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  1. I will, pats cheap shots caused this, there. I said it ? Go Bills!!!
  2. Snowballs chance in hell, he is already helping by coaching up some of the D line guys, we all need to be happy with that. Go Bills!!!
  3. With all respect to coach he is blind in this regard, zay is in his 3rd season and making no headway, a virtual cornucopia of examples showing this has already been made public on this board, and reasonable options to remedy the issue have been proposed. We now just have to suffer until the light goes on in coaches head, and he moves on from his insistent yet misguided trust in zay. Oh well for us. Go Bills!!!
  4. That he does, he for what ever reason is not having success this season, or last season, or the season before that, it’s somewhat odd because he did have a solid college career, albeit against lesser competition, it is my hope that all Bills players do well, sadly he isn’t having success. Go Bills!!!
  5. Vague title alert! Danger! Danger! Danger!
  6. So, what’s yous guys thoughts for a prediction of when Duke goes to the 53? I’m thinking two more games on the outside. Go Bills!!!
  7. Where there’s smoke.... On the other hand, it’s tough to get anything good for a guy who is not gonna catch 60 plus percent of what’s thrown to him. His value is plummeting at this point, not surprised if we just cut him at the end of the season. He has become a bit of a failure as it were. Maybe the jets or Miami.... ? wish him well, hope he’s saved some money. Go Bills!!!
  8. Concern, worry, controversy, omg!!! What ever shall we do......... really dude, is this all you got? Go Bills!!!
  9. Frank Gore is just flat out good, always has been. Very happy he is on our team.
  10. Point made ?, just hoping against hope.
  11. Yes, but it’s not s stupid based site.
  12. No, he has at the least all of this season, people are forgetting that Like it or not, Josh started his pro career well behind in correct coaching techniques, hence, a raw recruit, everyone has said this, like it or not, he is still lagging in this fashion. Josh is trying to make up for lost time while playing pro ball. Maybe getting his azs handed to him, and getting knocked out, will cause him to realize he ain’t all that yet, and needs to buckle down all the more. I think he can grow from this azs kicking, and make solid changes to his play. Have faith Bills brethren. Go Bills!!!
  13. And if Eric Wood notices this and speaks of it during the game, you know damn well every player on the Bills is thinking the same thing. Mr 38% catch percentage man has gotta be persona non grata on this team. Go Bills!!
  14. I love how folk here defend Mr not gonna catch over 60% of what is thrown to him man... what’s not to like about that.... Go Bills!!!
  15. Josh did contribute to the loss no doubt, still might have pulled it out, maybe, had he not been targeted for removal by the pats, but the topic at hand is Mr 38. % catch percentage man, he can only run a route, does not work back to the QB, doesn’t present a good target for our QB, can’t bring in a contested catch, and won’t catch 60% plus of the passes thrown to him, what’s to like about Zay ??? He certainly is not a # 3 WR. Time to try someone else, the results will likely not be worse. Go Bills!!!
  16. Thoughts, hmmm, Our D is really good, our O is not really good, we only have two good WRs, and our 2nd year QB is not applying what he is being taught, he is doing better than last year, but... our O line needs further improvements. Is Bates an option at RT ??? In a nut shell that’s the deal, at the 1/4 mark it could certainly be worse, 3 & 1 is nothing to whimper about, we need to get the O working better, we all know that. What the coaches and players do about the short falls will be interesting to see. Fingers crossed for Josh. Go Bills!!!
  17. What you are missing Is that he is an average WR on his very best day, has mediocre hands, and has an established history of dropping passes, no real capacity to bring down a contested catch, does not present himself to be a useful target, he is a jag and needs to be a# 4 or 5 option, not # 3, and is not really worth defending. Zay is just not that good. We have all watched him be kinda sucky most of the time. I could go on, but I suspect you get my point. Zay is likely a good guy, but so was JPL. Go Bills!!!
  18. Yes, it was a purposeful dirty hit, and we should do the same to Brady, as I said in another thread, we should start a go fund me to pay our players fines, we take out Brady and it will end this scourge, and the nfl will start doing what they should do, frankly I’m a bit pissed off. Go Bills!!!
  19. Sounds like some Zay lover boys ???, you all all know Zay is not, shall we say, shining, right?? We have issues with the O, your boy is part of those issues, not the whole problem for sure, but certainly part of it. Go Bills!!!
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