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  1. Wowza!!! Rams really hate first round draft picks! At least it’s not the cheats. I was worried about them getting him.
  2. Good Q. I’m not one that focuses too much on criticizing Beane’s drafts. I think he’s done a nice job overall, but there’s no question we need to find a few more impact guys from the collegiate ranks. All of this is a lot easier once you have a franchise QB in place. We do, so you can take a few more gambles on players (healthy, questionable character but elite physical ability, etc.). With respect to your Q on the Dline, I do think they can replace all those guys in one offseason. Maybe that’s ambitious, but that’s just me. Reason being - I don’t think we’d be replacing 4 starters.
  3. This reeks of a desperate Chan Gailey like HC hire. For Culley’s sake, I hope it works out for him. Supposedly he struck up a pretty decent relationship with Watson a while ago. He’ll need to rekindle that flame and get him onboard to be successful out of the gate. I hope he does and keeps him out of the AFC East.
  4. I agree, we can’t keep everyone, but we can keep a core group of homegrown guys. Guys that make up our core should be retained. Like Tre and Dawkins, I believe our core should include Milano. Even if that means letting Tremaine go when he’s up. But it matters not what I think. Beane is going to do what Beane is going to do. I just hope if he lets Milano go, we aren’t sitting around saying how nice it would’ve been to only have had to cut guys like Jefferson, Addison, or Butler to keep him just for the sake of having bodies on the Dline. Good chat though. I haven’t fully mad
  5. I hear you, but I guess it’s just preference. I’d rather cut all those guys, keep Milano, and invest in young dline in the draft. I don’t know that you’re going to find a premier pass rusher in FA. Certainly not one that won’t command a ton of $. I agree they are critical to have. A really good pass rusher that can change a game is something we’ve lacked for a while now, but I’d invest some draft picks in the dline. At least 2 picks on the dline and maybe grab 1-2 decent (but not high priced) guys in FA. Keep Jerry on another year if you can to teach the young cats.
  6. Completely agree with this point. This is the biggest unknown and you can’t force anyone into a deal. Admittedly, I’m making a lot of assumptions on my end. If it’s something where we are at $11MM per year and he’s at $20MM per year, then we were never likely to keep him. But if it’s where we think he’s $11-13MM and he’s at $14-16MM and both sides want to make a deal, and the only reason we say we can’t do it is because of the salary cap being less, I think that’s BS. We can make it work. As I’ve said in other posts, there’s only maybe 3 guys I value equal or more on this defense than Milano
  7. I agree that it’ll be challenging with the guys you mentioned. It’s tough to maintain when you have success. Of that list, I think Milano is more important than everyone but Diggs. I prioritize keeping Milano over all those other guys.
  8. Who else on defense would you value more than Milano that should stay? I’d put Tre White, Poyer, and maybe Hyde as more important than Milano. Maybe Edmunds? Taron Johnson? Jerry is getting older and hardly ever gets home. None of the other guys on the dline are more important than Milano. Imagine this defense without Milano’s blitzing or coverage ability. Pay the guys that matter and fill in around them through the draft and cheap FAs.
  9. I hear you. I’m not trying to be a PITA on this, but we need to make it work with Milano. Why draft his replacement when we already drafted and developed a guy? We struck gold in the 5th round on him. Seattle kept Bobby Wagner and KJ Wright all these years along with paying Russ a ton of $. No reason we can’t make it work. There is plenty of fat that can be cut on this roster to accommodate.
  10. How do we know he wants $14MM? Why can’t we cut the scrubs on the dline to make it work or structure a deal around this year’s salary cap constraints. I’m happy to eat crow on this if I’m wrong, but I’m telling you if we let him walk, he’ll go be a big time player for someone else. We’ve been fed the line “draft well and retain our own” by this management team. Time to put their money where their mouth is. Pay him.
  11. I don’t think he needs to be highest paid at his position to come to an agreement. I also have some concern with injuries, but sometimes they just happen. Eric Wood was one of those guys. We stuck with him and he turned into a pretty damn good player. Milano may never have another injury that forces him to miss time. We should reward our own that we drafted and developed. Not Mario Addison or Vernon Butler. Cut them and give that money to Milano.
  12. This would be a HUGE mistake to not bring Milano back. He’s a difference maker on defense. Yes, he’s been banged up some, but he’s proven a difference maker when he’s on the field. If they don’t get rid of all these non-impact JAGs at over-inflated salaries on the Dline to keep Milano, they are making a mistake and he’ll go star elsewhere. Unpopular opinion: I’d prefer to keep Milano over Tremaine. I don’t dislike Tremaine like some others on here, but Milano is far more instinctive, is a difference maker, and is typically around the ball.
  13. Tough to tell from that angle, but it looks like you do see Feliciano’s arm come up a little toward the kidney region. Judging by Chris Jones reaction immediately after you see that, it’s certainly possible. Whether it was a shot to the kidney or simply tied up, we won’t know for sure until there’s a better angle of the play.
  14. Chris Jones was being a chippy punk all game. With that said, I don’t blame him. In that game, season on the line, you have to play right up to the edge. Up to the refs to rein it in. They let a lot go this playoffs, and I actually kinda liked it. Just wished our guys did it too.
  15. For me, the goal this off season should be getting pass rushers and increasing overall team speed. Anything else is gravy. I don’t want to go nuts on defense because you have to outscore KC. You aren’t going to hold them down all game, but you can force their hand situationally by disrupting Mahomes. Our pass rush completely disappeared in some big games this year, and when we did get home, sometimes we struggled finishing and bringing down the QB. I’d scrap most of the dline if they aren’t on a rookie deal. Maybe keep Jerry for leadership. We all saw what our lack of tea
  16. One helluva year. Reload and try again next year. Going to have to go through Mahomes for years to come. Not impossible but have to be better. The unfortunate reality is that only one team walks away without disappointment each year.
  17. I might actually have to root for Brady in this super bowl and I really hate that.
  18. Agreed. That’s the biggest difference between him and Mahomes right now. Mahomes is so cerebral. Never rattled. Ever.
  19. I’d cut loose most of this aging DL to free up space. They get zero pressure most games.
  20. This game plan was almost 2017 like. McD’s conservative hands all over this one.
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