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  1. Maybe here for this game but it's been a shytshow all year. Can we agree on that?
  2. Ohh no? Hey let's put in Barkley who's been here 4 minutes with a dumbed down game plan for Sunday against a decent jets D. Yep looks like all out effort to me for sure.
  3. Lol dream on if they win 4 this season it would be a Christmas Miracle .
  4. BeefCurtns

    Matt Barkley Will Be the Bills' Starter vs. the NYJ

    I'll clarify.... Remembered as the biggest dumpster tire grease fire, hot mess repulsive putrid stench fuming pile of dogshyt that ever was in Buffalo Bills history
  5. BeefCurtns

    Matt Barkley Will Be the Bills' Starter vs. the NYJ

    Or remembered as the best ever!!!
  6. BeefCurtns


    That is a LITTLE tasteless!!
  7. The LA Rams say hi.
  8. You misunderstand. The cyanide is for me😂
  9. BeefCurtns

    How would you fix the Offense?

    Giving you crap. This dumpster fire is going to take a lot to fix. I wish I could say it's a piece or two but ....
  10. BeefCurtns

    How would you fix the Offense?

    I would emphasize spelling first and foremost.
  11. I'd like to suppy some positive vibe Kool aid to the naysayers.
  12. I predict 4 picks and one of them being a pick six by midway through the second quarter .
  13. BeefCurtns

    Brian Dabol's Offense

    I read that article about Daboll's offense and watched some stuff that's out there. I am coming around on the things he is trying to do and understand that the personnel just flat out sux and can't execute it. I've seen him simplify for Josh and finally get shady going and to an extent Zay. The cupboard really is bare in terms of the other " skill positions and I use that term lightly. KB and his rounded lazy routes . Not sure he knows what a 90 degree angle is. Lately Clay has disappeared as well. I'd like to see them bang up inside with Ivory more and feature both Shady and Ivory in the backfield as well as Croom who I believe can be a reliable threat on a seam route or drag from PA. Whatever he does has to be quick hitting because it seems like at least 1 lineman is a turnstyle almost every play. Zay Jones on quick slants from the slot works as that seems to be where Jones can create the most separation and is most effective. I don't claim to be a football expert but that's what these eyeballs see and overall with the cards he has been dealt Daboll is not doing a bad job. They have to execute.
  14. There's a better chance of seeing God than Peterman playing well. My prediction is that his interceptions passes his completions again after Sunday.