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  1. I get the need to ward off the Evil Eye by saying negative things... if it helps you psychologically, have at it. This team has great potential but only one team wins it all, so no one knows who it will be right now. Hoping for a fun ride! Go Bills!
  2. This is a great question. I hardly watch football at all if it's not the Bills. I could blame that of work and parenthood and other commitments, but even considering those issues, I just don't enjoy it as much as I used to. Without the excitement of seeing the home town team succeed, the game is not that appealing. It's taken some time to reach this point, but I knew I was on this path more than a decade ago when I realized I didn't need or want to watch any pre-game shows or other programs outside of the actual Bills games.
  3. 1988. And his numbers for that year reflected his bad arm.
  4. Also very true. Now, when they did throw the QB was more likely to drop deep and look long (no West Coast Offense in the 1960s) and the rules against offense holding were stricter, so that might make rushing the passer slightly easier... but you get the point.
  5. So glad to have these statistics, but we shouldn't forget that Bruce played in 16-game seasons, whereas Deacon played at most 14 games a year. Deacon, however, also played in a league that allowed DEs to come off the ball with a vigorous head slap to the OL in front of them... Always a problem with comparing cumulative career statistics across eras. Both were great players, for sure. Bruce was the greatest Bill (even if it's close). Notably, neither Deacon Jones nor Bruce Smith ever played on an NFL champion. P.S. And suck it, Michael Strahan. That phantom sack of Favre to get your one-year record is an abomination.
  6. yeah, Inside the NFL used it for quite some time. It's a great shot.
  7. Fantastic highlights of an all-time favorite. I'm sorry the compilation doesn't include his iconic toe-tapping catch against the Bucs in 1978. It came at the end of a terrible day (Bills got crushed by the Creamsicles) and the toss from Bill Munson was overthrown, but Bobby was such a consummate pro he gave a fantastic effort and pulled it in along the end line.
  8. Indeed. The Bills offense was putrid in the second half, buried deep in their own end. Also worth noting, a Scott Norwood miss before halftime killed momentum. Ominous for the future.
  9. For a big chunk of '75 he was on pace to break 2000 yards again, and he also scored more TDs and was a more effective receiver... that was by far his most complete year as a football player. Alas, that 1975 year has to be remembered as one of the greatest missed opportunities in Buffalo sports history. 4-0 start, then up 14-0 early at home on MNF against the Giants, looking like no one could stop them. Then.... pfffffft. They lose focus in that game, miss a chip shot FG then lose at the buzzer, and everything unravels. Defense evaporates (they blow a 28-7 lead at home against the Colts to lose 42-35, they play MNF in Cincy and the Bengals never have to punt), two painful losses to the Dolphins (of course... the first where a Leypoldt XP miss [he had a talent for inopportune shanks] haunts them in a 35-30 loss, the second on the Mercury Morris Fumble). Sigh. What made it worse is that as the season unraveled, Saban got itchy feet complaining about management, OJ started talking about retiring to go into the movies, and dissension grew, setting the stage for the completely ugly collapse of the team in 1976. It would take years to get back to respectability. Can't help wondering how much would have been different if Leypoldt had hit that 19-yard figgie in the 4th quarter on Monday night against the Giants. Of course 1975 was also the year the Sabres started the season like a house on fire (in a good way) and looked set to be a perennial Cup contender, only to fall apart in the playoffs against the damned Islanders for the first and not the last time. (Yes, I was 8 then, and yes I have spent way too much time thinking about such things.)
  10. What's weird about this game is that the Giants were in control, leading 17-7 in the second half, then suddenly forgot how to tackle Terry Miller and Roland Hooks. Momentum shift was bizarre.
  11. Never saw those clips before (like Bust, I listened to the game on the radio). Am fascinated that CBS had their #1 PbP team of Pat Summerall and Tom Brookshier doing a late season game between also-rans. Guess Pat wanted to cover a Giants game. Miller was quick but easy to tackle (at least by teams other than the Giants). Had a mediocre 1979, couldn't catch the ball out of the backfield so the Bills drafted Joe Cribbs in 1980 and that was that for the Heisman runner-up.
  12. This is what tempers my admiration for Knox as a coach. His teams had a bad habit of going completely flat at odd times -- in 1980 the two losses to the Colts and a complete collapse in the second half at home against Atlanta; in 1981 collapse against the Cowboys and Cardinals immediately come to mind. Not to mention the horrific month that ended the 1982 season....
  13. Anyone who has been on this site since the 1990s has to remember the times when it seemed every other Bills draft pick was a DB. The sainted Bill from NYC never failed to complain about that, and argued winning teams build from the lines. The consensus on here was the fixation on DBs was a big reason for the team's struggles. Fast forward a couple of decades and there is hand-wringing about the failure to draft a legit Cornerback high enough. Is this a problem? I have no idea. But I hope I'm not the only one who has enjoyed the historical ironies. Go Bills!
  14. The point also is that a lot of stadium revenue is NOT shared. So a stadium with more and better amenities generates more income for the team. That's why Jerrah built his temple to himself.
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