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  1. Didn't he officially change his name to EJ Pains?
  2. Dan Manucci, Joe Dufek, Scott Norwood, TJ Graham. Maybe Diggs can break the curse, but I have a feeling he will be wearing 14.
  3. Look at the history of Bills who wore 11 and you will see why it is cursed.
  4. 11 is cursed. He should stay far away from that Bills jersey number.
  5. Cuts will be made before next season...
  6. equivalent to Yeldon….we already have one of those that we don't use.
  7. An "awesome" year for Kroft would be 20 catches. They should have dumped him and moved on.
  8. Short lived - thank goodness it didn't happen. He will retire with bills.....lots of them.
  9. He's done...may as well retire.
  10. 5 years ago yea...today..no.
  11. shocking...overpaid under performing big POS.
  12. Fake news? He played for McD in Carolina ...back when he was a good player right? Bring him in see what he can do.
  13. One of the most memorable Fed Jackson runs. Happy Birthday!
  14. Never should have been a penalty let alone a fine. Total BS.
  15. Many players don't like Buffalo...I'd blame it on that before I'd blame it on JA.
  16. Cooper would want to be here as much as Samantha did. No thanks. Hope they stay far away.
  17. Cooper seems to quit when things get tough... so he doesn't fit here.
  18. If Jimmy Johnson is HOF worthy, Marv certainly is.
  19. Ton of talent but a ton of injuries too. He can't stay healthy.
  20. Who cares....old slow and wasn't going to contribute here and didn't do much in KC either.
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