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  1. Hard to disagree with his take. As @dave mcbride said, Simms has been on it a while. Not just this year, but last year as well. And, I think we all think they had more reliable receiving options last year. I’m rarely critical of Beane, but I’ve been dying for them to stock up the offense in the draft in the early rounds. You can win a SB without a perfect defense. It’s almost impossible without a QB. We have the hardest position in sports sorted out and we need to get him everything he needs to succeed. Even at the expense of the defense. I don’t need another Epenesa, Boogie Basham, or Bernard. Sure, I’m pulling for their development as a sunk cost, but it’s hard not to look at those selections as opportunities missed to this point.
  2. Woooowwww!!!! Let’s goooo baby!!!! Great game by detroit.
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