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  1. We have had almost no continuity on the O-Line, which s an absolutely crucial ingredient to offensive success. It is astounding how well we have done so far with a make shift O-Line. Our QB and WR's are spectacular. Our TE's have been decimated with injuries and illnesses, that will hopefully improve going forward. Our special teams are excellent. The Defense has regressed since last year, but is still pretty good. Stopping the run needs to improve.
  2. These days, the least little symptom and a player goes into "the concussion protocol". Doesn't mean you have one, means you might have one. Concussions come in all sorts of severity from very mild to very serious. 10 mild concussions may have very little long term effects, whereas a single serious concussion could end your career.
  3. The vaunted Baltimore "D" wasn't any better than the Bills "D"...maybe even worse.
  4. Practice squad power rankings...look who's #2 on the list... https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/week-1-nfl-practice-squad-power-rankings-2020-49ers-jauan-jennings-starts-season-at-no-1/
  5. not a good weather forecast for Sunday. Could be lots of rain. Not conducive to passing the football.
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