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  1. We live about 4 miles from AB here in Hollywood. Got a notification from NBC6 about a high speed chase for someone accused of assault and turned on the TV to see if it was him. They chased the truck back towards AB's mansion and I thought for sure it was him ... it wasn’t, but something is going to happen soon if he’s still in the area. Maybe they’ll send Will Smith and Kevin Hart in for the pick up ...
  2. Thought the same thing ... definitely similar to Cody Ford's
  3. He served it up just as well as last week ...
  4. Usually at least 6 months to recovery after torn pectoral surgery ... Watt, 10 weeks? No Roids or HGH?
  5. I’m sure when I responded, he had asked about post game coverage ... definitely cannot get the game radio through radio.com
  6. Flutie's gonna be at the game this week, we could sacrifice the midget at midfield at halftime ... does that lift his curse? oh you meant forgiving someone ...
  7. It’s not my style ... you know ... act like you’ve been there before ... 🤣
  8. I guess scrapping on the floor is kind of like a Hail Mary in football to me, but once he got the ball and rolled it should have been called ... easy call, every time i also don’t have a dog in the fight, I don’t follow basketball much ... but I do know the rules.
  9. Of course, the kid who grabs the ball and rolls over to make the pass actually travels according to basketball rules ... but no call
  10. They also could have called intentional grounding in the end zone. B Allen never left the table box and very obviously threw it way out of bounds.
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