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  1. Mahomes has a great year. He fits Andy Reid’s new system perfectly. They have really good players on offense who run that system perfectly. Mahomes wouldn’t be the same QB here. Before people anoint him the next coming of Christ, like everyone did with Watson last year, let’s wait to see if he can sustain it next season. Odds are he will not and defenses will figure the scheme out to some degree.
  2. I’d rather the Pats go 8-8 every year. No high draft picks.
  3. My thoughts on Mahomes. I have not read any posts in this thread,because I didn’t feel like sifting through 26 pages. Hes the perfect QB for their system. Yes, it’s the system that is unreal there. Ive never seen so many open receivers in my life. He’s hitting guys that are 5 yards or more open. Great scheme. If I hear about him making throws while not looking at a receiver again I’ll slit my wrists. It’s nothing special, QBs do this a lot. Theres video of Jim Kelly doing it often. I like the kid but once the league figures that system out then let’s see how good he is. One more thing. Andrew lucks arm looks like rubber. No zip at all. Maybe he’s still injured.
  4. dlonce

    Barbarian's Mock 2

    Obviously everything depends upon free agency. if everything remains status quo there is no way we draft a WR or OT at 9. There are too many very good defensive players on the board. Beane will go best player available unless we trade down somehow.
  5. dlonce

    Just got a stadium survey from the Bills

    New stadium with retractable roof. Only one question pertaining to that. Old guy here will not go to many games. Put a dome on a new stadium and I’ll purchase a Loge for 3-7 years, might even buy a 30 year PSL and will it to my kids. I cannot stand the drive, the elements and massive cluster ***** of leaving the stadium. Offer me entertainment venues and restaurants and we stay after the game. Pegulas need to stop with this dinosaur in Orchard Park and build a stadium closer to Buffalo, not in a friggin cow pasture.
  6. Sisters of the poor. Doesnt matter.
  7. dlonce

    Who was GM when Jason Peters was dealt?

    Jason Peters is way overrated. He’s Rueben Brown overrated. Hes solid, not great. Its a popularity contest and familiarity thing.
  8. Way better in stadium. when you get older like I am you tend to stay at home, away from the party atmosphere and elements. You see plays develop you see players getting open, you see offensive and defensive structure. Theres much more in stadium than on screen. The crowd noise is a factor as well. Had season tickets for decades, I loved it. If we ever build a dome stadium I’ll be back.
  9. dlonce

    What QB next year

    Our back up is on the team, we need lots of help outside of QB.
  10. Gave my seats to a friend and his brother who had never been to a game before. Watched the game in a bar in Niagara County on satellite. Yes, watched the entire game. The most unreal sports spectacle I’ve ever seen.
  11. dlonce

    Bills fire WR Coach Terry Robiskie

    Pipe dream. Palmers not leaving his lucrative business to coach for the Bills or any other team. Fans just think magically a guy will take a job if offered enough money. Not true, some guys have no desire to coach in structure.
  12. dlonce

    Josh Allen during the pick 6

    He’s Jim Kelly all day long as far as intangibles. Kelly was an accurate passer, but had no wheels and didn’t have the arm Allen has. Bledsoe had a great arm but held onto the ball forever. Bledsoe was a statue in the pocket.
  13. dlonce

    Club seats rookie looking for tips

    Had clubs when they first opened,Kelly Club seats. Had them for many years after, until my business brought me elsewhere on Sundays. The food was ok,nothing special. When the heated seats worked they were great. Loved being under the deck. Site lines were nothing special. The worst seats I ever owned were the Red Zone. Utterly boring fans in there. Complained about lack of noise, as many others did, so they piped the crowd inside. Waste of money, I sat outside in ***** end zone seats they give you with them. Did two years in there before the clubs.
  14. That was great, thanks for posting.
  15. He cannot block, a TE that cannot block isn’t a TE. Crooms isn’t even back up quality. He’s Logan Thomas. He runs terrible routes as well and his hands are suspect. This teams management is fascinated with marginal projects who take up a spot on special teams. Our special teams are terrible because of the lack of talent. They truly need to cut these players like Crooms and get some real talent in here.