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Giants @ Pats


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1 minute ago, YoloinOhio said:

Every year I turn on preseason football and forget about the homer announcers. Worst part of it all. 

but of course I’m watching (well it’s on in the background, just waiting for Daboll’s fat face)

I hate Cheatriots everything. Preseason play-by-play announcers, reporters, players, coaches, retired players turned network jibber jabbering talking heads and fans. Should blacktop that entire region of the US during a team reunion.

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2 minutes ago, PetermansRedemption said:

Why doesn’t Bill label someone an offensive coordinator. Like, what is the “strategy” to labeling Matt Patricia offensive line coach when he’s calling the plays. It’s not like anyone is looking to poach that head coach failure. 

5. D. Chess.

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I think Jones has taken about 5 hits already.  Won’t make it to the regular season.

1 minute ago, TBBills said:

The Giants oline look like a Bobby Johnson masterpiece...

I know — they look putrid.

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