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  1. dlonce

    Why are the Browns the sexy pick?

    The Browns are trying to get good really quickly. That normally doesn’t work, it could backfire. Id be curious what their cap will be in a couple years. I really do not like the OBJ trade for them, this is an attempt to appease the fan base for suffering and to become relevant nationally. It’s working but the pitfalls can be devestating. We shall see. Not sure they will be that good already.
  2. You might be correct but I have only seen one other Bills GM combat media fallacies besides Beane now has. That guy was Bill Polian. Bill remains highly vocal on the positives of WNY and Beane will likely do the same.
  3. dlonce

    Gettleman - idiot or genius?

    They have a potentially really good QB. Splashy trades and signings mean nothing. It’s all paper wins. Im sure not going to change anyone’s mind because people are products of what they are told to believe. Cleveland will be better but it’s not because of all these silly moves, it will be because their QB will improve and drafting has improved.
  4. dlonce

    Gettleman - idiot or genius?

    Gentleman made a great move. Receivers don’t win you many games,if any and the Giants are obviously in rebuild mode. People sure do fall in the media hype track. Media has made OBJ into a superstar. He’s not worth the money or draft picks Cleveland just gave. I can see why Cleveland did it, it makes them relevant in the eyes of fans and media. Hell, I just heard they are now considered Super Bowl contenders, and that’s a huge LOL. its not true, but people will never believe it because they are influenced by media.
  5. dlonce

    Le’Veon Bell Signinig With the Jets

    On paper? Yes. LB has been out of football for a year. It also seems the Jets were bidding against themselves, dumb asses.They are the Jets, they will always suck. There are a lot of knee jerk, big splash by name type of fans here. Most do not know ***** about the dynamics of the sport. Everyone wants their team in the media spotlight. These type of free agents rarely make a splash. LB is a stupid man. He will never make up for the lost season. There will be problems in New Jersey with him. This fan was never enamored with Bell, I’m not enamored with any RB, or receiver.
  6. dlonce

    One Bills Live was hilarious today.

    The clown that said it was a done deal tried to save face, claiming Brown nixed the deal. Reports are coming out that the Bills were told AB wanted a new contract to be the highest paid receiver in the league. Thats what nixed this trade. Good on Beane. I’m glad this guys not coming here.
  7. When did the Colts play in the 1st ever Super Bowl? I’m older than the Bills as well,yet I still remember the SBs. Your a Bills fan, just not a die hard Bills fan. Nothing wrong with that.
  8. You are truly not a Bills fan. Being a Bills fan is a way of life here in WNY, regardless of how ***** they’ve been. Fly by night Luke warm fans are usually those who have never lived in this area, or never been hooked on the Bills, someone like you. Thats not saying all are not true fans because there are a hand full, but usually they root for other teams as well. The OP is correct, even though it’s likely not a popular opinion.
  9. My answer is you can’t. I can see transplants becoming tied to another team in their venue but you truly cannot be a fan of another team. if you have a true rooting interest to another team, you were never a die hard Bills fan in the first place. That’s just the way it is.
  10. dlonce

    Anyone Remember The Bills “Double B” Hats?”

    Nope, never seen them. Been a fan, purchased a lot of team hats, but I have never seen these. I don’t believe these ever made it out of production. I have hats from early to late 70s. All of my 60s hats have disintegrated, just like I am. No kidding, they have rotted. Any 60s hats? I should have taken care of mine and not allow them sit out.
  11. Great work by the OP, thank you. It seems we are in the generation of statistics. I laugh at ESPNs use of useless stats,same with all of these Internet sports writers. I honestly never looked at completion percentage as a pre cursor for success. A QB was judged by winning. A QB was judged by game winning drives and making plays when needed. Now it’s completion percentage and accuracy. Absurd. What was Jim Kelly’s completion percentage? I couldn’t care less but I bet it was below 60%. I do not care about Mahommes touch. His touch doesn’t win football games. It’s about making reads in their system, making plays and being smart. If Allen has a 50% completion percentage, yet wins, that is all that matters. It’s the plays made with those 50% completions and what happens outside of those completions. All this Mahommes love is way out of hand. Let’s see what happens in the upcoming year before anointing him Jesus Christ. We have seen this movie before. QB plays lights out in first year starting, then year two comes and said QB is ineffective.
  12. dlonce

    Interesting And Sad Coaching Tidbit

    Ralph Wilson didn’t believe much in paying coaches, therefore he selected cheaper, less seasoned men. We have a different regime, so throw history out of the window.
  13. Then why would he care where McVey is? Why the need to spot? Of course he’s looking for signs, they all do it. Its not difficult to see hand signals from 50 yards away. Bills lasik surgery was successful.
  14. I could have run the Rams routes yesterday. whats not mentioned is the holding he does to stay with said player. He gets away with it in NE because of what they are. Ive watched him burned on many plays this year and I haven’t seen most of his games. Hes exactly the same corner he was here. I really liked Gilmore here, but he’s no All Pro, I don’t care what anyone says.
  15. You can laugh all you want, it’s a fact that really good teams get preferential calls. Theres no way on this Earth that Gilmore is an All Pro. No ***** way.