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  1. One thing we've heard preached over and over with this HC/GM is 'culture'. It's why they made an ill advised decision to 'run it back' in the offseason bringing back pretty much the same team that was smashed by the Chiefs in the championship game instead of letting certain players walk/get released and replace them with other options. It's also why many buffalo media speculated that that Beane didn't want to make any trades of note last week brining in players from outside the organization because of the apparently lockeroom lovefest with this team. But this may be the issue and based on some of the postgame comments from the Jaguars that they noticed the Bills sideline didn't seem to care or have much interest in the game. Obviously it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know this based on the sheer amount of penalties and you have to wonder if this team had any real practice last week or was just busy taking selfies and playing on instagram on their phones. It's one thing for a team to be complacent if they are coming off a championship season, but this team has done nothing of note other than win a division title once in 25 years. They aren't the Chiefs, Brady Pats teams or anything close the 90 Bills despite claims otherwise. Therefore if I'm Beane/McDermott I release someone (obvious candidate is Cody Ford) and send a message that the results on the field aren't nearly good enough and expected by this team if they truly aspire for greatness. The time for accountability is now before things spiral out of control quickly. They may anyway given the lack of talent in key areas of this roster, but at least you try to right the ship by making a bold move or two.
  2. It's still not saying much and after 17 years the laws of parity simply played into our favor. Yes I'm angry but it's hard to sit here and truly believe this team is a real contender given the totality of the season and how they've looked since putting all their eggs in the Chiefs basket when in hindsight it wasn't even a quality win. The bottom line is that Beane made some serious miscalculations in the offseason and if this team is truly in a SB window it's going to be a wasted opportunity especially when he had the cap space and flexibility to make serious changes.
  3. If this team doesn't make some major adjustments we will get blown out by the Jets and this is not an overreaction.
  4. I'm not made at Allen, very few QB's are going to play well behind one of the worst olines in the NFL and the idiot offense coordinator is determined to get him put on IR with all the stupid play calling. But at the same time I still feel he makes very poor decisions and still doesn't protect the football nearly as good as he should. At the end of the day though QB is far from the reason why this team is 5-3 and trending downwards fast.
  5. But 'Big Baller Beane' knows more than us and likes his team so that's all that matter peasants. He thought Cody Ford was worth moving up to draft in the 2nd round. He didn't think Wyatt Teller was good enough to be a backup. He extended Dion Dawkins to a huge deal. Resigned Feliciano. Didn't make any trades last week because he thinks his mid/late round picks will actually be worth something like just about all the other average at best players he's drafted. Do I need to keep going or should I shut up and bask in this glorified clowns greatness some more and be a thankful Bills mafioso??
  6. A few weeks ago I was in the camp that would have laughed and said 'yeah right'. But it's clear this is a very good Pats team that probably should be 7-2 at worse right now and they are starting to gel and play better football as the season goes on. And if you think this forum is ugly now just wait until the MNF game when we are embarrased and blown out and lose the division lead for good (assuming it doesn't happen organically first which is possible).
  7. Yes but you kind of saw it coming after the last two games. This team peaked early sadly and who knows what trainwrecks may still be ahead.
  8. I pointed all this out weeks ago and it was disregarded. I think this team is still good enough to make a postseason push by default because there are still plenty of equally bad games left on the schedule but let's not kid ourselves into think this team isn't going to be one and done whether they win the division or get in as a WC. I actually wouldn't be surprised if this is just the beginning of a very ugly stretch where we lose really start to hit the skids and lose 4 or the next 7 or something similar. The talent just isn't there despite all unwarranted worship of this GM and HC.
  9. It's not about having this teams number, they just aren't nearly as good as some thought from top to bottom including the coaching staff, Allen, etc. The way this team is built they are going to get smashed and be one and done in the playoffs (assuming they still make it). But at this point dont be shocked if the Patriots win the divison and embarrass the Bills on MNF and take the division lead for good.
  10. Normally not one to bump my own thread but I think I made some valid arguements as to the current state of this pretender (to be nice). Bottom line: 1) This team is in a fact a pretender as they are 0-2 against teams with a winning record and just lost to a horrendous Urban Meyer led team. 2) This team peaked against the Chiefs putting all their energy into beating another mediorce team. 3) We are terrible in the trenches and Beane needed to make some moves at the deadline, he didn't and now will be exposed big time. 4) I don't blame the defense for todays dumpster fire but I've said all along they aren't as good as the stats indicate and had many chances to win this game today but couldn't do it because we don't have a star players.
  11. Really hoping Groot develops into a true beast and game changing player for this team. Either way early returns are promising and would love to see him finish the season close to double digit sacks.
  12. It will be interesting to see what he does against the Rams this week not only in Henry's absence, but the Rams defense will be even more amped up with Von Miller making his debut. If the Titans somehow wins this game there should be no question they are the AFC favorites but I have a hard time seeing it happen because I do believe the Rams are an elite NFL team even before the big trade this week.
  13. I would disagree with this if anything because the Bills really haven't proven anything yet in terms of getting to/winning a SB. Chiefs should still be the team everyone is chasing as the gold standard given their previous 3 year run and status as current defending AFC champions. But obviously many downtrodden franchises in the NFL see the Bills as a model to emulate since we were one also one of them not very long ago.
  14. You aren't going to blow out teams every week, I get that. But this team was absolutely terrible against the Dolphins for 3 quarters, you play a remotely better team/QB we lose that game and lose big. But my point is two straight weeks of playing like crap doesn't inspire confidence especially since we are in the easiest part of the remaining schedule right now.
  15. I'm really not sure why any team would want to sign a diva like this. But wouldn't be surprised if the Chiefs pounce given their current situation, would be real funny though when he starts complaining and blaming Mahomes for his lack of production there.
  16. I'm looking at a guy like Groot to have a big game here. Also expecting Basham to be active and get a chance to perform. Either way this is the exact type of game to pad the sack numbers and throw some exotic looks and blitzes at a rookie QB who has struggled a lot this year.
  17. Bills 35 Jags 10 Would really like to see this defense have a 6+ sack game here. Laurence has played well in spurts but overall this Jags team is not every good and among the leagues worst in all 3 phases of the game. If the Bills struggle again for 3 quarters again against a team like this it's definitely time to slow down any SB talk.
  18. They also looked terrible from start to finish against a bad seattle team with Geno Smith starting. I'm not saying this needs to be a 40-0 route, but I'm specifically looking for this team to perform better in the redzone and pad their sack numbers in a game like this. If neither happens it's not very encouraging IMO.
  19. Not sure about this whole manningcast curse but man will it be ugly on this board if this team looks bad and loses to Urban Meyer and the Jags this week. It will also further magnify Beane's inaction on the trade front too.
  20. Sorry but this does raise the question again, do we have definitive confirmation that Allen is vaccinated?? I still can't imagine the Bills would have gave him the massive contract extension but it's fair to ask especially since it's well documented his family are far right leaning in terms of politics.
  21. Not necessarily but we are 0-2 against teams currently with a winning record. We've beaten nobody of note (Chiefs included). Also if you look back on that game even with the miscues and blocked kick we couldn't get a stop and let the Steelers score the decisive points to put the game out of reach by 2 scores. But even if you want to write the Steelers game of as a fluke, we lost to the Titans primarily because this defense washed gashed by the Titans on 6 straight drives resulting in points going back to the 2nd quarter. There was essentially no pass rush against a QB who was the most sacked in the league at the time and far from elite. Again, I just think at the end of the day this defense isn't nearly as good as some folks believe if anything because of the weak schedule we've played thus far and will continue to pad stats on the rest of the way.
  22. It's because we've played mostly poor teams and QB's thus far. When we have played remotely competent QB's we've lost against those teams. I'm not saying this defense is trash because they aren't but I think fans are in a for a rude awakening again come playoff time when you see similar performances like what happened against the Titans where we can't get stops or any pressure without blitzing.
  23. I think this regime's biggest flaw is they overvalue the talent they have and don't want to concede to failure when it comes to their draft picks and FA signings. Because if they did they certainly wouldn't have kept Addison/Butler and could have used that money elsewhere in the offseason. At the end of the day it's not shocking this team didn't make a trade today because most other teams in the league didn't either, but anything short of a championship this season in Buffalo has to be considered a failure and I think that's when the clock starts ticking on this regime in terms of their long term viability. And sure some will laugh and say this is crazy but this is a results driven league and many other franchise have cut the cord on GM's and HC's that have been successful in the regular season and getting teams to the playoffs consistently, but failing to deliver in the postseason. Bottom line the window is only open for so long in this league and I still don't feel this team is nearly as good as some fans and media believe, but it all goes back to the offseason approach that Beane decided to take in terms of keeping the same exact team intact that fell short last year for the most part. And it will likely be the same reasons this team falls short yet again come next january.
  24. Wonder if he's just going to be demoted to practice squad or the Raiders are officially cutting the cord. If so also wondering if there are other teams out there that are interested in bringing him in.
  25. One thing to keep in mind that's relevant is that the Bills with and draft picks given up in a trade is that worse case are picking in the late 20's in 1st round, so if we trade a 3rd round pick today for an impact player at a position of need it's more like a 4th round pick. Same is true for the Rams deal for Von Miller, they basically gave up an early 3rd and 4th rounder with the 2nd/3rd rounders they traded.
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