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  1. If the player do not perform they’re lion food. Great motivation idea
  2. No one is going to give up a 2nd or a 3rd and next years 1st for number 30.
  3. The Bills do not have the cap space to sign him now! They say he will get around 40 million a year!
  4. Do you think that the NE was going to give up 2 first round picks and a 3 rd for 33 year old QB with a large salary! Plus only the media said that NE was interested They are not that dumb. Also the RAMs better make sure Stafford does not gets hurt. Plus now the RAMs are only 34 million over the cap. To me it is good trade for both teams, if the RAMs get to a couple of SB, if not the Lions won big!
  5. People have to be a little cautious, each year it different. The are retirements, injuries and some players not having good season plays. If you remember the St Louis Rams, greatest team on turf. They won a Super Bowl , went to another and got upset. They had their super QB and signed all their core players to good contracts. They were predicting they would win the next 3 to 4 SBs and had no competition. What happened, their super QB gets hurt, the players do not play up to their contracts and they never get back.
  6. Sanu had a great first game and looked like a good trade. Then he got injured in the second and was not the same the rest of the year. He has not been that healthy this year and so he is not worth keeping at 6.5 million.
  7. BB went to the players and asked them to opt if they wanted to early. Since the cab is not signed there is not opt out date yet. Many players are just waiting to see what is going to happen. I think BB made a good decision to get the players that wanted to opt out to announce early so no time was wasted in the so called training period.
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