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  1. I'm sure he'll change it once we make some cuts. I can't imagine #40 is a highly desirable number.
  2. Also, Lee Smith had 3 penalties last year: 2 false starts and 1 holding.
  3. It's a wonder people don't understand this. Beane even talked about this very thought process in one the interviews leading up to the draft.
  4. This reminds me of when people on Twitter tell the team account to stop tweeting because they should be focused on practicing lol.
  5. 'All' the UB guys, meaning Jackson and Cam Lewis? Or am I missing others?
  6. Is there any indication that he's incapable of learning the playbook? (I haven't read through this thread at all, so I have no idea if that's a legitimate concern.)
  7. Are there private lots that allow buses? Or is it just the Bills' lot that allows them?
  8. I think people assume that because we signed Nskehe and that he had good reviews from PFF, that he's a definite starter somewhere along the OL.
  9. Good article on his style of play here: https://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2019/4/17/18309044/nfl-draft-2019-cody-ford-buffalo-bills-oklahoma-scouting-report-offensive-tackle-ranking
  10. What? It's arguably the biggest night of his life and he recorded a friend jumping through a table. I'm having issues seeing what the big deal is here.
  11. What kind of running scheme do we run? Man or zone?
  12. Probably why they did it. NE has a big need for TE.
  13. Yes. That's exactly what I'm doing. Beane is obviously the second coming of Bill Belichick.
  14. Genuinely can't tell if this is a poor troll attempt or what.
  15. Well it's a good thing we acquired 7 new OL this offseason.
  16. For those attacking Beane for having 4 RBs on the roster: know who else had 3 and just drafted their 4th? The New England Patriots. Sony Michel Rex Burkhead James White Damien Harris
  17. I believe Beane has said, "Shady is a big part of our plan" for 2019. If we want to break down GM speak, he could mean Shady is a "big part" of their plan because he is being traded and that returned asset is valuable.
  18. Don't forget the one guy saying we're targeting Hockenson!
  19. Maybe I worded it poorly. What I'm saying is, he's getting his FA visits out of the way and now he has his rankings of where he wants to play. Teams A, B, and C say they want to sign him if they don't draft a RB. Team B drafts someone, leaving Team A and C. Now he can make his decision because he has all the info he needs.
  20. Ding ding ding. I think the same thing. Yeldon probably wants to test the waters to see which RB-needy teams don't address RB in the draft. That way he knows the what opportunities exist for which teams.
  21. Glad Beane didn't lose a finger at the hands of Kim at the 0:44 second mark.
  22. I get that, but we have Poyer for two more years (this year and next), and Hyde for three more. With a team devoid of top-tier talent at many positions (ex: DL), I'd find it surprising for them to spend a premium pick on a player who we don't need starting for another two years.
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