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  2. Liked her enough to vote for her for President. But they didn't have the cultist love you guys have for the idiot Trump, that's for sure
  3. i think internment camps are probably a better descriptor of them than what the connotation concentration camps carries along with it.
  4. @Deranged Rhino put the ABC article in another thread, so I will toss this article in here: Former Ukrainian Prosecutor: ‘No Doubt’ Joe Biden Forced Me Out to Protect Hunter Biden A former Ukrainian prosecutor general is speaking out after Vice President Joe Biden forced him out of his job. Speaking to ABC News, former Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin said he has “no doubt” Biden wanted him gone to help protect Hunter Biden’s employer. At the time, Shokin was investigating Burisma Holdings while Biden’s son Hunter was on the board earning as much as $50,000 a month. </snip>
  5. Bad hires get fired, true, but people get fired, true./ But most people at the higher levels of the NFL get fired because their teams didn't win. Each season, three quarters of the teams in the league are unsuccessful, and upwards of half of their head coaches get fired. Most of those teams had inadequate quarterbacking, but the coach still gets fired. There are very few guys hired as head coaches who are not qualified, who haven't had a lot of success for many years in the NFL or college. They get fired because almost all coaches get fired, not because they aren't competent.
  6. Or we could have been bought by some washed-up, has been rock star, "actor". Who had no intention of moving us to Canada.
  7. Presidential behavior wise which is what I was referring to? Absolutely. This is school yard bully nonsense. And the really sad part is this is setting the bar for presidential behavior. I suspect the next president whoever it is, might very well do the same. This is what the social media and twitterization of our society has resulted in (among other things) IMHO. I see no reason to think it will get better anytime soon regardless of who the prez is going forward.
  8. Changing the schedule before November will jinx the team. You'll be sorry... ..
  9. I thought Ching was the guy they brought in while Chong was appearing on That 70's Show?
  10. Ditto. I have never, ever wanted to move. I've traveled too much, spent too many extended periods of time in other parts of the country (including second residences in the south and out west) to not recognize that there is no utopia. However, this stupidity that has been taking place in Albany since January... for the first time this past week I mentioned to Hubby I may be amenable to moving out of state permanently. Only problem is, where? What's "better"? We are not constrained by weather, we can live anywhere half of the year, and somewhere else the other half (or live in four areas by quarters). Right now, family keeps us in place. But, I'm not sure I can take the NYC-takeover of the rest of the state for foolish political ideas.
  11. My favorite and most memorable that I went to was when we beat the Pats 31-0 and Sam Adams ran in the TD. I thought we were going to be great that year. If memory serves we looked good week 2 also then it was all downhill 😫😫😫
  12. Can the Mods recommend to SDS that the schedule be updated on the front page?
  13. Looks to be true junior Kyle vantrease or possibly Dominic Johnson Charlie Jones who had a tremendous freshman year has transferred to Iowa 😟
  14. 250 million and now worth billions. it is crazy how much franchises have shot up. I think Jerry Jones paid just north of 100 million for the Cowboys and they are now worth 5 billion. Vince probably would have been a decent owner. He knows how to run a large entertainment organization and manage egos. He would have been great at marketing the team.
  15. Happens every year I don't know why it's so difficult to update the schedule cannot be that hard. Just Sayin. Somebody sleeping at the wheel
  16. She's a dumb *****, that's for certain, and it doesn't appear her handlers are much brighter.
  17. Jerry Stiller and his wife...they were on Carol Burnett a few weeks ago.
  18. Joseph could dominate if he puts it all together. Chris Simms went as far as rating him close to the two Devins.
  19. surely you don't mean the guy who has 24,619 posts on here since '17, right?
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