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  1. More love from CBS Sports... https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/under-the-radar-players-who-could-be-2021-stars-for-each-afc-team-marquise-brown-among-potential-breakouts/
  2. Rousseau seems to be a physical carbon copy of Ryan Denny. Hopefully that's his floor...his ceiling? we shall see.
  3. I haven't read all the posts, but the thing that seems obvious to me is that the Bills realize they currently have way too much money invested in the D-line and that has to change. The huge salary that Josh Allen will demand, and rightfully so, means 4 young relatively inexpensive D-lineman will help them stay under the cap.
  4. How many players available at #30 can step into the starting lineup on day one and make a huge difference? I would say Etienne and Harris for sure and maybe a CB like Jaycee Horn.
  5. ESPN is reporting $6 million for one year with a possible $500,000 in incentives.
  6. https://vikings61.com/could-danielle-hunters-football-career-be-over/
  7. Everyone seems to forget that even if Mahomes plays (which he will), he has a pinched nerve and a foot injury (toe) that had him hobbling around last week. He will not be 100%, but this time of year, who really is?
  8. just in case Singletary goes down, they may decide to dress both Williams and Yeldon.
  9. so far the Denver QB is on pace for more INT's than completions. Has that ever happened before?
  10. How to fix this: 1. Keep the DB's on the field 1 hour after each practice doing nothing but "hail mary" drills 2. Put a few tall TE's or WR's back there to help out. 3. Put the QB on his butt before he can throw it.
  11. We have had almost no continuity on the O-Line, which s an absolutely crucial ingredient to offensive success. It is astounding how well we have done so far with a make shift O-Line. Our QB and WR's are spectacular. Our TE's have been decimated with injuries and illnesses, that will hopefully improve going forward. Our special teams are excellent. The Defense has regressed since last year, but is still pretty good. Stopping the run needs to improve.
  12. These days, the least little symptom and a player goes into "the concussion protocol". Doesn't mean you have one, means you might have one. Concussions come in all sorts of severity from very mild to very serious. 10 mild concussions may have very little long term effects, whereas a single serious concussion could end your career.
  13. The vaunted Baltimore "D" wasn't any better than the Bills "D"...maybe even worse.
  14. Practice squad power rankings...look who's #2 on the list... https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/week-1-nfl-practice-squad-power-rankings-2020-49ers-jauan-jennings-starts-season-at-no-1/
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