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  1. ndirish1978

    Le'Veon Bell Will Sit Out for the Entire 2018 Season

    😵 One of my best friends did the same thing and has been miserable about it all season.
  2. ndirish1978

    Wyatt Teller: Pancake Papi

    Deal, done.
  3. Nope. The one saving grace of this season will be getting our future franchise QB some experience. We aren't winning out the rest of the season, we are 100% missing the playoffs. The only positive we can get from this season is developing young talent. Handing the offense off to a backup QB with no chance of being a long-term starter is ridiculous.
  4. Ridiculous. This season on O is 100% about Allen getting as many reps as possible. Starting Barkley in lieu of Allen gives us yet another losing season with no upside.
  5. ndirish1978

    Le'Veon Bell Will Sit Out for the Entire 2018 Season

    He must have messed up thousands of people's fantasy football teams. As someone who no longer plays fantasy football, I find this hilarious.
  6. ndirish1978

    Has the light finally gone on for Zay Jones?

    He will be a solid #3. We still need a #1 who can ball out and a reliable guy with speed.
  7. ndirish1978

    Matt Barkley (asking for a friend)

    I like him as a backup, Cut Peterman and keep Barkley and Anderson while Allen starts. We can jettison Anderson in the offseason and just keep Barkley and Allen next year.
  8. ndirish1978

    Wyatt Teller: Pancake Papi

    Dawkins/Teller should be set for the next 8 years on the left side of the O-line. Unfortunately we need starters at the other 3 positions.
  9. I think they took the guards off this season and just played everyone they thought could amount to something and let the players prove them right or wrong. We have some young WRs that might turn out to be ok and we've been churning the roster at that position like crazy. They have been rotating guys through OL, due to injuries and one moron who retired in the middle of a game they have been rotating players through at CB and MLB. Next year will be better, but I don't expect more than 5 wins this season.
  10. This isn't a tank, it's ineptitude. I don't think they expected to get back into the playoffs this year, but they are learning that their "team-first" approach isn't working at all.
  11. ndirish1978

    Bucky and Sully Blackballed By The Pegulas?

    My point being that columnists don't really need press credentials.
  12. ndirish1978

    Bucky and Sully Blackballed By The Pegulas?

    Question, when did either of them actually prove that they deserved free entrance to games? I don't recall either of them citing actual sources. They write columns, why should they be entitled to access to the players and press conferences when all they do is write "gotcha" stories with negative takes. They can write bitter columns just watching the games like the rest of us.
  13. ndirish1978

    Bucky and Sully Blackballed By The Pegulas?

    I'd like to offer an objective opinion on this, but I dislike Sully and Bucky to such an extent that I find it hard to 1-believe what they are saying is credible 2- have any sympathy for their situations.
  14. ndirish1978

    What Do You Want To See the Rest of the Year?

    I want Allen to end the season with a completion percentage over 55 and more touchdowns than interceptions. I want Edmunds to refine his instincts and not get put in bad positions by head fakes and I want Zay Jones to continue developing into a solid #2.
  15. ndirish1978

    I’m angry, and I demand accountability.

    Is this a sentence?