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  1. Domdab99

    Dont look now but word is Josh Allen is already there

    I thought he was our first overall pick "and on the third day, God created farm subsidies..."
  2. Domdab99

    EJ Manuel says benching with Bills sent him into depression

    I did think he got benched wrongly. Not sure if it would've mattered, but I would've liked to have seen play that whole season.
  3. Domdab99

    MVP poster....

    and why would my big nose and $5 sunglasses bother you so?
  4. Domdab99

    MVP poster....

    lol I never notice who says what....so you're a just a mumbling mass to me
  5. Domdab99

    The Herd- AFC east predictions

    why anyone gives a crap what that moron thinks, I don't know He's of the shock jock sports radio ilk like Jim Rome. Completely uninteresting. They just spout hot takes and let their listeners provide any real content.
  6. Domdab99

    Dareus charged in lawsuit with sexual assault

    no it doesn't
  7. Domdab99

    Why oh why does this happen to us!

    I know, right? Why's that stupid woman have to get beaten up! It ruins our football team!
  8. Rather go young and cheap. Someone will step up.
  9. Domdab99

    LeSean McCoy allegations

    If he sent others to beat her up is that domestic violence? Hmmmmmmm
  10. Domdab99

    LeSean McCoy allegations

    1) If true, he should be gone and in jail. 2) Amazing how many on here and in social media immediately assume it can't be true. 3) How many of these allegations in the past have not been true? 4) The NFL has a domestic violence problem and they will not address it. Greg Hardy and Ray Rice should never have the opportunity to play again. On the other hand, why are we shocked when things like this happen? We laud and lionize these men for the talent and violence that they bring to the game, and we're surprised when that violence bleeds into their "regular" lives?" I think they need help transitioning from "game time" to "real life." I mean, real help - therapy, or something.
  11. Domdab99

    What Is The Worst Bills Game You've Attended

    Super Bowl XXVII I was living in LA, and since the SB was in Pasadena, I got a bug up my butt about attending. The day before, I found one ticket for $700. Score! I go there and this is what I find: The Rose Bowl sucks. It has rows of benches instead of seats, and they are so close together, that you've got the knees of the person behind you digging into your back. There are barely any concessions outside the stadium - because at the Rose Bowl, there is no "inside" the stadium. It's really just really big bleachers. I found more variety of food and beverages and stuff at a regular LA Clippers game. Michael Jackson was the halftime entertainment. I hate Michael Jackson. Most overrated performer ever. No one listens to him anymore. He stole his dance moves from James Brown and his singing voice is horribly treacly and shaky. Just listen to "She's Out of My Life." I bet you can't make it through the whole song without wanting to gouge your ears with an awl. I was surrounded by a family from Mexico - about ten people - who all wore Dallas jerseys and did not speak any English except for "COWBOOOOOYS!" every time the Cowboys did something good. And if you remember this game, that was like every 30 seconds. They did share their yummy snacks with me and patted me on the back in empathy a few times. That family was the only thing I enjoyed about the game. The game itself. Jesus. Horrible in every way. I actually left a Super Bowl that I paid a lot of money to see just as the 4th quarter was starting so I could get ahead of the traffic. The parking - we all parked on some golf course that was just a mud pit by the time I was leaving. Had to scrape the mud off my shoes before driving home. **** So that was my Super Bowl experience.
  12. Domdab99

    Jordan Poyer family drama

    Yikes...she has a point...but don’t air your dirty laundry in public, Dear.
  13. Domdab99

    Super Bowl LIII matchup prediction

    Rams over the Steelers
  14. Domdab99

    Jarvis Landry says Tyrod Taylor looks "amazing"

    He always looks amazing when he’s down fewer than 6 points.