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  1. The top of the waterslide would have to be in North Carolina
  2. The only reason he's still on the roster is because he was a 2nd round pick. He has been absolutely invisible and he's been outplayed by Boogie Basham, who should get more reps.
  3. The one that I find most ridiculous is long-snapper. Your backup center should just be the long-snapper.
  4. Aaron Rodgers got his GM to trade a pick for Randall Cobb last year. After trading away Davonte Adams, Aaron might cry until his team trades a 7th to reunite him with Kumerow. I almost put Moss instead of Duke, but after yesterday I think Moss looked good enough to stick around.
  5. Guys who could get cut but have some trade value: Ford Kumerow Epenesa Giles-Harris Duke Johnson
  6. The legend of preseason Nate Peterman continues...
  7. Daquon Jones appears to be ahead of him on the depth chart (for now), but I think a front-four of Von, Oliver, Settle and Rousseau will be our best pass-rushing combination.
  8. You might want to get one of those flat antennas to stick to a window to see if you can get cbs or fox
  9. Couldn't get the Bills/Colts game on NFL+ since it's in market 😞 Paramount+ has it though
  10. I'm looking for AJ Epenesa to make a big play and then go into hibernation for 6 months
  11. He already had a signigicant decline in play last year, allowing 8 sacks. At age 37, a further decline in play is inevitable. Brown did the right thing by waiting for a desperate team.
  12. Maybe Moore and Parker were impressive because of how poorly their qb's were throwing it to them
  13. After so many years of mediocre-at-best quarterbacks, it feels really weird to see ours listed as #1 in the league and not be surprised at all.
  14. Duke was done the second we drafted James Cook. From what I hear Zack Moss is having a great camp and should be more explosive now that he's fully healthy. At least Tavon is listed as the starting punt returner. One muffed return in preseason and I think he's on the outside looking in.
  15. I agree. I think they play the unproven guys a lot in the first preseason game and replace the worst performer with a veteran.
  16. Just noticed that Nick McCloud is not on the CB depth at all and is listed as the 3rd string safety behind Poyer and Johnson.
  17. Quessenberry over Spencer Brown was the shocking one for me. It can't just be due to injury since Tre is still listed as a starter.
  18. I think they'll go overboard with flags for their points of emphasis in preseason, and then taper them for the regular season.
  19. Line up in offset I-formation with Gilliam to the left Singletary gets the handoff and starts running right He flicks it back to Gilliam, who nobody bothered to account for Gilliam has plenty of time to throw and hits Josh Allen on a wheel route down the left sideline for a TD
  20. We have quantity, but not necessarily quality. Spencer Brown is still recovering from his injury from last season and we don't have a good replacement. If there's a good veteran OT cut, we need to bring them in. We need a veteran like we had with Ty Nsekhe who can fill in without hampering our offense.
  21. Lorenzo Alexander- while still a good player in his other years with the Bills, he was a one-year-wonder in terms of sacks. He had 12.5 in 2016 with the Bills and never had more than 6 in any of his other 12 seasons.
  22. I think we will wait until we play a preseason game and get a good feel for the progress of Elam, Benford, and McCloud. Tre may not be ready for week 1, but the Bills may prefer to develop our young talent instead of bringing in an over-the-hill veteran. We don't have much cap room left and I'd rather spend that on o-line depth to protect our franchise qb.
  23. Khalil Shakir will be in the conversation after this season
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