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  1. Spags you will never learn, will you? I will give you credit, you keep coming back for more after taking beating after beating. Probably brain damage.
  2. Yeah, I heard he was old and grumpy!!! What is the exchange rate on Canadian vaccine proof? Will I have to show proof of 3 shots? (If I am ever allowed to cross the border)
  3. That's what she said! 😀 (Sorry, I couldn't help myself)
  4. As if you would admit to constant Viagra ads anyway!!!!
  5. I think the Seattle game was 2008 because I remember the "Brady broke his leg" chant in our section. It was a little distasteful. Chargers game to go 5-1 was awesome! That was the power outage game if I remember correctly? My Fav was beating the Pats* on the last second field goal. What a party!
  6. I am going to have to sign up for twitter now.....seems like it's going to fun for the next while!
  7. He just tried to kill it.....when his normal extra point kicking power is plenty. He will be fine.
  8. Ah, crap! RIP Danny. Love The Big Tree!
  9. A quick read over there tells me most of their fans are just as dumb as Jimmy Spags!
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