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  1. ...and if anyone knows trash, it’s Tyreek Hill. He sees it every time he looks in the mirror. 😡
  2. Anthony Lynn is next man up. His decision making as evidenced by Sunday’s game is brutal. Should have been fired before now. McCarthy is going nowhere. Not only his 1st year, but if Dak doesn’t go down, the Cowboys are at least a .500 team, and would have easily won the NFC East this year.
  3. Make no mistake about it, this guy is trolling. He tries to be very subtle about it, but what other explanation is there for a KC fan to show up here after Mahomes explodes on the scene(after Buffalo traded the pick to KC).
  4. For all who believe that full-time officials are the answer, look to the NHL and even the NBA and MLB. Officials/Refs/Umpires still make mistakes. It's part of the game.
  5. That is a crazy story. Had to be really tough on the parents...until they got word that their son was safe. Thanks for sharing!
  6. When the QB leaves the pocket, you can tackle him low, AND, the penalty was on Oliver for a late hit, not White.
  7. Anger Management treatment will help. First it's the ottoman, next think you know...it's the wife! 😂
  8. Denver game should have also been moved to Tuesday. At least they could have signed a QB with NFL experience off the street, and given him two days to learn a limited playbook.
  9. There will always be mistakes. “Human Error”. The officiating is no better or worse than it’s been for decades. The only thing that has changed in terms of officiating in recent years, is having instant replay...which is a good thing.
  10. I agree 100% with #5. If the Bills can’t figure out a way to have their superstar CB shadow the opposing teams #1 WR(or if he is not capable of doing it), maybe they shouldn’t have backed up the Brinks truck for him.
  11. On a positive note, since Nick Bosa is out for the year, at least the Bills won’t be embarrassed in back to back games by a Bosa brother.
  12. I’ll be interested to see who takes over as draft host.
  13. The biggest problem with the Bills winning the SB, is the road to becoming AFC champions. Unless there are upsets along the way, the Bills are going to have to beat PIT & KC on the road. The nice thing is, home field will be neutralized this year because of no fans or minimal fans.
  14. I want a dome also, but those who want a dome because it fits with the Bills pass happy offense are going to be disappointed knowing that a dome is at least 4 years away, even if they decided they wanted one today. Speaking of which, what ever happened to that feasibility study the Pegula's were having done that included a new football stadium, and also renovating Key Bank Center(Sabres)?
  15. Another NFL(and Syracuse U) great is about to succumb to cancer. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/30369334/denver-broncos-send-game-ball-hall-fame-rb-floyd-little-hospice-care
  16. I was thinking of a kick in the nuts, but either will do. 😂
  17. No matter who it is in the booth, the 3 man crew always sucks. Why have two analysts in the booth? ESPN will never adopt the KISS principle.
  18. Anyone who wouldn’t trade Allen for Mahomes is out of their mind delusional.
  19. I’m really disappointed in my commish. Didn’t even put it to a vote that Hill can only be used as a QB. So my opponent this week is starting him at TE, so basically he has two QB’s in his lineup. 😡
  20. I’m only in a $100 league and I’m pissed about it. $500 league? I can understand the anger.
  21. That’s a joke. ESPN needs to do the right thing and change his position to just QB.
  22. I've violated prison curfews...handcuff me, and teach me a lesson. 😂
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