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Okay, I'll bite...did the Bass missed XP actually help us out?


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5 minutes ago, redtail hawk said:

so not considering a SB this year?

I did and disagree.


The point made is that Detroit made it deep into Buffalo territory and settled for a tying FG.  Had we made the extra point, Detroit would have needed 4 instead of 3.  They would not have kicked a FG there, and gone for it instead.


Detroit had already attempted and made several 4th down conversions.  If they succeeded they'd have a new set of downs, a decent amount of time and their time-outs.


There was a very good chance Detroit would have gotten the TD, and not given Buffalo enough time to get the TD they'd need.


THAT is the point the OP was making.

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Can anyone do the math on how many additional throws to Dane Jackson’s side the Lions could’ve attempted had they been down by four instead of three points? I’m thinking they had enough time to throw at him at least two dozen more times.😉

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13 hours ago, Buddo said:

I think it did in respect of changing the Lions mindset. When it got to 4th and 1, and they were in FG range, they were comfortable about taking it.


If they failed to get the yard, it was game over, but the FG still kept them in it.


If they needed 4 points, then they would have definitely gone for it, basically, with no other option, and they had mostly been successful through the game, when they did.


They also still had at least one timeout to use, iirc, so they could have run the football if they had got close.


The other aspect of taking the FG, was giving us time on the clock, which we probably wouldn't have got otherwise. The D would have had to stop them.



Your absolutely right. And there’s no doubt in my mind if they were down 4 we lose. On that 4and one they would of ran a bootleg and someone would have been wide open for a easy big play. Then it’s probably first and goal with a few seconds left. 

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14 hours ago, GunnerBill said:

The Thanksgiving day early game is about the only NFL game of the year my partner is willing to sit through. When Bass missed I said "that is a good thing because Detroit will play for 3 and there might be time for us to go the other way and win it". I got raised eyebrows at the time in response but I 100% think I was right. Them needing 4 would by no means have assured they got a TD but they definitely played that last drive conservative needing a FG to tie. 

I had the same thought!

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I was mad at first but then thought okay hold them to nothing or a FG with some time and Josh can get us into FG range. Was more worried about a TD up 4 bc we just couldn’t stop them for 4 downs all game 

I believe bass as 60ish range so I figured we would at least get an attempt.

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if there is ever a good time for a kicker to miss a kick THIS thought gives that idea legs. INTERESTING Thought. 


These last minute heroics/drama are giving me more gray hair just sayin! Being a Bills fan isn't for the weak.

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