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  1. GP and a Log Cabin Republican event? That's interesting in itself.
  2. I'm for anything to get them apart from AT&T...their services sucks big time since they were acquired.
  3. I'd think Yeldon would have a better shot than McKenzie for "other"...but I'd think it'd be Gore as the answer to your poll
  4. Just called for the 3rd time in 3 months. Last time I got $40 off/mo. for 12 months off regular bill and turned down their 12.25 off/mo for Sunday ticket when they said it would be cheaper in Sept. Today's call, they took the ST price back up to regular price and didn't offer the 12.25off/month. Was told because I was not currently signed up for ST, no discounts were available. I was not happy and it took some time but after 1 hour, I got the 12.25off/mo. back, plus $5off/mo for 12 months and a $50 statement credit. I've had better years and worse years with the discounts....
  5. I’ll go with the drunk driver. Even the losers get lucky sometime
  6. Lol. I see his posts and know where he stands. I don’t like to block people even if they throw unwarranted insults. I appreciate the veteran poster advice. It is definitely welcome.
  7. You are an angry person. Going right to the insults. i know full well of the Russian “efforts” to hack the voting systems. Show me where they were successful and I’ll accept my ignorance.
  8. It was a conspiracy...by the Obama administration????
  9. You're right...it’s the media that uses these polls to tell us who is going to win the election. And again, they did a bang up job
  10. Those same polls were spot on last election weren't they...
  11. This X100...I live in an HOA community. Every house has a 2 car garage and a 2 car driveway. Some in the neighborhood don't use either and just use the street to park their multiple vehicles.
  12. Agreed, but I do question that sometimes (not directed at you)...
  13. You can ask that same question to about 90% of the posts on this site.
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