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2022 Concerts: Who Is Everyone Going to See?


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if you're ever near Bristol Va this is a really fun show.  Thursday night was very cool.  Especially liked the funk/R and B vibe of The Broadcast from Asheville (starts about an hour into the video) but the house band and Adam Bolt are also very good (Adam reminds me of Dylan).  Harkens back to live shows from the Opry with advertising jingles to boot.  Tix are cheap.  btw, Bristol recognized Billy Strings amazing talent years ago with several shows when he was affordable to book.


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Went and saw TSO last weekend, at the Mohegan Sun Arean in Wilkes Barre PA. Good concert, this was my fourth time seeing them, my wife's third time, but first time for the MiL.   Note to others, if you ever go see a concert there, do not get seats in 106, try for sections closer to the stage.  This was our view for about 45 minutes of the show, with people going up and down to the floor seats. 



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Going to see Tony DeSare on Friday night at a super small venue (Strand Theatre in Hudson Falls, NY) https://www.mystrandtheater.org/photos/q2mf0q3l0xkqjf1vwq84vw9qlqthzq ... about 300 seats.


He's originally from Hudson Falls and comes back annually (I think).  He's done well for himself.  Hell of a crooner and I'm really looking forward to it.


One of his originals ..



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