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  1. Bbbbbuttt, PFF says Darnold is a better player.
  2. No problem for me with the throw. People here have been bitching about not throwing up contested balls and having faith in your receiver. That’s what good QBs do. Getting conservative isn’t a wise choice against a team that can score in bunches. It was a completion and they were screwed by a ref/ NY that was trying to get a more competitive game going.
  3. I guess, if it’s based on stats. Its a stats based world today. Dak just doesn’t exhume fear. He looks average to me. Tannehill even getting a vote is a joke, but of course it’s based on his last year statistically. Having a 65% accuracy rating isn’t all that much different than being in the upper 50s. Way too much emphasis on percentages. Darnold received a vote? Lol. He’s in the same league as Allen right now, except Allen’s team won a few more games. Allen was in the playoffs. You can all have your stats.
  4. If they have substantial funds in the market they likely held. Smart investors would be buying at depressed prices. The markets coming back and 50% gains at minimum have been easy.
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