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  1. Well I have a time machine and already saw that Singletary gets 12000 yrds so .... Quit bothering me with trivial things like stats
  2. We need a big running back for tough yards. It would be like Mike Alstott and Warrick Dunn ( Singletary already better than Dunn was on his best day) from the late 90's Bucs . We do that and get a solid WR we are golden.
  3. Maybe so but if we would of scored TDS instead of fgs we'd be getting ready for another playoff game
  4. Bottom line is we didn't score enough points and we got beat by a team we were better than . Sour grapes at this point is pissin in the breeze .
  5. No it isn't. The NFL told them the Texans win this game hence the complete Bullshyt call on block in the back and letting the Texans offense get the snapboff a full second after the playclock was at zero.
  6. Ummm GTFOMF with that bulls&$@! A good team should of kept their foot on the gas and not let up until it was 30 nothing . We all see how effective field goals are. I don't want to hear it was only playcalling. The conservative second half was crap. The calls and the play all the way around. It's why they cleaned their lockers out today. Period.
  7. My two cents I am ok with him moving on to the browns or wherever . He's too conservative and at times I scratch my head with his BS conservative playcalling. I realize that some of it may be from McClappy but he's insanely inconsistent and gimmick plays are not a staple. After yesterday's second half dumpster fire he can pound sound.
  8. McDermott ultimately responsible but this was on Daboll because the offensive game plan for the second half was complete conservative garbage. Two completely different Bills offensives in the first and second half. At 16-0 they should of stepped on Houston's throat. McClappy's conservative approach cost his team a win. This team needs to go for the jugular and finish teams and not run Frank Gore up the middle and punt. I'm glad it happened. It taught McDermott a lesson and he will have to chew on that all off-season. Then he threw his young quarterback under the bus by saying he tried to do too much. Bad look. Hey Sean if your game plan didn't suck monkey nuts in the second half maybe Josh wouldn't of had to play with desperation.
  9. 1988 I was a freshman in highschool and playing ball. My whole family was Jets and Giants fans. The Bills were putting together a team and I have been a masochist ever since.
  10. How the #$@& is our turnstile Cody Ford gonna block JJ Watt....AAGGGHH!!!!!
  11. He's actually great out of the backfield. He and Beasley in a 3 wide set would be a match up nightmare underneath and out of the backfield. Daboll can get the ball into their hands and let them get YAC all day. If their smart.
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