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  1. No Billdo, but how about a giant pacifier?
  2. Some people here may be too young to remember the classic Kelly/Marino cold, wind, snow games. They passed the ball all over the field with lots of points scored. It has been done before and it can be done again.
  3. It's time for a Ravens defensive score
  4. And Moses proclaimed The eleventh commandment All fish must be squished
  5. Before the game started I thought this would be the most difficult of the final three. I hope I am proved correct.
  6. Anyone going to the game, this is my nephew Rocco. Will be sitting above the players entrance tunnel
  7. So the Bills win by 1. Bills happy, Bills fans happy, bookies happy.
  8. Is haiku reserved for Miami week only? I live in Dallas Wear my bills gear all the time How about them Bills
  9. I'm feeling a 40+ burger tonight...for the good guys of course.
  10. Also 3:00 on Wednesday according to NFL Network schedule.
  11. It's true, Dolphins' reproductive organs are located inside the body.
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