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  1. If really offered KC and Bills say no thank we are good
  2. Plain and simple you dont win the SB in todays game.If you don't have a top 5 QB ,the chances of winning are not very good to say the least.... I don't think allen is going to be over the top on his contract demands doesnt seem to be that type of person. Remember that free agents place a great deal importance on how teams take care of their own. Yes you may pay a little more now but you will get it back on the back end.Just my input.
  3. The dollar amount doesn't matter its all about the guaranteed money....
  4. After looking at Mahomes contract the guarantee I suggested may be high on the guarantee money but not by much.The Bills have not had a decent Qb in forever and I don't think they will screw around with his contract.Not a time mess with the fan base over a contract.I think they will steep up and pay the man.If the its a bit high so be it if it brings Sb Or 2 who will care about the contract?
  5. I hear you but I don't think they can go lower the way The QB market is going. Hard to believe but I think 200 gauranteed is going to be a steal when you look at it 3 years down the road.
  6. I can see 5 years $230 million with $200 million guaranteed.With a no trade kicker thrown in.... I think allen takes this and gives the bill a slight discount Year 1 30 year 2 35 year 3 45 year 4 55 year 5 65 Thoughts?
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