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  1. Had to wait & make my call until my current credit expired. Got the $12.25 ST 6 month discount, & $50 credit/month for the next year. Not quite as good as last year, but no hassles either.
  2. Remember, we're playing Carolina this week so it's an audition for their O-line to see who we'll pick up in 2 weeks.
  3. Ah, finally a reason for that 13 second lapse.
  4. Cue the Zach Ertz coming to the Bills rumors.
  5. Early Thanksgiving game? Love those 9am west coast kick off times.
  6. With the 7th pick in the 2018 NFL draft, the Buffalo Bills select Josh Allen QB, Wyoming
  7. Where else would you rather be than right here, right now
  8. It's part of the process. Carolina will pick him up for a year, then release him, & magically he'll return to the Bills.
  9. I wonder if you meant the Stupor Bowl. We get 2 weeks of hype from LA-LA land, oh boy!!
  10. Does he have any experience as an interior lineman?
  11. Don't worry, Collinsworth will be all for the Byes. They can do no wrong
  12. Made my call this evening & the representative said $55 offer for 12 months & nothing on ST, but then said $70 offer "popped up". Bingo. Easy 7 minute phone call.
  13. Even money says he signs w/ Carolina, plays 2 games & is cut. He'll be back w/ us in 7/22.
  14. 2646 miles to Highmark. However in wanting to scout our next Carolina signing, by going to BA Stadium, then to Highmark it's 3363 miles.
  15. Realized he needs some Carolina seasoning before he can play for us.
  16. Nothing is going to happen until he first plays for Carolina. Then, we can speculate on his trade to the Bills.
  17. Originally from Buffalo, lived in Cheatriots State before moving to SF. Was at a neighbor's house wearing my Bills Mafia sweatshirt & she said her father in Australia is a huge Bills fan.
  18. Let him sign w/ Carolina, get released, then we pick him up.
  19. There must still be a few current or former Carolina Panthers we haven't snagged yet. Might even be a hidden gem on their practice squad.
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