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2021 Draft Picks Overview

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3 hours ago, EmotionallyUnstable said:

After reading the thread reviewing the production of the 2020 draft class, I was a bit curious what picks the Bills have next off-season in the 2021 draft (currently schedule to be held in Cleveland, who knew?!). Here are the picks we currently have, along with the transactions that resulted in acquiring those picks:


Round 1 - Buffalo's Original Pick

Round 2 - Buffalo's Original Pick

Round 3 - Buffalo's Original Pick

Round 4 - Sent to Minnesota (Diggs Trade)

Round 5 - Buffalo's Original Pick

Round 5 - From Oakland (Zay Jones Trade)

Round 6 - Buffalo's Original Pick

Round 7 - Buffalo Original Pick Sent to Cleveland (Teller Trade)

Round 7 - From Carolina (Marshall Newhouse Trade) Conditional trade, not sure the specifics but it shows as processed as of 10/25/2020? Anyone know?


As it stands, the Bills have 7 picks (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 5th, 6th, 7th) for the 2021 NFL Draft. They've managed to flip a few back-end players for draft capital, making up for lost picks dealt in other trades and maintain their original top three selections in 2021. Kudos to Bean and company for maneuvering and building the roster the way they have, without mortgaging the future draft picks to do so. 





I'd rather avoid the positional discussion and I'm trying not to insanely guess what players they'll take, but I am a bit curious as to what people think they can DO with these picks? Will they stand pat, and take 7 players? It's my thought, with the current depth of the roster, and the development of some younger talents already in the organization, that Beane could package some of those later picks to move up and get a guy he likes in the 4th. He has done this in the past, on numerous occasions, to move up and get 'his guy'. I wouldn't be surprised to come out of this draft with just 4 or 5 players, instead of 7. 

Every mock draft I've done so far doesn't show the 7th rd pick. My dream mock in order was Nick Bolton LB, Patrick Jones II DE, Charlie Kolar TE, Reggie Roberson Jr WR, DJ Daniel CB and Lorenzo Neal Jr DL. 

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4 hours ago, machine gun kelly said:

First, Stable as I’m not going to call a fellow Bills fan Unstable, I don’t see the packaging if picks.  Why, pre tell?  It’s very simple.  Look at the 2020 draft.  It was unprecedented in the lack of trade up or down, because of Covid madness.  Well, what about 2021?  The cap goes down to as a foregone conclusion $175 mil., unless they cave and go to 8 teams in the playoffs and get more tv revenue (which is nothing compared Toni fans) so we have a $-2.5 mil. Deficit.  I know we will jettison some older guys and we should, but it won’t create enough cap space to bring in anything more than role players younger from free agency.  Funny part is it will be the Wild West as so many teams are so far over the cap, there will be good ones available, and will have to take lower deals.


This is a temporary problem as one of these vaccines should be available to the public (first reponders, hospital staff, military, sick first) by mid to late summer so revenue should go up.  The new tv contracts are I believe starting to come due the next year so this shouldn’t last forever god willing.  What this tells me is we and most of the league will hoard draft picks and make the best of them.  Think of all of the 39+ players we have that are average to below average, we will jettison.  We can exchange with cheap talent, get through next year, maybe a player or two at most in free agency, and be set up prepare for Allen’s, Edmunds, maybe Milano’s contract.


Not to use my buddy on the boards avatar, but I’d bet dollars to donuts we have 7 picks chosen next year.  Don’t forget the Fish had 11 picks, spent $258.5 mil. in free agency and have another 10 picks next year.  Beane is smart enough he needs a sustainable team for our future competition if not this year.  I don’t worry about the Jets for obvious reasons, and some have forgotten all of those COVID opt out Pats contracts coming due next year.  They will be cap strapped next year again, and their team is talent ridden.  

So that is my two cents, and I can and have been wrong before, but that is what I see.  If we can pick up one to two quality players in free agency with the $ we save from losing some current guys, we should be happy.  

I thought I saw it were the pats would have plenty of cap space next year I could be wrong 

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I think it will be bolstering the defense in general. I do believe cam Lewis and Dane Jackson will impress enough, combined with Levi Wallace that they won’t go after a CB in Round 1.


I do believe this could be the year they go after a “big nickel”, Nasirildeen could be that guy as one example. 

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3 hours ago, SCBills said:

Where’s the DE going to play?  Unless they plan on moving on from one of Hughes, Addison or Johnson next year.  They’ve stuck with Johnson for two years.. seems they like him.  

DE is a need in ‘22 (IMO)


LB - if Milano walks.. but I’m not feeling a 1st Rounder to replace him.  Way too much investment at linebacker to have two recent 1st rounders there.  

CB - Maybe, if we don’t resign Levi.   We will still have White, Jackson, Johnson and Gaines.  

TE - I could get on board with someone like Freiermuth in the 1st.  


Friermuth should have opted out. He’s been hurt since week 2, on an 0-5 team, and is about to have season-ending surgery. 

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