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  1. So friggin immature! It's a torn Labrum!! Which is the outer beef curtain I believe.
  2. Yep. Same could be said for Beasley . He didn't have the drops in Dallas like Zay did from the slot last year. I do think the little light bulb went off for Zay this off-season with the addition of Beasley. Think Mcbean's attitude is like " B word you're gonna act like a little kid in your approach we will being in a man to teach you." I think Zay's attitude and approach this off-season says he gets that he's on notice.
  3. I have a feeling our D will be top 3 in the league. I think Phillips and Oliver are going to be a nightmare to plan for in the middle. Milano is ridiculous in the read and react department and our secondary will be even better. I like the way this D is built top to bottom. If the O can average 20+ points this year the Bills are playoff bound.
  4. ***** cried like a baby watching that tribute video on NFL com Viva Los Bills This man embodied everything good about being a Bills fan. We'll miss you Pancho.
  5. After watching video of this kids highlights I think it's time for me to officially give him a TBD nickname. We know that Shady is Shady and noone will ever play like him but this kid... SHIFTY We' ll see if it sticks and he earns it.
  6. I'd say it more bluntly: Did you bump your F&^%ing head??!!!!
  7. Ice I've been here over a decade and still get treated like a Lepar from these shytheads 😂 Shake it off.
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