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  1. 2018 Senior Bowl

    I'm betting Denver will take a QB. but you're talking about their high 2nd round pick right? If we haven't taken a QB yet sure wouldn't mind trading down if just to get ahead of them. But Pats I bet will take a QB with their low 1st round - just so they have that 5th year option. That way, if Brady wants to play to 45 the kid will still be there.
  2. 2018 Senior Bowl

    He reminds me a lot of Derek Carr and Jimmy G. A bit less arm strength (but that'll grow with pro training) but he's mobile, good pocket awareness throws into TIGHT windows. People are already saying Pats are going to target him. They have their own 1st round pick and 2 2nd round picks one of which is San Fran's. So we will have to get in ahead of them.
  3. Is Steve Wilks Hiring Bad For Us

    Really? like Carolina is the only team who can draft players? geez.
  4. 2018 East-West Shrine Game

    This is all showing up as blue rectangle with blue fonts on top for me. can't read. nothing happens when I click on it.
  5. Jags being a "contender" is a misnomer. They can't win it all with Bortles. I hope they prove me wrong but they won't. They got a great D, their years of tanking along with a stable front office allowed them to draft players of a certain mold successfully (except QB). Now they are arguably a QB away from being a title contender.
  6. This past season was a great success due to McDermott's ability to pull some rabbits out of the hat. Creating something out of nothing. I know everyone's congratulating the coaching and management for the success. But let's reflect on what contributed to that success. What did Beane add to that team? His biggest free agency signing - was Anquan Boldin. Who contributed ZERO catches to the team's 31st ranked passing offense. His biggest trade acquisition was - Kelvin Benjamin. Who provided 16 catches for the 31st ranked passing offense. Essentially, Beane had ZERO POSITIVE IMPACT for 2017. Beane will have to prove his worth, and earn some of the accolades he's gotten undeservedly from this past season. As a famous football movie said, "SHOW ME THE MONEY". I'm waiting.
  7. Bills getting some offseason love from ESPN.

    Beane was not here for the draft nor most of the FA signings. Beane's biggest FA signing was - BOLDIN!!!! So why are people giving credit to Beane for something he hasn't DONE, I don't know. His biggest trad acquisition - Kelvin Benjamin. Who caught 16 passes! AMAZING IMPACT on the 2nd worst passing offense in the league!
  8. ROLL TIDE!!

    Oh man!!! CHECK THIS OUT! Boy has MASSIVE NFL HANDS!!! https://247sports.com/Article/Alabama-QB-Tua-Tagovailoa-has-massive-hands-like-Russell-Wilson-Drew-Brees-113555187 In comparison, Fromm has PUNY hands - he ain't gonna make it in the NFL!!!
  9. ROLL TIDE!!

    I'm just blown away by that game. Here's great analysis by ESPN after the game:
  10. ROLL TIDE!!

    He better be. Lane said Tua was leaving if he didn't get the job:
  11. ROLL TIDE!!

    ONE. Every great coach has that ability - to make great adjustments at half time. We see that with Belichick. We've seen that at times with McDermott this year. And that's what I ALWAYS look for in coaches - can you make big changes to the gameplan on the FLY. No doubt, Saban's a great coach, if the 5 championships before yesterday didn't prove it, last night did. TWO. But TUA!!! HOLY FORK! I'm a neutral fan. just wanted to see a great game. WHAT A GREAT GAME. but that KID Tua just BALLED. never started a game. Bet the game plan wasn't there built for him. Holy Fork, just brought the whole team back. I mean Georgia was freakin dominant in that first half. 13 points didn't do them justice (and I knew them not finishing their drives was going to bite them in the butt it did). I think Saban would be a fool to not start this kid Tua next season. Tua might be the best QB Saban's ever had, pros or college. To come in, unprepared, as a freshman, into the BIGGEST STAGE with the eyes of the entire nation on him, with his team desperately behind. The kid showed uncanny poise and great decision making at critical moments. Showed no nerves, taking to the field with AUTHORITY, delivering balls with AUTHORITY, having the presence of mind to escape out of trouble in a few occasions, and shaking OFF a HUGE mistake just before the heroic moment. Coz that game was in his hand. They had NO KICKER. Even an extra point was doubtful. If Bama was going to win, it had to be a TD. And you just lost 16 yards on a stupid sack and into an unmakable field goal range. What does he do? It just rolled off his tough shoulders like nothing, looked off a safety like a veteran all-pro and threw the perfect ball downfield like he was Kelly. Or Steve Young as Lane Kiffin would say. I've seen a lot of great Quarterback performances. live or replay. Never seen one so unexpected so great with so much on the line. College or pros. There's great ability. There's great talent. Tua's is beyond that. This kid has A GIFT. HE is THE GIFT. just call him that from now on.
  12. One of the stories of this Sunday's playoff game

    So the Bills and the coaching staff have a big challenge for them in an hour's time. They know whom they're facing. They know who their team is. It's time to meet the challenge. Analyze and scheme better to deal with who you are facing. Great coaching can over come any weaknesses and attack the opponent's weaknesses. Let Sunday be the proving ground for what we have in our coaches. I'm excited that Bills are in the playoffs. I cried when they made it. We got room to improve. Coaching can mask our weaknesses. I hope our coaches are up to task for it.
  13. One of the stories of this Sunday's playoff game

    Let's face it, this was a miscalculation on the part of Beane. He didn't understand our defensive scheme enough and traded away a guy with his huge contract because he didn't want to have to pay a guy he didn't draft. And I know there's been TONS AND TONS OF DENIAL by Bills fans that Dareus didn't mean JACK to this team. Yet our 2nd round picks and FA acquisitions haven't been able to fill his shoes. It's the same coaches, same 11 guys in defense save Dareus, why aren't they doing the job now? The denial is unreal. You are in denial. I love McDermott, but if he can't admit to this failure, and fixes it, we're not going to get better. A good leader and a secure man, recognizes, and can admit to mistakes. Then he goes about fixing it. This will also be a proving point for McDermott going forward.
  14. One of the stories of this Sunday's playoff game

    Yeah I hope TT can get outside the pocket. I mean Dennison DID have designed roll-outs for Siemian last year in Denver. Have we seen it this year?