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  1. BeefCurtns


    Bandit I get that a win is a win is a win. Keep stacking them. I am not only a die hard Bills fan I am also a fan of football and I see a defense that couldn't stop a pop warner offense. That's the concern. I'm sure I'm not alone in that sentiment .
  2. BeefCurtns


    This is hilarious to me. We've been losers for so long that we steal a win and that's all that matters. Real fans of our beloved Bills can see we are in deep shyt on Defense. We state concern and the response is we got the W. That won't be the case in the playoffs if the D doesn't get its s#$@ together . There are those of us who would like to see the Bills win a f#$&ing playoff game... Jesus.
  3. I think the offense is fine. This defense is terrible and if we don't find some run stuffing space heaters who will hold up at the POA this team will be one and done in the first round.....again.
  4. Sure. My point is I need it week in and out . He's a first round player . I need him to consistently play like one. For the record I like him . I need I'm to be consistent.
  5. No I know. Not attacking you. Oliver pisses me off because he completely disappears and gets pushed around at POA. We need him to work harder
  6. Oliver needs to do that against a team with an Online that doesn't suck then I'll buy it.
  7. Reverse the Music City Miracle as a forward lateral and strike the victory from the record books the Swine.
  8. I'm of the belief the league should have the Titans forfeit . Teams that violate protocol will know it will cost their teams games if they don't follow the rules. It's hard enough not having your fans and then teams like the Bills who are doing the right things and being super careful get the shaft. Some on here have said it sets a dangerous precedent. I think the opposite. Accountability for all teams and consequences for teams like the assclowns from the Titans who were obviously irresponsible . If I'm McDermott and Bean I would lose my shyt with the league on this. Exposure to potential Covid when the Bills are being responsible is complete Horse$#@&.
  9. So it all hinges on Tenn getting no positive tests tomorrow. If they get one it sounds like either way titans games is off and chiefs game stays Thursday night.
  10. Literally plucked it out of my ass's but it makes the most sense. Whether the nfl chooses to punish Tenn with a forfeit or push the game out is still the mystery.
  11. It sounds like we want the positive test so we get the W and extra time to prep for showdown with KC ( assuming they say forfeit and not schedule later but even then game off and prep for chiefs)
  12. So is it confirmed then by the NFL that it's a forfeit if the Titans have another positive tomorrow and we stay with The KC game Thursday?
  13. Whoever tested positive for Tenn their 14 day covid list designation starts from day of Positive test so it will be like the strike of 87 half their game roster will be scabs.
  14. They owe us for the music City Miracle anyways. Paybacks a bytch!!
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