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  1. It's this kind of radical logical thinking that will get you executed .
  2. BeefCurtns

    I'm So Done With This Team

    The next time you go all caps you will be executed for you're insolence.
  3. BeefCurtns

    Josh Allen will be a 2019 NFL MVP candidate

    Now THAT is a hot sports opinion.
  4. BeefCurtns

    Bills have released Kelvin Benjamin and Andre Holmes

    Gimme Big Play Bob Foster Zay Mckenzie DT those 4 have run circles around the other WR's at least as far as effort goes these last few games.
  5. so many of his throws yesterday were impressive. that laser to jones on that out where he planted his feet sideline was money and an NFL throw that's hard to make. Talk about accurate. The kid is impressing me and I think he's our guy and getting better.
  6. BeefCurtns

    What matters most to you in the final 4 weeks?

    Somehow this would be more satisfying this season to me.
  7. BeefCurtns

    Hey Bills fans

  8. Good for her and the Bills.
  9. Exactly this . Division 3 Coe College could of hung a half a thowy worth of offense on this completely uninspired Jets team who seem to have given up on their coach and season . The focus should absolutely be on Allen's development along with the other youngsters going into the last 6. There is plenty to watch and be excited about going into the offseason and 2019 if some of these young players ( Teller, Josh Allen McKenzie, Zay Jones, Taron Johnson Phillips etc.) Keep developing next year will show a much improved team with free agent additions and the draft. I can actually see the vision now that McBeane is trying to put together. Excited about the potential this team has for once.
  10. BeefCurtns

    Jersey Choice - help?

    OOOO.....:finishes loading pistol: get outta here with that filthy mouth!
  11. BeefCurtns

    Nathan Peterman Again!

    Nate listen you're a good dude but starting this acct here at TBD.....just let it go man we are not mad...
  12. Maybe here for this game but it's been a shytshow all year. Can we agree on that?
  13. Ohh no? Hey let's put in Barkley who's been here 4 minutes with a dumbed down game plan for Sunday against a decent jets D. Yep looks like all out effort to me for sure.
  14. Lol dream on if they win 4 this season it would be a Christmas Miracle .