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  1. Definitely he is. Just thought maybe we could save future Millions for the team by doing it early so he does not have any second thoughts. Agents do not care about loyalty.
  2. So far so great. The next four games are tough and we will see where Josh is at this point in 2020. Does Beane look to sign Josh to a longer contract now or do we wait? Just asking your opinion. If he keeps growing and producing do we extend him sooner rather than later? Extend him this year after a good season? Wait till the option year? If he is the future franchise QB maybe we should lock him up and give him our full trust. I know its early but maybe we can get a good contract for the team by reacting quickly and not at the end of the current deal. Just throwing it out there. Trust in Beane? Current Contract Josh Allen signed a 4 year, $21,183,038 contract with the Buffalo Bills, including a $13,485,846 signing bonus, $21,183,038 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $5,295,760. In 2020, Allen will earn a base salary of $750,000 and a roster bonus of $1,745,730, while carrying a cap hit of $5,867,191 and a dead cap value of $12,517,249. CONTRACT TERMS:4 yr(s) / $21,183,038 SIGNING BONUS$13,485,846 AVERAGE SALARY$5,295,760 GTD AT SIGN:$21,183,038 TOTAL GTD:$21,183,038 FREE AGENT:2023 / UFA BONUS BREAKDOWN CAP DETAILS CASH DETAILS YEAR AGE BASE SALARY SIGNING ROSTER CAP HIT DEAD CAP YEARLY CASH 2018 22 $480,000 $3,371,461 - $3,851,461 $21,183,038 $13,965,846($13,965,846) 2019 23 $570,000 $3,371,461 $872,865 $4,814,326 $17,331,575 $1,494,715($15,460,561) 2020 24 $750,000 $3,371,461 $1,745,730 $5,867,191 $12,517,249 $2,495,730($17,956,291) 2021 25 $920,000 $3,371,461 $2,618,596 $6,910,057 $6,740,057 $3,538,596($21,494,887) 2022 26 - - - - - - 2023 27 UFA
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