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  1. Yeah and I hope they made "adjustments" to the run D like they said last week. Or this is gonna be a curb stomping of epic purportions . Come on Bills for once answer the Bell Today. Need this one.
  2. Call it what you want but . After Thanksgiving I'll be happy to revisit and for the Bills sake I hope I have to eat my hat but this run D sucks right now. That's the point I tried to make. No smart coach in the league would ever say anyone is a week off. But crappy run Defense goes up against a team that can can run the ball well ...what do you think is going to happen?
  3. How so ? Until these eyes see different this run D is getting pounded like a two dollar whure on nickel night. That Dallas team is built to run the ball it will be a Thanksgiving day Miracle if they don't hang 200 yards rushing on us . I don't want that to be the case but I need to see this sieve plugged before I think differently.
  4. What kind of bullshyt answer is that Teef! Get out there and do something about it.
  5. I think this would land Singletary on the shelf again. Let Gore get the tough inside the tackle runs or maybe go two back once in a while and alternate between them. Gore has made a career of getting tough yards after contact. That's his job here and if Dumbo was smart he'd play them both 70/30 Devin and Frank.
  6. Look I get it. The teams we are winning against are complete dumpster fires. I also get why these fans want to see the issues we have fixed so that when we play against good teams like New England and Philly once we can get to the playoffs we can actually make some noise. Would you like to get to the buffet and not have a plate? Yeah me either.
  7. Our Run D is garbage. It's the recipe to beat the Bills and with the offense getting 20 yards a game we are lucky we are playing garbage teams. Facts are facts and the Fact is Allen and the offense have to produce and we have to shore up the run D. I love that we are stacking up wins against the putrid teams in the NFL . I will say our pass Defense is Terrific.
  8. It's not the size that matters as much as how you handle it.
  9. Baker is on my very short list of people in the NFL I think I can beat up 😂
  10. Mark Kelso was so intense. Look at how he dissects the play.
  11. I wouldn't pay 50 bucks for him or to him because he will just go get a bag of weed.
  12. I will not have another team . For 28 years now since I was 15 I am and will remain a Bills Fan. I have been through some good. Mostly bad but still I ride with them. They have pissed me off and frustrated me to the point of not wanting to watch football ever again. Still I come back every week. I used to let it ruin my day when they were so inept that it was embarrassing being a Bills fan. Still I ride them them. These days I watch with passion but I have learned to temper it because until proven otherwise they are in the bottom of the league. Today a glimmer of hope that I or probably even you as fans feel is different. A feeling that this team is finally starting to do things the right way under this front office. That they are building something. Still I sit on Sunday and hope. We may be on the right path now finally and if we Win a championship it will be that much sweeter. Suffering through all of the bullshyt will be worth it and If it doesn't happen I will still go into my depends wearing years a Bills fan.
  13. BLOCKBUSTER TRADE!!!!!! I just traded my Chicken Parm sandwich to Jose for a Loaded Carne Asada Burrito. Great value.
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