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  1. I wonder if Fitz sees the light at the end of the tunnel and saw this as maybe his last opportunity to be a starter...and emotions got the best of him?
  2. Department of Motor Vehicles? Which office? 😂
  3. I would have expected something more like this from Fitz... “Yes I am disappointed but I have been on enough teams to know that this is how it goes sometimes. Therefore, I will do everything I can to help Tua, and at the same time, be ready to go in, if needed.” Instead, he came across as whiny, especially about having to sit in a room on a zoom call for 4 hours(QB meeting?).
  4. I’m just getting old and cranky 😂, but I mostly stopped wearing Bills gear when out of town(I’m in WNY), because of this. I don’t mind if I’m sitting at a bar while on vacation, and someone wants to talk about the Bills season(if I happen to have a Bills cap on), but just randomly yelling at strangers “Go Bills”...no thank you.
  5. For the fans yearning for Beane to do something, he already did. He spent 10’s of million in cap space on mediocre DL players. His only move now is to sit on the sidelines and try to fix the mess he has made, in the off-season.
  6. 1st two games disappointing in that they weren’t close(1 run game or tie game) late in the game.
  7. I guess I’m wondering when things go south with a player(s), who is too blame? Accountability?
  8. I’m sure it is a closely guarded secret at OBD, but how much say do you think McD has in terms of personnel? I’m not talking about who starts and who sits, I’m referring to what players are signed, traded, and drafted, and which players either don’t make the 53 man roster, or in the case of Spain, cut loose in mid-season. Bottom line...how much blame goes to McD for the OL and DL disasters despite $$$ thrown at the problem?
  9. These spotrac numbers are not pretty. In fact, they are downright UGLY.
  10. Beane’s attempt to rebuild the OL and DL has been a failure. He handed out a lot of money, and got a poor return on his investment.
  11. I don't remember this at all. Take that Fireman Ed. 😂 After finishing 1-15 in 1996, the Jets were primed to select Peyton Manning with the No. 1 pick and team him up with the newly hired Bill Parcells and previous top pick and wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson. Then the future Hall of Famer Manning stunningly announced he would return to Tennessee for his senior season, creating one of the biggest what-ifs in Jets history.
  12. I'm going to be happy for either team. I was glad to see the cheaters get knocked out, and I like Atlanta, but Acuna is a bit too much of a hot dog for my liking. Huge payroll vs. small payroll. Hope it goes 7 exciting games. I'm going with the Dodgers!
  13. Can I answer your question with a question? If there was any news on this, don't you think there would be at least a 1/2 new threads related to this topic?
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