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  1. "Democrat-media human centipede" Brilliant! I'm definitely stealing that!
  2. I think it was 25% him defending the Oministration, 75% him defending his own stupidity/CYA because Trump called him out on it.
  3. Smarmy pr!ck. Trump tweets things and everyone rushes out to the media to say it's a lie. Much like Trump's tweet he was wiretapped during his campaign. It's funny that Trump is later proved correct on many of his tweets.
  4. I saw this posted on a site I check out from time to time. Who knows about it's accuracy so take it with a grain of salt, but it seems to line up with what we've seen. I'm an American field grade officer in [REDACTED], and would like to calm things down a bit, concerning the Iranian missile strike on Al-Assad Air Base, and Erbil. I was in [REDACTED] during the strike. Here's my take.1. We received "intelligence reports" that there would be a missile strike that night in two volleys. We didn't know the hour, or location, but there were in fact two volleys. Field intelligence is never that accurate, in my experience.2. The first volley launched within minutes of us receiving the "intelligence report".3. I watched the rockets impact - mostly ineffectively - on a live feed.4. Pres Trump tweeted that there were no American casualties, and little damage, before we even received the Battle Damage Assessment, but he was right.5. Iran, Iraq, and Pres Trump were all talking about de-escalation within hours of the strike.The whole night, I couldn't escape the feeling that the whole thing is intended to give Pres Trump a reason to remove troops from Iraq, while giving all three parties (Iran, Iraq, and the USA) reason to claim a win - the USA killed a very bad man, Iran struck The Great Satan, and Iraq gets to reassert their sovereignty.We'll see, but that's the way it looks from [REDACTED]. Finally....6. I watched the Neo-Clowns on Fox News agitate for war. I just thought, "give it a rest, man!"
  5. Awesome. Very impressive individual. Sounds like he loves everything about playing Buffalo football right now. "Pay him. Pay dat man his money"!
  6. He still believes his only hope of avoiding persecution is that the Democrat/Mainstream Media narrative will hold up, and that he must keep pushing it else people start to turn on him. If he hides he could give someone else like Brennan ammunition to pin everything on him. As long as the music keeps playing, Comey and all those slimey bastards will keep going around the circle, hoping that when it stops they have a chair to sit on.
  7. If it's Houston (#4 vs #5) would that be Saturday or Sunday?
  8. McDermott has no killer instinct? Going for it on 4th and 6?
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