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Overview of 2020 rookies

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22 hours ago, JGMcD2 said:

Okay... well until this season Josh wasn’t seen as a good QB. 

So what about last year when you have roughly 7/22 starters on a playoff caliber team that were drafted by Beane that are known as mediocre or below average? Wouldn’t that be an issue? 

Defense across the league is down, not to mention our schedule has seen us face 3 of the top MVP candidates at QB. I agree it’s been frustrating to watch but they’ve undoubtedly improved as the season has gone on. Invested heavily in the defense is a loaded statement... yes the contracts are large and there’s money tied up there... but Beane structures them so they’re pretty much 1 year deals with options and very minimal repercussions moving forward. The money can be made liquid very quickly. 

A lot of people don’t really recognize that the talent pool in free agency is limited. Yes, they’re giving these guys deals because that’s who they’re limited to sign. Supply and demand. It’s that simple. If there was a better fit, I’m sure they’d explore it. But you can’t just make one appear. 

Defense is certainly down across the league, but we still rank towards the bottom of the league amidst the same climate every one else has faced.  

Yes, we’ve faced a lot of good teams, but we also got the Jets twice.  

Beane could never have anticipated the Star opt-out, and clearly assembled some “year to year/easy to cut” DL contracts with Star playing this year in mind, but the NFL is a league of attrition and losing one (non-QB) player can never be so disastrous that the entire unit becomes an abject disaster... that is ultimately on Beane/McDermott and how they built this defense.  


That said, I don’t think this defense is beyond repair this year.  They’ve show signs of life in the past two games against high powered offenses, but it’s clear that they were probably very overrated in 2019 due to the easy schedule, and it’s also clear that this much money cannot be spent on a defense that puts this product on the field in 2020.  

I expect them to be better in this stretch run and into the playoffs.  However, I also expect a lot of turnover in this front 7 over the offseason.  Justifiably so.  

Murphy will likely walk. Milano likely walks as well. 2/3 of Butler, Jefferson, Harry should probably be cut.  

Get Star back, draft a mid-round rotational DT and take a LB with one of our Top 100 picks to replace Milano.  

Secondary drafting/scouting saves them, as they’ve got Tre and a strong safety duo, and have found guys like Johnson, Jackson and Wallace.  I wouldn’t be opposed to Beane taking secondary players every year in the mid-late rounds.   He seems to have an eye for them.  

Epenesa, Oliver and Edmunds continuing to develop needs to happen given where they were drafted.  We can’t be missing on those picks if we want to have a good defense the rest of this year and into the future. 



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I didn't see this posted elsewhere.  I found this article interesting and would like to hear other's perspectives on this.   If I am the only one who find it interesting, etc., please delete.  https:/

Once in a lifetime is the Steelers 1974 draft class. 4 of their first 5 picks were HOF's.

If you hit on a few picks per year you'll have a good team.   If you win the lottery and hit on 4-5 picks in a couple drafts in a row you are an elite team. 

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