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  1. A longshot from deep in the pack...Quinton Morris, rookie TE from Bowling Green.
  2. It was at St. John Fisher, the second or third training camp practice under this new coach. It got hot and things got lackluster out there. The players were going through the motions. McDermott blew his whistle and ran from position group to position group, directing everyone to the center of the field. We couldn't hear what was said, but you could tell by McDermott's gesticulations that he was reading them the riot act. The players then hustled back to their position groups with palpably improved purpose and focus. Some of us in the crowd, who had regularly attend
  3. Yes. The losers from the Buffalo Bills latched on to some leadership elsewhere and rode their coattails all the way to a ring. Meanwhile, McDermott/Beane were drafting, recruiting, and developing leaders here.
  4. You must mean winners instead of the losers we endured for 17 years.
  5. "Available" is an odd word to choose as you attempt to sing the praises of "Star."
  6. We could get three or four fat asses for what we pay for Star McNoShow.
  7. Watch today's McDermott interview. Read between the lines. Look up "terse."
  8. Methinks you have badly misinterpreted the evidence.
  9. You do realize that he finished last in a qualifying heat. You do realize that he was not running in the USA Olympic Trials, but that he finished last in a qualifying heat (not the finals) against a field of runners who were attempting to gain entrance into the U.S.A. Olympic Trials (where the USA Olympic entrants will be determined.) What it all means is that he ran dead last in a low-level race full of wannabes, who were attempting to secure a spot in a further race, in order to secure a spot in a further race in order to secure a spot in a further race in order to secure
  10. As directed, starting at 44:00 I listened to one minute of that. My takeaway is that soon, and very soon, to "express" ourselves we will all just grunt and fart at each other.
  11. I fail to see why a team can't play four tackles. Aren't tackles the designated QB bodyguards? So if your best asset is Josh Allen, and you pass far more than run, why not put the best bodyguards out there? I remember the days when each team played a strong safety and a free safety. I have not heard those designations in quite a while. Perhaps the offensive line designations will fade away as well. Maybe Beane is on to something.
  12. ...and another one jumps the shark.
  13. Fred Jackson: Pass-blocking. Screens. Check-downs. Straight-arms. Leadership. And all of the above delivered with a D-3 chip on his shoulder.
  14. The O.J Simpson trade to the 49ers (in 1978) got the Bills the pick that they used (in 1983) to select Jim Kelly. It's a long story, and here it is: n 1978, the Buffalo Bills trade O.J. Simpson to the San Francisco 49ers. the 49ers traded their second- and third-round picks in 1978, first and fourth-round picks in 1979, and a 1980 second-round to acquire Simpson. That 1979 first rounder would become the number one overall pick, though at the time of the trade in 1978 no one could know that. Buffalo used those draft picks to acquire DE Scott Hutchinson and WR Danny Fulton in
  15. 'Washington Football Team' is a middle-finger to the NFL, it's minimalist, it exudes attitude, and it pisses off all the people Snyder wants to piss off. It's a flat-out grand slam.
  16. Before our very eyes, Wisdom and Enlightenment have met.
  17. "Golden Wheels" and "Cookie". The nicknames are the first thing I remember. It was probably 1962, listening to the radio when I was 9. It was love at first listen.
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