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  1. I was at that game in Cincy. It was so cool by late game, all the Bengals fans had bailed and the lower ring was 4 rolls deep all around with Bills fans. The players noticed and interacted. Great time
  2. Onbe of the problems that used to exist with college kickers is that their stats were inflated because the holder was able to place the ball on a small tee, and because of the different hash marks, which reduced their degree of difficulty. Both of those differentials, I believe, have been eliminated, so projecting success from a college kicker should be easier now. The big unknown, more than any position except QB, is mental toughness. So I'm glad to hear that we at least had an opportunity to explore that a bit with our team shrink. We know he was at least 1 for 1 in GW situations, is anyone aware of any other such opportunities in his college career?
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