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Does Charles Clay really only make 4 million dollars next year?

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I would like to see a new TE brought in more than a new WR I think.  A TE can be a nice option for a young qb, and with a lot of these bootlegs etc that Allen runs could be a huge asset. Plus I think Daboll could draw up some more plays and open the playbook more with a threat at the position

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2 hours ago, TroutDog said:

It’s relative. 

This is a fine argument save for the fact that he hurts the team with his drops. We should have won last week and yet another drop this week. After that drop, they never went back to him. 


Given that, I no longer believe it makes any sense to keep him. 

I agree he’s been a liability this year with his receiving or lack thereof. 

My preference is just to hang onto him until someone beats him out for that job. I’m perfectly fine letting him collect his final checks here as the #2 or 3 tight end. Hard to go into a season that you have high hope for with all unproven or injury riddled veterans signed in free agency. 

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8 hours ago, Steve Billieve said:

 "Doug Whaley is a genius!" ?


I'm assuming you're disavowed of this faulty opinion in the here and now.

Worst GM of the past 10 years, in the top 3 ever.


59 minutes ago, Canadian Bills Fan said:





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