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  1. Thanks guys...can always count on the Bills family for solutions.
  2. Sorry, I'm a moron. Cyprus, the country near Greece...not Cypress Cali. And FYI, last year she and her brother went to Croatia, and found the Bills game on at a bar, on a delayed feed.
  3. My daughter is going to cypress for thanksgiving. She is a regular at delilah's in Chicago every Sunday. As a huge long shot is there anyone with a recommendation of where to watch the thanksgiving game in cypress?
  4. Coverage sucked on special teams, no doubt. But house money hit his FGs, Bojo punted well, and we had decent returns. So I wouldn't blankety say special teams were lousy
  5. Dang I didn't listen to schopp I promise this was an original thought
  6. Watching this game today gave me such a sense of déjà vu. Marietta is Tyrod 2.0. I liked Tyrod, really appreciated that he was a gamer. They're both mobile, capable of avoiding sacks and running. They are both careful, maybe painfully so, to avoid turnovers. Neither had a strong arm, and neither seems capable of 4th quarter comebacks. They are .500 qbs., which can be fools gold . Buffalo finally realized that to make a leap forward they had to cut ties. Wonder if Tenesee will reach theat conclusion as Mariotta's contract comes up next spring.
  7. yeah, as many of you have said, he did suck. Yet we didn't sack him, and while he did throw 1 pick, he didn't make killing mistakes that cost his team. I love Josh, but I can't say the same. I believe Josh will learn, and grow, from games like this. But as much as we denigrate Brady, we still can't beat him---yet.
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