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  1. Dane Jackson started off strong, but has been picked on over the last few games. I think Elam and maybe even Xavier Rhodes will steal significant playing time from him.
  2. Don't worry, we can still complain about our lack of a dome for the next 30 years!
  3. Tre'Davious White will be active today for the first time in a year after tearing his ACL on Thanksgiving last season.
  4. They need to let blitz Milano more often. He had a sack on one rush and drew a hold on another.
  5. I thought he's played pretty well and looked much better than Jaquon Johnson. That pass interference call on him yesterday was BS.
  6. Hopefully at least Poyer will be ready to go.
  7. I'm thankful that the Bills are in a position where losing to a 7-1 team is seen as a major disappointment. After 20+ years of futility, we need to appreciate how good we've had it these last few years and how good this team can be as long as we have Allen at qb.
  8. I honestly wish I could watch this game and enjoy it from the perspective of a non-Bills fan because this might have been the most entertaining game of the year so far.
  9. That's a huge vote of confidence in Fields. They lost Allen Robinson and finally replaced him with a big bodied playmaker.
  10. He's a great tackler with great instincts, but we need him at nickel. I think Benford or Neal could make the move to safety if Tre comes back and Poyer is out for an extended period.
  11. Great opportunity to try some RPO and read option plays. They need to simplify the offense so Willis doesn't run around aimlessly behind the line of scrimmage and take 10+ yard loss sacks. He's got a lot of potential but needs an offense tailored to him.
  12. Luckily for them, they're both in mediocre divisions where they just need to be over .500 to get in.
  13. Let's just sign OBJ in a month without giving up draft picks.
  14. The quality of the Primetime games has been pretty bad so I think that can lower our perception of the league as a whole. The Thursday night games have been unwatchable at times.
  15. Much like the Peyton Manning Colts, the early 90s Bills defense was built to play against the passing game with the assumption that they were playing with a lead due to their potent offense. Wright was one of the weaker links on that defense and was undersized to be playing nose tackle.
  16. I think he will definitely face some type of suspension considering the attention this video has gotten. I always thought the refs were replaceable until I watched the 2012 season during the strike and realized that it could be much worse. Then again, they weren't able to just take refs from the NCAA in the middle of the season so the prerequisites were just that you had seen a football game before and had 3 or fewer beers...
  17. Update: Apparently there's already a rule about this:
  18. This might not necessarily be against league rules, but it's not a great look. Autographing an item increases its value significantly, so it's essentially giving money to someone who's supposed to be an impartial judge.
  19. Those kids would rather buy a jersey for a punter on a team that never punts than a Case Keenum jersey 😂
  20. I'm a big fan of Tim Allen and Taye Diggs
  21. If we sign OBJ, it's probably a multi-year contract with dummy years tacked on to lessen the cap him. I'd much rather sign a free agent than use draft picks on an injury-prone running back.
  22. And Cody Ford just let a guy run right by him for a sack 🤣
  23. I'm not sure if PFF takes the assignment into consideration (but it should). If an offensive lineman neutralizes Aaron Donald, it should carry more weight than if he was playing against an average DT. PFF scores are interesting to look at, but there's not enough transparency as to how they grade players when they don't really know what they were supposed to be doing on any given play.
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