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  1. I am literally to old for this thread. I believe I just had a small stroke trying to translate.
  2. The AFCCG exposed more weaknesses then I thought . Our Lines are soft d line is a complete marshmallow that gets pushed around. The O line is usually good at pass pro but sucks running. We need an athletic road grater ( wish Teller was still here) we also a better TE. When they take away the back end of the passing game and we are given the underneath stuff we should make teams pay . KC knew we couldn’t and that’s huge. I heard people say we are close I disagree.
  3. What are you talking about MCClappy was just going to be conservative and kick field goals what do you need receivers for.
  4. Justin Zimmer: But I can be disqualified Leslie Frazier: Out of commission ...
  5. Jimmy is a long time contributor wise guy and staple during jets bills week. Be careful though us Italians know that he is a made man and can’t have him whacked without permission from the big bosses.
  6. I just think that with KC you should focus on their strength and that is the pass. I know they can run but I still think you have to make it hard for Mahomes to get in a rhythm. I realize their offense can do it all so The Bills D has a tough assignment but The Bills should just let it all hang out on Offense and just score points in bunches. Put the pressure on KC and Hope they make the mistake of abandoning the run because they are behind. KC didn’t go 14-2 cause they suck. Much easier said then done. gonna be a good one can’t wait. oh and..... LET’S &$@!ING GOOO!!!
  7. I notice she has specially designed “spacers” to keep her arms the exact width apart necessary for a good swing.
  8. You speak with wisdom beyond your years.
  9. 100 percent! Josh and the O couldn’t do what they normal do because of the exceptional Ravens D. Proud of Josh for not trying to force anything or do too much and try to be a hero. Our defense played a phenomenal game and gave us the win. this team finds a way to get it done no matter what.
  10. I think Josh has arrived as an Elite QB now since he gets ticky tack calls. Tom Brady says Hi.
  11. You my friend just encapsulated what it is to be a Bills fan perfectly.
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