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  1. The last drive in the Pittsburgh game. Bills ran out the final 6+ minutes.
  2. Homemade polish sausage Homemade pierogi (sauerkraut and potato/cheese) pan fried in butter Horseradish
  3. Visited Hello Car Wash in Garland, TX, that's Frank the owner on the right. Lots of good Bills juju for tonight!
  4. Did you know "If it doesn't fit, you must acquit"?
  5. If it works for Josh... https://youtu.be/CFlMy48ui9s
  6. I'd like to see Daboll call a hook & lateral. McKenzie in motion, quick 7 yard pass to Diggs, flip it to Isaiah and he's off and running.
  7. Best Smile: Diggs Best TD Celebration: Rock-a-bye Beasley Best Quote (former player): Be ready...it might be chilly!
  8. Roberts takes the opening kick for a TD, Defensive TD on the Dolphins next possession. After a Miami 3 and out, Josh throws 3 passes to Diggs for 68 yards and another TD. 21-0, rest the starters.
  9. I'd like to see Matt Barkley hand off the ball 15-20 times, he is really good at it!
  10. First Bills Superbowl. I had a Marine Midland ceramic Bills helmet bank that had been on my dresser since I was a kid. As Norwood's kick sailed wide right, the helmet sailed across the living room and shattered as it hit the wall. The good news is I was also wide right of the television.
  11. Going to Bobby McGees in Burbank, CA every Sunday morning to cheer with the LA Bills Backers! Bar opened at 9:30AM.
  12. Is it possible that Josh Allen's shoulder injury is worse than thought? He has struggled the last two games.
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