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  1. Do you think we will win the last 3 games ? knowing the Bills that could happen . I would not be surprised . Meaningless games ? lose out for a better draft pick or use the 3 games as preseason for 2019 ?
  2. Yes it was love it now can we take care of the fish next Sunday ?? Let fry these Dolphins
  3. I hope I am wrong but take a look at that Jaguar defense . They are completely shutting down the Steelers offense How are we going to manage that ????
  4. As much as I want this to happen , we know that will not happen . My prediction We sweep the NY Jets We split against the Dolphins We lose to the Pats We have a good chance against the falling Jaguars Detroit not really sure
  5. Buffalo's defense will only allow 9 points , we have a really good defense but the final score will be something like 44 -3 Bears . The other 33 points will be the scored by the Bears defense due to all the interceptions by Peterman and a an offense that is beyond awful and dysfunctional
  6. Will the Bills score at least a field goal this Monday night ? It will be massacre As soon as the Bills get the ball it will be an interception and a quick 7-0 lead for the Pats and the game has just started 3 seconds . After 5 minutes into the first quarter The Patriots will be leading the Bills 28 - 0 in which 21 of these points are due to turnovers At halftime 49-0
  7. Buffalo first and down at the Bills 25 to start the game and here we go PENALTY FLAGS !! Bills are now first down and 20 at the 15 yard line . 3 and out
  8. Defense scores 14 points but the Colts win it 17-14
  9. We are not gonna win this one , no way . Are we going to win more games this season ? Of course we are but not this one We have a much better chance of beating the colts next Sunday than beating the Texans If we do have a miracle win it would be because of our defense , we have a very good defense and improving . Our offense is still mess , we got to work on our offense
  10. If Texans were coming to town I would say the Bills but they are traveling away I say Texans 21 Bills 14
  11. We gonna win some games because of the defense . I can picture next week a horrible offensive performance against the Texans with less than 70 total yards and no score and somehow the defense score a touchdown after a interception . Final score Bills 7 Texans 6
  12. I think we beat the Texans ? split against Miami or a split against the NY Jets . Maybe an upset against the Bears if we are lucky ? Tennesse lose At Texans win At Colts Lose New England lose Bears lose ( maybe an upset win ?? ) At NY Jets lose BYE Jaguars lose At Dolphins lose NY Jets maybe a win here Lions lose At New England lose Miami Win in an meaningless game
  13. If we play like we did against the Vikings we should be to blow them away . 2-2 would be nice but if would have been better to be 2-2 winning the first 2 games , sure wining is always a good thing but it is better to win against an AFC team .
  14. The first 6 quarters of the Buffalo Bills team ( game 1 and game 2 first half ) were the absolute worst defense in the league The second half of game 2 and all of game 3 it looked like a totally different defense ! One of the best in the league
  15. I would love to see this !!!! I am sure many of you would love to see this unfortunately , it does not help us in the division if we win against the Packers and Miami loses to the Patriots it would be a plus for us but you know I want to see the Pasties dead last in the division !!
  16. Miami is hot on fire 3-0 but are they really that good ?? Will they fall apart later on ? I think we lose at Miami but we beat them here at home in the season's finale . Time will tell . Right now the AFC EAST is wide open , anything can happen but New England is like a scene from a horror film when you see they have kill the creature and the creature wakes up again and attacks .
  17. Defense getting much better but not enough to win the game due to the offense needing more help Vikings 21 Bills 10
  18. Allows more than 45 points against the Chargers , what needs to be changed ?
  19. It will be a better game that when Nathan peterman played but with this Swiss cheese defense we are not going to win this game
  20. I hate to say this there is no way we will win against the LA Chargers . LA Chargers 58 Bills 6
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