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  1. There’s more to it. If the player complains of headaches then it’s incumbent upon the Doctors to report and take seriously that the concussion is causing the headaches. There is no way for a Doctor to clear a player without player feedback. I have no clue what Cordy’s situation is, but if he’s not ready to play because of the concussion then they better heed giving him an all clear. They're setting themselves up for a massive lawsuit if something happens to Cordy.
  2. I loved Gilmore, he’s a really good corner. Wish we could have kept him. If you want to be rational then rationalize that really good teams get the benefit of doubt when it comes to officiating. It happened with the the early 90s Bills as well. We got the calls at important times. Gilmore gets the benefit of playing for BB and a great team. He’s no longer called for holding or PI because of who he plays for. If you watch his game you will see little difference in it from here to there, with exception to calls. No jealousy here, he’s really good and he made a great career choice. I believe if you put Tre White on the Pats you will hear about how a great a corner he is. He would get national coverage. Thats the difference between Boston and Buffalo, it’s no secret, it’s no fallacy, it’s reality.
  3. This kids a leader, a gun slinger and tough as nails. Reminds me of our best QB ever. Experience will help him improve.
  4. I wasn't t 15 at the time I was an adult with kids. I’ve watched that game over and over and DVRd it last night. The Bills were not the lesser team. We had a much better defense. The issues came from Ralph Wilson forcing Wade to start the human sack machine. If Flutie plays we win that game easily and I am fairly sure we go the the SB that year. The decision to kick short is one that haunts me forever. I have no clue why and the Titans were set up for it. lastly, it was a forward lateral.
  5. Of course, I deleted it. Figured people wouldn’t get the sarcasm.
  6. He’d have been dropped
  7. Josh was ready to come back into the game against the Pats, he was fine. The NFL required the protocol due to the nature of the hit. I took some grief over my statements on Sunday but what was told to me was true. The person who told me would know.
  8. A lot of fans are under the impression if he’s cleared through the protocol that he’s still hurt. Once cleared you are cleared at 100% He plays when they clear him this week. Josh was pretty much in stage 5 on Sunday after injury, but the nature of the hit mandated concussion protocol by the league. He’s had no headaches, been able to exercise and is himself.
  9. Nope, we are better. Until the Bears play the Pats they are an aberration.
  10. Really don’t care. I have a Bills medical connection along with a couple guys inside. Ive called injuries before, with the skepticism of the previous board I was on, only to be proven correct. I rarely post here, or anywhere. Doesnt matter, it is what it is.
  11. BS. He didn’t evaluate him, he’s guessing.
  12. Why don’t you think Allen will play? Because he didn’t return? Concussion protocol isn’t a minimal process. He could easily return.
  13. Yes, it’s a series of questions along with a physicians diagnosis. I know because I’ve been involved with it. The type of hit taken requires a 100% full clear exam. The least bit of an issue keeps a guy from returning, even if he fails one question. Absurd as the question is, like what down was it. It can take an hour or longer, depending on the type of hit and if the player appeared to be injured by it. I am connected with the physicians involved. I’m told Allen will return next week unless he exhibits headaches.
  14. Sure it does. It’s a very complex protocol. Unless you know what it requires then you are guessing.
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