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  1. Apparently much more to this... https://www.redstate.com/jenvanlaar/2019/10/18/ca-rep.-katie-hill-allegedly-involved-female-staffer-2-yr-throuple-relationship
  2. Anyone else thinking of Frau Blucher and Young Frankenstein watching the game, every time they make their horsey noise over the PA?
  3. Wow the ###### balls on this guy. Dollars to donuts CNN/Cooper let Biden know this question was coming. That response sounded rehearsed.
  4. Starting to wonder if this impeachment farce isn't actually about taking down Trump as it is setting up a deal to make things go away. Pelosi "Now Don, you know we are just kidding around with all this impeachment brouhaha, but the fact remains your guy Barr is making a lot of people in my party really nervous. If you could just make him bury what he's found and smooth this all over, we'll call off the "impeachment query" , not try to rig anything by having illegals and the dead vote, and let you thump our candidate in the election. How's that sound?" Trump "Know that job you have, being Speaker of the House? You're fired."
  5. Did a quick search and didn't see this discussed but my apologies if it has been. Was on the Bills site checking out the schedule and for the Week 16 game at New England the time of the game says 'TBD'. Looking at the NFL.com site, Week 16 has the Bills/Pats, Rams/49ers, and Texans/Bucs all listed as TBD. The Sunday night game that week is Chiefs/Bears. Seems like our game is in the running to go to Sunday night.
  6. I'm not saying ignore egregious penalties, especially those that could injure a player, but common sense should factor into refereeing as to when a minor penalty should be called, and there should definitely be more of an effort made to get penalties right when they make a major impact on the outcome of a game, like a phantom hands to the face penalty that helps the other team convert on 3rd and long.
  7. Whether it's gotten worse overall is hard to say, but I think it's undeniable that it's starting to turn fans off from watching the game when they see a nice play negated because the refs flagged someone for a ticky-tack hold that was on the other side of the field and had nothing to do with the success of the play. When the biggest penalty beneficiary in the whole NFL in Brady tweets that he's turning off the TV because there are too many penalties, you know a tipping point might be coming. It's been easy to say that attendance has gone down the last few years because of anthem kneeling or TV technology makes it more enticing to just stay home, but can we rule out a segment of the football fandom might be getting tired of referees impacting a game and losing faith in the sport's integrity? I've seen quite a few replies in this thread saying the NFL product, which is an entertainment product at it's core and thus desirous of compelling story lines to sell their games, might be getting nudged toward them (aka "fixed") via refereeing and while I hate to give that view legitimacy, it's hard to totally dismiss as well.
  8. Purely anecdotal, but was working from home yesterday and I received 5 freakin' auto-dial calls from "Central Research" asking if they could conduct an opinion poll. Waited for a live person and told them to add us to their 'Do Not Call' list then hung up. I have a sneaking suspicion that they aren't adding my number to the list, rat bastards.
  9. Chef why are you still wrestling with the pig? As the saying goes, you both get dirty but only one of you likes it. Best just to ignore the dipschits. Life is better that way.
  10. That was the entertainment branch, not the news. Fox is heading leftward because Murdoch's son or sons have taken more control (or possibly total control?), they are reported to be more liberal than their old man, and one of them is a Never-Trumper.
  11. Doesn't matter. Hillary will say she had nothing to do with this, and her media lapdogs will say "Oh we believe you, we'll help bury this".
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