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  1. I make my own helmets and play with colors. It gets boring making the same old helmet every time. Sometimes you swing and miss.
  2. I have this logo on a helmet and I love it. I'm at work and don't have a picture.
  3. It sure will be nice when we don't need DTV to watch NFL games. I don't mind paying the $350 for the Ticket if that was all I had to pay. Having to have DTV year round sucks.
  4. He also said the Lakers were going to win the West. The man obviously knows his sports.
  5. Drink a lot. Same as yesterday, today, tomorrow....
  6. I really hope this happens
  7. Away game at Foxboro in Dec. Scored great lower level seats from a friend who's a Patriots season ticket holder. He says I can have these seats every year. And I'll also be at the preseason Carolina game.
  8. Some people are just this way. Ignore them. To me, the season officially starts when the schedule is released. Can't wait. Already have great seats lined up for the game in Foxboro. Just have to pounce on a hotel room when the schedule comes out.
  9. With all the free agent signings, there is no way we need all of these picks this year. Do we consolidate and move up or trade some away to have more next year?
  10. Thanks. Nothing is gonna get done at work today.
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