they? Pats 23 Bills 19 Bills lose to drop to 8-4 and 0-3 in the AFC East and are immediately declared dead in the water by the national media. "Sky is falling" and "Fire Dorsey!" Mania hit a fever pitch on TSW. The Bills then return from their mini bye rested, healthy, and through their slump, and proceed to win all remaining games en route to a 13-4 record and an AFC East championship.
  8. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2022/12/01/tyler-bass-is-the-afc-special-teams-player-of-the-month-2/ Bass connected on 12-of-13 field goals and 8-of-9 extra points in four games. His 44 points were a league-high in November. According to the league, Bass was the only player to hit six field goals of at least 40 yards. He was 5-of-5 on 40-yard attempts.
  9. For what it's worth, I also lay down $5 and $10 bets throughout football season. The key difference is that I usually pick multi-game parlays so that even though I'm betting a small amount, the winnings are comparatively large. Most Sundays, I bet a multi-game parlay, picking the moneylines on about 7 games. Bet $10 to win $200, something like that. To each their own. Winning ANY amount of money is great! Yay, legal sports betting!
  10. You'll have to excuse me if I'm not shocked that a guy with Portnoy's logo as his avatar is laying money on the Pats.
  11. Unless they feel that Stevenson can materially help them in the passing game -- I, personally, happen not to feel that way -- I'd place him in IR for the rest of the season. The trusty ol' IR stash. Give him another shot in training camp next season. - Cut Justin Murray, activate Ike Boettger to active roster. Too early to say on Kumerow and Benford. Other injuries or roster changes may have occurred by the time those players are eligible. Whichever of those players the Bills feel more urgency to bring back to the active roster, Cam Lewis would be next on the "cut" list. I think they could get him back through to the practice squad.
  12. Yep. Quessenberry vs Judon is potentially a game tilting matchup. As others have said, this looks like a week to dial up the short passing game and lean on the running game. Hines, Cook, Singletary, and Knox should all be used with creativity and frequency if the Bills want to mitigate Judon's impact.
  13. If the forecast calls for freezing weather that day, can someone please spray the visiting benches (and maybe the Dolphins players) with a hose before the game? According to Dolphins fans, one team having to deal with dangerous weather elements while the other team does not is a totally fair and legitimate competitive advantage.
  14. These charts shows that the Bills are actually the 2nd or 3rd MOST AFFECTED by injury of any team in the NFL.
  15. If anyone has Amazon Prime, I recommend The Wilds. Plane crashes on an uninhabited island. Plane full of teenage girls has to co-exist and survive. Two seasons are available, but very captivating.
  16. The best, most direct route to the one seed for the Bills is indeed for the Bengals to beat the Chiefs and the Bills to beat the Bengals. Obviously, this assumes that the Bills take care of business elsewhere, which is ANYTHING but a safe assumption at the moment, with a tough three game stretch coming up. I hope Chase is back and at full strength for the Bengals. If the Chiefs win out, then so be it, but it would be nice to see them have to actually beat some tough opponents to do it. The Rams practice squad doesn't count.
  17. Didn't watch a ton of soccer over the weekend. Family stuff the first few days and then NFL football took precedence on Sunday. Now that the work week has begun, it's back to World Cup at work! Brazil approaching half time and still no goals against the stingy Swiss defense.
  18. If ever there was a game to bust out some creativity offensively, this would certainly be it. I expect the Patriots to do everything in their power to take Diggs away and force the Bills to beat them with other players. I also expect the Patriots to play a ton of man coverage, as they always do this season. Their coverage tendencies and the likelihood that they can bottle up Diggs (relatively speaking) mean that our other skill players are really going to need to step up and get open. A creative, varied gameplan could sure help! Hines, Cook, Singletary, McKenzie, Knox...let's scheme up some looks for these guys. Let's USE our speed at the running back and tight end positions. If there's a bag of tricks that Dorsey has been holding back, now is the time to start opening it up.
  19. 1. As others have pointed out in this thread, not all injuries are created equal. The Bills have lost key players, star players, etc, which count the same as an injured third string linebacker in this data. 2. As others have pointed out in this thread, the Bills are 8-3. "Excuses" for what, exactly? Being tied for the division lead and one game out of the AFC 1-seed? This post has big "Big Turk Energy".
  20. The Bills -- despite a slew of illnesses and injures, two road games in five days, and the hardest strength of schedule in the NFL -- are 8-3 and one game out of the AFC one-seed, right? Just had to check, because to read this board the past few days, you'd think they were 3-8 rather than 8-3. Had to make sure I wasn't taking crazy pills.
  21. Thanks for the post. I respect Kubiak's opinion, but I disagree with any notion of anti-Bills bias by Tony Romo. He repeatedly, constantly excused Allen's poor stretches of play and bad throws by blaming them solely on a sore elbow. He called Dane Jackson a "budding superstar" on more than one occasion. He openly voiced his amazement at some of Allen's throws. Lack of preparedness/thoroughness by not mentioning Bills injuries? Sure. Actual anti-Bills bias? I didn't come away with that impression at all. Has Kubiak ever heard Chris Collinsworth?!
  22. Also….I guess all the breathless speculation about the staff avoiding turf for Tre’s return (including by me, I totally bought into the theory) we’re just not correct at all. Who’d’a thunk it?!
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