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  1. If there were a Fan Hall of Fame, this guy is first ballot unanimous.
  2. Louie "the Pipe" is not pleased. Pegulas can expect a knock, a single knock, on their door.
  3. Ironically, for me it was confirmed by one of his his 'worst' moments -- when he tried a lateral to Knox in the playoff game. That's when I knew how desperate our young QB was to lead and to succeed. As Shakespeare never said, "You can't teach desperation."
  4. Yeah well, at least we in Lockport don't spell compliment c-o-m-p-l-e-m-e-n-t. We leave such illiteracy to you city slickers.
  5. "Blue on Blue," he said, in both the second and third person.
  6. I also got to see him at the Rockpile in his heyday. So pardon me for waxing rhapsodic, but Joe Namath was the most effortless and elegant passer the game has ever known. His passes were more poetical than mechanical. If they don't belong in the the Halll of Fame, then they belong in the Louvre. And, lest we forget, he happened to win the most historically significant game in the history of the sport.
  7. For the space of maybe 5 years, Namath was the most famous player in football. Somewhere in that sentence lies the kernel of his inclusion in the "Hall of Fame." See if you can locate it.
  8. Best of all, starting in January you'll have four more years to bash President Trump. Ain't life grand!
  9. I propose that the winner be awarded The Tommy John Trophy.
  10. A compelling character. Ordering a #14/Diggs as we speak (in blue, of course).
  11. The Buffalo Bills/NFL: Jumping the Shark, As We Speak
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