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  1. I have a feeling Cowboys and Bills on Turkey Day
  2. Just before the 2023 season big announcement He is returning again
  3. How many prime time games next season ? We already know Titans and Bills in London I say London game 2 Monday nights A Thursday night game A Thanksgiving game A Sunday night game I say we will 6 prime time games next season
  4. I don't see the Bills making it to the playoffs next season. Could it be a rebuilding season ? I see 8 wins at most . Any thoughts ?
  5. This game will be over by the half . Jaguars are not going anywhere
  6. Yep , even the lighting was weird
  7. It seems like a game in a parallel universe
  8. A blow out against the Patriots would be awesome , The Bills have done many times in the past in season's finales
  9. Merry Christmas and stay safe in this horrible weather !
  10. Morocco is a very well disciplined well coached team. They have only allowed only one goal in 5 games. I think this team has the best defense and they say defenses win championships
  11. Spain Lost To Morocco. Morocco looking really good this year
  12. When I saw Morocco beat Canada I knew that the Bills would beat The Patriots.
  13. We win out Miami wins the rest except against Buffalo we take the division KC hopefully lose a couple we get number one seed
  14. Should the Bills lose to the Browns. The season is over. There is no way that they will make it to the playoffs . Thoughts ? Are the Bills done for the season? The defense is a mess and Allen is not the usual self. This injury is a factor . How do we fix this ??
  15. I would not be surprised if the Bills win this one but also if the Vikings win it . It could go either way . It will be a very heart breaking loss for one of these teams , Hopefully we get a W. There is also a chance of a tie
  16. I still think we will win it but it is going to be very challenging. At the end of the standings I picture this: Buffalo, NY Jets and New England all make it to the playoffs final standings Buffalo 14-3 ( 4-2 against the division ) NY Jets 12-5 ( 3-3 against the division ) New England 11-6 ( 3-3 against the division ) Miami 8-9 ( 2-4 against the division ) Also Which division is better the ACF East or the NFC East ? All opinions welcomed !! GO BILLS !!
  17. I can see this Buffalo 14-3 NY Jets 12-5 New England 11-6 Miami 8-9
  18. This will be a competitive game , Miami is very good and may give us a hard time, this is not the 2021 Miami Dolphins , we are not going to blow them out but I think we still get the job done 47-38 Bills
  19. The Miami Dolphins are on top of the division for now because they beat a divisional opponent and we beat an NFC opponent . Is that correct ?? I know we will be on top if Miami loses on week 2 if not week 3 when we take care of business against the Dolphins
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