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  1. Well, I'm not either of them
  2. lol wat? I never wanted Peterman to start a game
  3. LOL he couldn't beat out Allen or Peterman. It's a moot point.
  4. Domdab99

    Around the NFL Week 6

    wow wow wow
  5. Bills had a better day than this mom:
  6. Domdab99

    Around the NFL Week 6

    this is absolutely brutal:
  7. who's the dwarf walking in front of Allen?
  8. Domdab99

    Tre White is the Best Player On the Bills Now

    Except for a ridiculous TD catch with Tre wrapped all over him,. Hopkins was essentially a non-factor.
  9. our QBs, receivers, and offensive game plan suck? I thought that was understood.
  10. QBs today who passed for over 300 yards, include: Jameis Winston Mitch Trubisky BROCK !@#$ING OSWEILER Josh Allen, who actually played fairly well - had 80-something yards, including two longish pass plays that were called back because of stupid penalties.
  11. Since the beginning of the 2017 season: Drew Brees: 726 pass attempts, 8 INT Nathan Peterman: 79 pass attempts, 9 INT
  12. to be honest, I was expecting him to screw up. Just wasn't expecting him to do so that spectacularly.
  13. I did say, "come on Nate, don't Peterman it up." So you can blame me.