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  1. it's still comes down to championships, wins and losses, and who has the most productivity and I'm sticking with Josh Allen it's still comes down to championships, wins and losses, and who has the most productivity and I'm sticking with Josh Allen
  2. Why we keep signing ex Carolina Panthers just look at the money we wasted on Star and Vernon Butler smh
  3. The Bills need more speed on Offense and Defense
  4. Hell with the predictions the Bills need to beat the Jets
  5. The Bills need to get rid of Star he is not worth the money the Bills are paying him
  6. Every Team in the NFL is facing key injuries so Bills fans let's stop with the excuses the next man up is on deck for every team in the NFL so know it comes down to to Coaching and McDermott and his staff needs to step up more down the stretch that is all
  7. There is no guarantee the patriots are going to beat the Titans
  8. Why should the Bills fear the Bucs the Bills are just as good as the Buccaneers and the Bills can beat any team in the NFL
  9. I agree the offensive line and not having and not having a fast physical RB is a issues had that not been the problem we would have won but it doesn't explain that defensive performance should have kicked the field goal and went to OT smh
  10. Especially on the QB sneak that got Josh stopped on the goal line
  11. Let's see where these fictional opinions about the Bills end when the playoffs start in a few months
  12. Who is this clown must be a Patriots fan if youre not a true 100% Buffalo Bills Fans please take your trash talking BS about my Bills to another website you miserable clown.
  13. Ok they should let at least 30,000 fans in the stadium
  14. If you don't like Buffalo Bills and that Josh Allen is the Buffalo Bills QB please go find another team we need real Buffalo Bills fan supporters. Thank you.
  15. Ok before we start talking contract extension let Josh Allen finish the season and win a playoff game or 2 playoff games before we start talking contract extension. GO Buffalo Bils
  16. As i recall when i grew up in Buffalo and been a Buffalo Bills Fans since birth of being born in Buffalo in 1967 there was a few times when i was a senior in HS in 1985, 1985 was the year Bruce Smith got drafted by the Buffalo bills and he got in trouble in buffalo a couple of times and look how Bruce Smith football career turned out so please stop hating on Ed Oliver cause all young men wheather they professional football have made mistakes so please stop making this more than what it is we have a made mistakes when we were young so let support Ed Oliver. GO Bills
  17. I agree with pick i like Jonathan Taylor and D K Dobbins
  18. Perry Tutle, Aron Maybin, Booker Moore, and Tony Hunter
  19. Who cares he is the worst sports commentator he only shows the packers love cause he played for him when you to work on pro football you need to talk positive about all the winning teams just like my Buffalo Bills he is a hater and only cares about the packers the team he use to play for this guy is damn joke GO Buffalo Bills
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