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  1. You are likely joking but what you just stated is true. I have a family member that had Covid 19 that caused brain inflammation. Hallucinations were part of it and Watson wasn’t one of them. Thank God she is getting better. She did tell me the Bills are going to the AFC championship though.( She’s a huge Bills fan) lost a few weeks of her life. Was shocked to find out Brady went to Tampa. All true.
  2. Any scenario is depended upon Free Agency first. FA will set the table for possibilities. I’d prefer to trade up this year, the higher the better. We have too many picks right now, and need a potential elite talent that can play today for you.
  3. It’s about ratings. Our three prime time games were highly rated. Therefore we get more prime time games. The NFL needs to learn a lesson. People are very tired of seeing the same teams play on prime time.
  4. Daboll is not the right OC for this QB. He’s terrible at feel for game flow. It’s seems apparent though that our head coach had dictated this philosophy. Dinosaur football, get a lead, play conservatively, allowing the defense to seal the deal. Speaking of defense, we were killed by those 2 point conversions. The shoddy tackling continued today. Houston didn’t deserve to win this game. Better days ahead if we can get this coaching staff out of the 1970s.
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