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  1. It’s about ratings. Our three prime time games were highly rated. Therefore we get more prime time games. The NFL needs to learn a lesson. People are very tired of seeing the same teams play on prime time.
  2. Daboll is not the right OC for this QB. He’s terrible at feel for game flow. It’s seems apparent though that our head coach had dictated this philosophy. Dinosaur football, get a lead, play conservatively, allowing the defense to seal the deal. Speaking of defense, we were killed by those 2 point conversions. The shoddy tackling continued today. Houston didn’t deserve to win this game. Better days ahead if we can get this coaching staff out of the 1970s.
  3. Huh? Beane fixed the cap mess. That’s what he was hired to do.
  4. Not a fan of Dabol and likely never will be. The Route tree of each receiver, when said Route is complete, shows a lack of imagination. No receiver is open, Allen scrambles, each receiver stands dormant because their Route is complete. Come back to the QB for a completion, don’t end the route. The DB is likely behind you or to the side, a straight line back towards the QB will get you yardage. This is coaching, this is Dabol. I’m convinced if we had a more seasoned OC that we would have won a couple games we lost. The head scratching deep balls on third and three are mind boggling at best. I believe Dabol is in over his head. Usually, The best series for an offense is their first drive in both halves. They are scripted to take advantage of tendencies, but not ours. Our first drives are mediocre at best. Nope, not a fan of Dabol. He’s not using Allen correctly.
  5. Lol, there are others with real sources inside that you people don’t believe in.
  6. Just heard Bills and Steelers on Sunday Night Football. Hate it. Love 1pm games. ”Pittsburgh in the mix two weeks against the Bills on Sunday Night Football”
  7. This line is doing a great job pass blocking right now. You can never have enough O or D linemen, so I’d pick up a few more this off season.
  8. Its not a question. I would question how true a Bills fan anyone who considers rooting for NE is.
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