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  1. We could play against the hosts from The View and you guys would be worried. Easy W. They have no offense.
  2. What? He has a shaky kicker and a boom or bust punter. He cant really help that. His coverage teams other than today have been a HUGE improvement over last years. Let’s not forget the holding and clipping flags after EVERY SINGLE RETURN last year.
  3. Love the lack of faith in Brady at this point. Nearly EVERYPLAY is some sort of trickery because they know Brady is NO LONGER a starting NFL QB
  4. It was the Scot Norwood set up all over agin. Horrible play calling put a shaky kicker in a bad spot
  5. The Browns suck! Stop worrying so much. Now they are going to try n force the ball to Odell which should lead to an interception or 2
  6. The ref getting the call from NY. Id like to smash that dbags head who dropped the punt. Former *pats always helping out their old team. F bellichick and his gay brother
  7. Bring him back! Atleast we can get 4 games a year outa him
  8. It would take more than that to get a hall of fame receiver in his prime
  9. Anybody who can’t see the sharp decline in Brady yet will see it over the next few games when they start playing decent teams. 10tds mostly on 5 yard passes that get taken 40 yards. Pay closer attention.
  10. Fairly easily at that. Darnold is the real deal and there is a good amount of talent on that roster. They are about to go on a fairly big run and it will start with the “upset” over brady as father time tightens it’s grip on the least physically gifted qb in the league. Mark my words. The *pats have been winning in spite of brady but playtimes over.
  11. Let’s stop pretending Daboll wouldn’t leave for a head coaching opportunity. This isn’t the patriots he isn’t saying “nope I’m not ready yet”. You never know if your gonna get a chance again. He is outa here if he gets offered a HC job.
  12. Me n Beane are on the same wave length, cause that’s exactly what I thought we could get for him
  13. Or you could know what your talking about. He specifically said he had that conversation w him when he was on the NFL network.
  14. Kelly already had that same conversation w him. Apparently he hasnt gotten it yet.
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