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  1. Of course, you all realize the TV experience would be unwatchable if there weren't a real crowd of screaming, rabid fans to get you pumped vicariously. A real crowd gets the players pumped, too. TV ratings would plummet without fannies in the stands. It would be like watching a movie with no background music...you don't know how much it adds until it's not there. Take it from a 30-year season ticket holder: Watching on TV with a room full of friends is great, but nothing compares with being at the game.
  2. We had hope two years ago, now we have confidence. GO BILLS!!
  3. GREAT stuff, thanks for posting! What really hits me on watching this is, despite all the changes in the intervening years, it's still basically the same game it was then.
  4. Gotta be a thousand ways to say it. I'd print this one out and hang it on the wall: HUNGRY BILLS FEAST ON HAPLESS PATS
  5. Thinking of putting my 40-year bandwagon season seats for sale on Stubhub. J/K
  6. Little Tommy has elbow fever, and the only prescription is...more Bills!
  7. Much credit and heartfelt thanks need to go to the Pegulas. It all starts with them. Their commitment to growing a winning culture in western New York has produced great results. To be sure, ownership has been a learning experience for them as well, and there have been some tough trials; but they have laid the foundation for a long-term, successful franchise for years to come. Just a great day to be a fan of this team.
  8. At the 19 second mark and from 25 seconds until the end of the clip, you can clearly see that no one on the field, sidelines or crowd is looking up to watch it. Jumbotron only.
  9. Hurdles...wait...that sounds like a circus clown. Ok, Babyface it is.
  10. He needs to raise both arms at the end there and give that last, defiant shout to the heavens.
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