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  1. What signs or information do you have that Tre will be back Thursday?
  2. Why do you refer to him as "Jackie" Kemp. That seems kind of belittling or too personal.
  3. Only to you. He hadn't gotten the ball and the Bills were being embarrassed
  4. Well said. Duke Johnson was activated ( and played well in limited duty). So why did they even trade for Hines? For that matter, why isn't Marlowe out there?
  5. He has nearly 3 weeks to practice.
  6. McKenzie is back. Diggs,Davis,Shakir,and McKenzie. Could use Taiwan Jones or Hines if needed.
  7. No surprise, McDermott has his favorites. Still wondering why Hines and Marlowe aren't playing.
  8. Maybe, but hasn't Van Roten played center in a real game? So has Bates, for that matter.
  9. What the hell does Tre's injury have to do with the "start of the season"? Try to focus on the discussion.
  10. Or,just the "regular" backup. I don't even know if the NFL allows the 3rd,emergency QB designation.
  11. I am serious, but YOU havent posted any kind of valid point ,you second guess your own statements and keep adding irrelevant anecdotal filler. You are not a doctor and not involved with the rehab of White or Verrett, so of course you don't have any first hand knowledge. Verrett has praised the team for their patience and handling of his injuries.
  12. I don't think you meant White has been practicing for 11 months..
  13. I dont expect any "situational " substitutions. How exactly would it fool anyone if Allen was in there? The defense would expect him to be running ?
  14. Whats this got to do with Tre? You're grasping at straws...to what end?
  15. I hope Keenum acquits himself well. Offensively I expect the Bills to be more conservative; run more and focus on short or intermediate passes. Would love to see Knox go off and Davis to make a difference. A good time for Cook,Shakir,Hines,Epenesa and Marlowe to step up.
  16. Why not title this with something more fitting than "an honest question"?
  17. If the Bills cruise toward the playoffs I expect Diggs to be 'rested" so records might be out of reach.
  18. Why would Shakir take one and then be replaced? I do agree he likely won't get reps on offense unless it's a rout
  19. Josh's contact ends after the 2028 season,less than a decade. There is an "out" after 2025. I think this year might be the best shot: Josh's salary takes a huge jump next year and Bills have to deal with the Poyer,Hyde, and Singletary situations, among others.
  20. Punt returns will be the EASIEST transition for him. Bills want Shakir to focus on developing offensively I think punt returns and maybe a couple simple pass plays I would hope for more than 16 yards on 3 catches,with his speed and quickness
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