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  1. BB went to the players and asked them to opt if they wanted to early. Since the cab is not signed there is not opt out date yet. Many players are just waiting to see what is going to happen. I think BB made a good decision to get the players that wanted to opt out to announce early so no time was wasted in the so called training period.
  2. Then the Bills must really racist since their 4 qbs on the team are white BB has drafted a few black qbs over the last few years
  3. Look at the Flacco contract, he got a huge deal which destroyed the Ravens team. They had to let a lot of players walk, the team was never the same. Football is a team sport, a great qb with no team around him does not work in the NFL. Teams have to get a balanced result. Teams can not have a few players taking up 50% of the cap and winning constantly. Also the cap will not go up all the time.
  4. The problem with winning teams, will be the cost of players. When teams become good, other teams start poaching your players with paying them way too much money. Also you can not pay everyone what they want. Examples paying Solder, Flowers, Brown and others the highest contracts for their positions. This is where the Chiefs, Bills, Cowboys and others will have to figure things out. Who to keep and who to let walk. You can not have 2 or 3 players eating up 40 % of your cap.
  5. Why do we go back 25 years? Don’t you think coaches learn from what they did wrong? When BB took over the Pats he inherited a bloated underachieving team with the highest paid QB. Who could not stop making dumb mistakes and constantly changing the plays sent in. He had to rebuild the roster and when Bledsoe went down he slipped Brady in. When Bledsoe came back, he did not get the job back. The next year Bledsoe was traded to the Bills, who experienced the same problems. So what happen, in the previous years, is not relevant today. Each year it starts over, nobody knows what will happens until the games are played. Injuries can really wreck a team’s season.
  6. The Dolphins are on the road at NE not at home.
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