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RIP David Crosby


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I recall that he was a complicated guy, prickly, adversarial etc.  Reading about him today, he talked about his frustration that he lost 10 years or so along the way due to drugs etc, and that at one point he said not one person he made music with liked him. 

Great musician, lucky af to get the liver transplant when he did….and probably time to listen to some music I haven’t heard before. 

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https://www.iheart.com/content/2023-01-20-neil-young-pens-tribute-to-david-crosby-i-remember-the-best-times/?mid=1017142&rid=99009473&sc=email&pname=newsletter&cid=NATIONAL&keyid=National iHeart Daily Classic Rock&campid=headline2_readmore


Kind words from Neil Young.


It's really a shame when former bandmates end up estranged.  It seems to happen quite a bit.  Frey/Felder; Robinson brothers; Fogerty brothers; Bachman brothers; all of the strife between Van Halen ... the list goes on and on.


And in the examples I wrote, the Robinson brothers are the only ones who seem to have mended ways BEFORE someone's death.


I find it very sad.


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A real loss. I was not shocked, but a little surprised at his death because he has been pretty productive in the past few years. Even performing live with his band, which included his son.  From what admittedly small sample I have heard from his newer stuff, I'd say it's VERY good. His voice sounded better than ever.  RIP.


My theme song when I was younger. Really still applies I suppose:




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4 hours ago, Mr Info said:

Graham Nash loved Crosby. To get a good perspective of Crosby, CSN, & CSNY, then recommend Nash’s ‘Wild Tales’. 
Wild Tales: A Rock & Roll Life https://a.co/d/auy0HbO

He couldn't stand him for the last few years. Crosby cost him lots of money be alienating Neil Young and others. 


Crosby was not a nice person but everybody respected his talent. He was a harmonic genius. Btw I heard an old interview with him in which he said that his favorite band was Steeley Dan, and that Donald Fagen asked him to sing with him.

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