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  2. This is bubbling up now. There's a problem with the date Mueller uses for the P-Dop / Downer meeting. Trying to riddle this one out.
  3. Sounds similar to another DT we recently had
  4. NewDayBills

    Who had the most accurate mock drafts the last few years?

    He sure was. I like DJ a lot. Good guy.
  5. shaq , no. 9 and a 4th to oakland for pick no. 4 . we get q. williams?
  6. Deranged Rhino

    Trump and Russia

    100% But to pat my own back - Note this section: (page 2) This is an important distinction which, over the course of twenty-four plus months has been purposefully obscured. The corporate/establishment media has worked diligently to conflate these two very distinct actions as being one and the same: Russian meddling was slowly made to become synonymous with Russian collusion/conspiracy for many millions of Americans. Ask yourself why. What purpose would it serve to purposefully conflate the two? We will return to this question in short order… The move to conflate meddling with collusion was more than simple semantics on the part of journalists and editors across the country, it was an intentional distorting of reality to fit a specific narrative. There are stone cold facts we can point to which prove Russian meddling happened in the 2016 election, such as Facebook ads purchased by Kremlin cut-outs which targeted US voters.[1] While we can rationally debate the effectiveness of such meddling techniques, we cannot deny that they occurred. The evidence is abundant, public, and overwhelming. And although this kind of information warfare is alarming, Russians purchasing politically divisive Facebook ads during a contentious election is nowhere near the threat presented by a victorious presidential candidate working with Russian intelligence services to tilt the election in their favor. Conflating these two very different threats as being equal is like attempting to paint the common cold as being equal to pancreatic cancer. It’s more than semantics, it’s dishonest to the point of absurdity. https://www.scribd.com/document/401394773/Building-a-Monster-Partial-introduction (written over a year ago now) This is an excellent point.
  7. Augie

    Oh Gettleman

    I bet he’s good for a wicked jam at the line! 😋
  8. Buffalo716

    Who had the most accurate mock drafts the last few years?

    You are the man!
  9. Very well said. Goes back to Glazes take. Rather take one of the other DTs later in the first or 2nd

    AJ Green to Jets Trade rumor chatter on Twitter

    Look at the stupid Browns trading for OBJ! The fact that it made the Browns better will really only sink in when the Bills face them this year. Cognitive dissonance at it's finest.
  11. He brought that with him from wherever he’s from that can’t be a native spider!
  12. I'd be for hearings, since the report left the conclusion of obstruction ambiguous. But...c'mon, these are not serious people. They don't care if a crime actually occurred, they're just looking for an excuse to justify their actions. And AOC probably thinks "impeachment" is how you make a fuzzy navel.
  13. HappyDays

    Need vs BPA

    This is a blatant contradiction.
  14. I'm going to be doing a larger write up / deep dive into what the report says now that I've read it in full. Going to take me a bit of time this weekend to do it properly, but the report ties off some of the more nagging loose ends, while opening up some new rabbit holes. Big take aways which I'll expound on in more detail: * We finally learned what the secret second scope memo was about - and, as expected, it was about the dossier and Carter Page and three other Trump team members. This is a major blow to the legitimacy of the SCO as we know, and the SCO confirmed, the dossier was indeed bunk. * The question of collusion/conspiracy have been definitively answered: it never happened. Ever. It was fiction from the start. This is made more clear by the understanding of what the Mueller report omitted (Mifsud's true allegiance is to western intel, not Russian as Weissman claims for example). Which makes these examples of the media hysteria all the more damning: * The question of the DNC hack was left unresolved - which was different from what Barr's 4 page summary laid out. This is significant and will be expanded upon in my write up.
  15. I won’t predict that he will be a bust, but man I’m concerned about his lack of size. He will have to win completely with quickness as he is very underweight, has shorter than ideal arms and isn’t quite as tall as you want for the position. Watching his game tape, his quickness and effort are outstanding, but will that be enough to succeed in the NFL? I will certainly understand why they would take him and won’t hate the pick, but I don’t see him as a sure thing.
  16. I doubt there would be an in-division trade like this. I find it more likely everyone stays away from that...
  17. Warren needs to do something to stand out from among the other candidates. AOC jumping on board is normal and average for a D in the House. I actually give Warren credit for this move. It seems like none of the D presidential candidates (except maybe Beto) wanted to take a stand on this whole issue.
  18. Chandler#81

    Who had the most accurate mock drafts the last few years?

    7 figure$ -and it’s not enough!
  19. ScottLaw

    AJ Green to Jets Trade rumor chatter on Twitter

    The fact that fans here actually want the Jets to make this trade out of their GM being "desperate" is down right laughable. Its just blind homerism that's typical on OBD.😂
  20. DC Tom

    Trump and Russia

    There's two things the left has managed to do in the past two years, in such a subtle fashion that few people have noticed: 1) Make "Russian meddling in the election" equivalent to "Trump colluding with Russia." They've - once again - eliminated the middle ground: if you don't think Trump colluded, then you think the Russians are innocent. 2) far more insidiously,, in pushing the idea that Russia successfully manipulated the election with nothing more than Facebook memes, they've managed to portray Facebook as some sort of critical national infrastructure that has to be regulated to the detriment of constitutional protections. Can't have freedom of expression or assembly when you have to protect the people against Russian advertising. Odds are he doesn't even know the IC's conclusion himself.

    Oh Gettleman

    But can he play corner?
  22. Go-Bills

    What are your bold draft day predictions?

    Draft Ed Oliver at 9 and trade 2nd and two 3rds to trade up for Hockenson!!!
  23. and that nut AOC has joined the fledgling movement https://news.yahoo.com/2020-vision-heres-what-every-candidate-said-about-the-mueller-report-184545896.html
  24. Augie

    Best Museums in Buffalo

    THAT is one magnificent piece of architecture.
  25. Chicharito

    Away Game Roll Call 2019

    I’m very disappointed in many of my fellow members for saying they are going to New York for jets and giants games! No your going to New Jersey!
  26. I'm ok with the Jets taking Oliver. As long as we can get QW without selling the farm
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