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  1. I'm feeling a 40+ burger tonight...for the good guys of course.
  2. Also 3:00 on Wednesday according to NFL Network schedule.
  3. It's true, Dolphins' reproductive organs are located inside the body.
  4. My ears are already bleeding at the sound of Collinsworth'svoice
  5. Tyler Bass. Jets have a stout defense, we may have to settle for 4 or 5 field goals.
  6. I root for whoever is playing Dallas, call it the Cowboys opposition booster club.
  7. Last 4 games, even with all the turnovers, the Bills have scored 32, 35, 35 and 34 points. That right there is giving me a confidence boost.
  8. Thinking Cowboys, Giants and Chargers are the lower seeded winners.
  9. Two #2 seeds play Sat, cowboys/bucs Sunday night.
  10. The Dolphins again? Just go away already Bills by a million!
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