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  1. IS the CBS issue with DTV going to blackout games on Sunday Ticket? Half of the games are on CBS.
  2. Called around midnight (east coast). Got a really nice person with a good sense of humor. Told them I paid full price last year and any financial assistance would be appreciated. She looked at my account and said she could give me the $40 a month for a year and $18 a month for six months. I was in complete shock how easy it was. She actually accidentally doubled my discounts and I caught it on my account while she was still on the phone. I didn't want to be greedy so I told her she gave me too much. She thanked me for my honesty and said she fixed it but my account still shows $96 off this month. In 20+ years of DTV this was by far the best experience I've had. Maybe the late at night call helps. Who knows.
  3. Just got my bill and Sunday Ticket was already added. I called DTV and in a very lighthearted manner complained that they took away my opportunity to haggle with them this year. The person I spoke with laughed and gave it to me completely free! No arguing, threatening or haggling. Now that I look at it, I got more than free. She gave me $40 off a month for a year and $18 off a month for six months. Now might be a good time to call.
  4. Some of the longtime posters on here take this message board way too seriously. I'm pretty sure Astro was just a tad (actually a lot) more mature than them and was tired of the weird/petty banter.
  5. Maybe white nationalist groups should start wearing Kaepernick shirts.
  6. I've typed several posts but deleted them before I hit reply. You can't say anything anymore without offending someone (and I wouldn't want to do that).
  7. I make my own helmets and play with colors. It gets boring making the same old helmet every time. Sometimes you swing and miss.
  8. I have this logo on a helmet and I love it. I'm at work and don't have a picture.
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