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  1. Mac at #85 makes me question the whole list.
  2. Keenum trying to do his best Peterman with all these TOs. Even Peterman was a preseason MVP though.
  3. Forgot how many damn commercial breaks there are during games.
  4. Catch the ball. Keenum been a little high with his throws.
  5. Writing was on the wall once Nate left. As someone else said, chemistry has been off ever since. They could’ve recovered had Kay stayed on, but evidently doing nothing was more important. I think she’s probably kicking herself for leaving after seemingly overplaying her hand with Amazon and them choosing someone else. I’m willing to give the new crew a chance to see if they can get in a groove, but we’ll see. Personally, I think Jason McCourty was a worse choice than Erdhal. The guy is so robotic and uninteresting. A total doorknob.
  6. Was he signed to play C or G for them? I always thought he was a better C than G, so maybe that’s contributing to some of this (i.e., he feels he’s playing better because he’s where he should be now at C so he thinks everything is 🌹). Nevertheless, let it go dude.
  7. Looking a tad light in the stands for 70k in outstanding tickets if it starts at 5 (yes, I know, doesn’t mean 70k or anywhere near it will actually show). Then again, those lines to get in looked nuts.
  8. 😢 This sport can be pretty damn frustrating sometimes. Not that I need to tell anyone here that.
  9. Obviously, you never want your superstar QB in the middle of a scrum. That’s just not smart. That said, I love the intensity in early camp. Anyone who’s ever been on a strong team knows stuff like this can happen and it will be a gigantic nothing between them once it’s over. Now…stay the F away from the franchise! 😂
  10. As much as I couldn’t stand Keith Ellison as a player back then, I have to admit, as an undersized linebacker, he’d likely be viewed a bit differently if he played in todays NFL. Was ahead of his time. But man, he frustrated the hell out of me back then.
  11. Bruce is my favorite player of all time, but, while he may have a point, hard to see the end game here. Not going to change anything with respect to his candidacy/enshrinement. He’s in, best to move on. I get he’s trying to prevent what he believes to be this transgression from happening in the future, but it comes off as sour grapes.
  12. Also, this is all after apparently saying they wanted to move on from Baker to get more of an adult at the position. 🙄🤦‍♂️
  13. “Best shape of his life” season.
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