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  1. Be tough to get a first rounder for him. Last year of contract. He’s basically a rental player who will want mega bucks. No thanks. I kind of like keeping out firsts.
  2. Metro population isn’t a true indicator, even though he may be using it as a basis. Our market extends to Rochester, and most notably Toronto, which would make the Bills top 3 at minimum.
  3. Kids a clown. Take one guess which team he rates as an A+ draft last year. Patriots. He’s just a blow hole that follows the herd. Pay no mind, he’s biased.
  4. 1. Jonah Williams 2.AJ Brown I truly believe the Bills are trying to trade up. 1. Josh Allen 2. Fant,if we can’t get up to get Allen.
  5. Josh Allen. Don’t be surprised if we trade up.
  6. Sure we can,just don’t draft him in the 1st round. Round 3 seems to be a great spot.
  7. Oliver or White. Both may be gone,then I’d go with either of the two offensive linemen. Who I’d really love to have is Josh Allen.
  8. Im not defending the guy, and you might be right, but it’s very easy to accidentally get to someone’s profile. Especially if you are using a phone or iPad. I’ve been to other posters profile by mistake a few times.
  9. Yes let’s move to 16. There are a reported 15 blue chip prospects in this draft,so it would be just like the Bills to move to 16. Of course, that number is subjective and there are alwYs reaches. I hope we stay at 9 and pick any other position except for QB, RB and TE.
  10. He’s taking a set of information and molding it to take the guy he wants them to take. You can take that same information, use a different variable to conclude another player. Its convoluted at best. You have to take Devin White.
  11. The notion that anyone inside the Bills is going to allude to who they are drafting is absurd. Any name dropping at this point is fodder. Also, there’s no way the Bills are using 9 to draft Metcalf. How many guys had Edmunds going to the Bills last year? I’d say there’s a better chance the Bills trade up this year to get who they really desire. Allen was linked to the Bills though by many. Thursday can’t come quick enough.
  12. Agree, unless it’s a QB. Some people just don’t believe in the BPA concept.
  13. Kiper or any of these national prognosticators have no clue. They have no clue because they do not have the pulse of the teams. All of these Metcalf predictions are predicated upon perceived need. There’s no thought to the type of players management gravitate towards or value of BPA. We need a receiver, we have Josh Allen, therefore it’s the logical pick in their minds. If Devin White is there and The DL they want is gone then he will be the pick. Their perception is we don’t need a LB or CB, which isn’t entirely true. Thats why Kiper is always wrong.
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