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  1. That's a solid article, but I have to say the last sentence completely undermines the article's efforts to portray Paul Snyder as anything but an #######.
  2. My feeling is gratitude to COVID-19 for helping to destroy the bloated television extravaganza that the draft has become.
  3. That was against the Oilers in the Astrodome in 1978. Gave the Bills a 10-7 lead, though they ended up losing 17-10 after giving the Oilers (with rookie RB Earl Campbell, who would play in the AFC championship game that year and the next) a surprisingly tough time.
  4. Harmon never caught a Hail Mary against the Pats. That was Roland Hooks in 1981, when Ronnie Harmon was in high school. I get impatient with the partying argument, since when teams win after partying like crazy (take the Raiders in SBXV) everyone says they won because they were good and loose.
  5. It did not start right down the middle... it started right and stayed there for an agonizingly long time as we all waited for it to curl in.... Romes also dropped an INT (mayve a pick-6) on the play just before Fouts hit Ron Smith to beat the Bills in the 1980 playoffs.... Being a Bills fan is hard.
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