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  1. Anyone who has been on this site since the 1990s has to remember the times when it seemed every other Bills draft pick was a DB. The sainted Bill from NYC never failed to complain about that, and argued winning teams build from the lines. The consensus on here was the fixation on DBs was a big reason for the team's struggles. Fast forward a couple of decades and there is hand-wringing about the failure to draft a legit Cornerback high enough. Is this a problem? I have no idea. But I hope I'm not the only one who has enjoyed the historical ironies. Go Bills!
  2. The point also is that a lot of stadium revenue is NOT shared. So a stadium with more and better amenities generates more income for the team. That's why Jerrah built his temple to himself.
  3. It's hard to know what to predict. A dome seems likely until one considers how few appropriate events are likely to be held in Buffalo. But it would not be smart or likely to put an open-air stadium downtown where the winds would be devilish. Forget the retractable roof--it would never be retracted except on the most perfect summer nights...
  4. Every time I watch it I am reminded of how much I hate Rick Forking Reilly.
  5. I want to believe that the team is on the up and up, but also think that the pressures to clear him to play are enormous.
  6. It's history against history-- Andy has a lousy record after bye weeks, but a terrific record in his first playoff games.
  7. This is true, but there is another wrinkle. Part of the deal allowing Modell to move the team was that he had cut all connections between his franchise and the historical Cleveland Browns, since the NFL promised Cleveland they would get a franchise back eventually. So the Ravens are officially a team whose history only begins in 1996—check out their historical record, individual and team records, etc. The current Browns (reborn in 1999) have inherited all of Cleveland's history. This is different from other franchises that have moved--the Titans, for example, are officially a continuation of t
  8. It's an explanation. That was my point. I think its inexcusable, but that's how I would explain the decision. If the NFL has a better one I'm all ears.
  9. Inexcusable but completely explicable. The NFL didn't want the game to end on that play.
  10. Excellent comment on the Central Valley. Older Bills fans might know that one other Bills QB came from the Valley--Fresno, to be precise--Daryle Lamonica.
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