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  1. Actually you are wrong about jw being wrong ... jw said the last QB to have a longer streak than 6 games was Kelly ... He was correct as you noted
  2. Where are you at? I’m down in Hollywood ...
  3. That's what I’m hoping come Nov 17 ... cheap tickets!
  4. It was just late, started to pull up but still hit him. Not a penalty from a roughness standpoint, but an easy call in today’s NFL
  5. That’s what I remember from this supposedly forgotten game.
  6. In the CFL, he was was twice traded/let go as the reigning MVP ... why would a team let the league MVP go? Probably because he wasn’t worth dealing with at times.
  7. I was there too ... in the parking lot because Dad wanted to leave ... only hear the cheers and “Here's the replay on the scoreboard” and we watched it from the north lot on that amber lit beauty!
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