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Josh Allen's statistical placement through 12 games vs 2018 season

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14 hours ago, Thurman#1 said:



"Bad" is seriously overstating it, even back when you posted this on 11/20. For a second-year guy, his stats have been OK. Probably better than that, in that they're trending upwards. He's 21st in passer rating among guys with 100 or more throws, and that just is not bad at all for a second-year man. And it's higher than that for nearly any stretch of games after the (admittedly awful) NE game.


If there were indications that he'd reached his ceiling, it would be bad news. But results show just the opposite, that he trended up year on year and he's continued to do so through the course of this year.


And ask Dallas, Denver or Miami if running is the only dangerous thing he does. They'll disagree.


Teams started the year packing the box and daring Allen to beat them. Lately, he's done a good enough job of being productive in those situations that he's making game-planning much tougher on opposing DCs.


That dude you are responding to basically outed himself as a Cheatriots fan when he got terribly upset when folks sad not nice things about Tom Brady after Sunday night.

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14 hours ago, Thurman#1 said:






One of you said he was going to be fighting for league MVP this year, didn't he? Granted it seemed absolutely unhinged from minute one, but some of you that really get behind him really have said some quite nutty things.


For those that haven't, fair enough.


Gee... who on earth could you be talking about here???  :lol:


It's nice to have passive aggressive Thurm back.


Allen's clearly not an MVP candidate right now, but nutty?


Allen's 5th in TDs in the NFL and 2nd in 4th Quarter Comebacks and Game Winning Drives on a team that's tied for the 2nd best record in the NFL.


We've got a brutal final 4 games, which actually sets Allen up pretty well to very much go out and put himself in the MVP conversation for this year.  If the Bills were to win out and Allen continued even at the pace he's going statistically, he'd be there.


The starting QB with 32+ TDs for a 13-3 football team?  Uh... yah... he'd be in the conversation.  And he will be if that's what happens.


That said, I don't see that happening.  I think we go 2-2 in our final 4 games and Allen has a stinker of a game somewhere in there.  


Allen's not an MVP candidate this year and I was wrong there, but to call that prediction "nutty" at this point is pretty pathetic considering where he and the team sit.


Were there other nutty things?


I also predicted that Allen would have a completion % greater than 60% this year after having examined every pass last year.  Was that nutty?


@Wayne Arnold said a couple months ago that this team has what it takes to be a championship contender this year.  Was that nutty?


You need to stop pretending you're the necessary voice of reason here.  Sometimes it distorts your vision.

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In games in the 4th Quarter within 7 this year Allen has a passer rating of 123.7, completing 62.8% of his passes at 9.2 YPA with 4 TDs and 0 INTs.  That's  5th in the NFL behind Matt Ryan, Ryan Tannehill, Teddy Bridgewater and Russell Wilson.  And Allen has the most attempts (43) out of all those other QBs in those situations.  Wilson has 39 attempts, Tannehill has 31, Ryan has 20 and Bridgewater has 17.


That's such a vast improvement over last year, when he had about the same number of attempts (41), but had a Passer Rating of 71.3 with a 51.3% completion percentage, 7.3 YPA and 2 TDs to 2 INTs

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