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  1. Ok then.lets hear our projected starting 5. Their positions and why...go
  2. You just have an excellent sense of humor. Game recognize Game
  3. Shut up!!!! I respect her football knowledge. I also respect the visual I got of her in a bills jersey coming out of a smokey tunnel and going straight Tawny Kitean on the hood of a 68 firebird wearing her jersey eyeblack and nothing else ....
  4. That's nothing to be ashamed of we don't judge here.
  5. Christ. I need a vacation from this place.
  6. Don't you dare accuse us of being reasonable. I'm offended and frankly hurt.
  7. In 1987 I was playing middle school football in New Jersey with my whole family being either Jets or Giants fans. I watched a couple of games the Bills played in and watched as these upstarts started to get good. I was hooked. Here I am 31 years later still die hard. God I'm a masochist 😂
  8. I feel like I've heard this before...
  9. I wanted to but didn't get around to it I Procrastibated.
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