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  1. It’s hard for a team that moved up in the first round to pick him to admit their mistake. He’s not leaving. The mistake is the implied thought he might be the next Kuechly. He’s playing out of position, that’s obvious. They have done him no favor.
  2. The game plan throughout the playoffs changed. I have no idea why. offensively we stopped using motion and McKenzie. He was a no factor in every game. We brought him in for a couple plays and that was it. We tried to go with intermediate routes when the 5-8 yarders were there consistently. 2nd and 3 we went for stupid plays instead of getting the first down. The defensive game plan as well was total failure. We need a Defensive coach who will gamble and someone who can rush the passer.
  3. This is the 1988 Bills sans the bickering part. The Super Bowl is on the horizon. We are a couple players away.
  4. Terrible I play calling. I’m sorry. The short pass was there all game yet we went downfield medium range all game. We played scared both offensively and defensively.
  5. I’m sorry, we need to score 7s not 3s. What is McDermott thinking? Our D is going to get 3 and outs?
  6. Not a lot of 3rd and shorts with this offense, but 2nd and short might be ok. Id prefer to go with what brought us here unless KC gives us the run. I believe which ever defense plays best will come out victorious. I like our chances.
  7. Take a look at his left arm, how he tucks it toward the body. Image wearing a brace and being unable to do that. Especially when your throws depend upon almost perfect mechanics. Watch the drive against KC in 4th quarter when he removed the brace. Two minute TD drive.
  8. I really hope they did an MRI on him. Ive heard no news of such an occurrence.
  9. He undoubtedly has a concussion. This choke hold, pinched nerve only is nonsense. He possibly could have a spinal cord injury. He also might have whiplash along with a concussion. Note, when I watched the replay a few times, after he stands up he grabs the upper right pectoral muscle, then taps it. As though it burned or in pain. Watching him jogging in practice you can also see him twisting, stretching his neck muscles as though attempting to alleviate tension or pain. I believe he’s going to have issues this Sunday.
  10. Why? I think we can throw toe to toe with them. We are #2 in scoring and they are not the top dog. The Bills strength of schedule is tied for 5th while KC is tied for 18th. Maybe it’s KC that needs to run the ball? I get what you’re saying, in a different year I would agree. Not this year.
  11. Maybe. Mahomes stayed down for a little while. One would think it would an instantaneous issue, not so prolonged as to when he got up. He sure looked dazed and confused sitting in the tent. We shall see. Matters not.
  12. He’s lying through his teeth. Don’t believe a word he says. That was a concussion.
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