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  1. Let's hope its not Rudolph

    He played in a pro style offense in college, he has won a championship, He has had 4 years to study under an above average NFL QB, and in the games he has played in he has looked the part. Probably about 25% of first round QBs end up being qaulity starters, I fear the unknown. Atleast AJ has a bigger body of work to judge.
  2. Let's hope its not Rudolph

    I respectfully disagree, the cliff notes are he has no experience in a pro style offense, he can't read the field, and he isn't comfortable in the pocket. One isn't because of the other, they are all seperate faults. Someone else asked me in the thread what my solution is. Personally I would sign AJ M to a somewhat reasonable contract and try to draft Falk out of Washington State. Let him learn for a couple of years and between the two of them I would feel comfortable moving forward, if not keep drafting along the way.
  3. Let's hope its not Rudolph

    After seeing and hearing the rumblings that the Bills will take Rudolph if he is there at 21 I decided to watch some of his tape. Im no pro scout but this is what stood out to me. 1. He is in the typical dumbed down type of collge offense that Beane said he is trying to avoid. Didn't see any passes from under center. 2. He locks on to one reciever. He depends on his primary reciever to get open as he will stare them down for multiple seconds without so much as turning his head. 3. The only time he seems to look for other reads is when he leaves the pocket because his first read is not open for multiple seconds. He gets uncomfortable and leaves the pocket rather than stepping up like big time NFL QBs do. Remind you of anyone? 4. He is an accurate passer. When the recievers are open he gets the ball to them. He can make some tight throws and has a decent deep ball. 5. He can create plays with his legs. He seems to have decent speed and was asked to do alot of read option in his college system. From what I saw he seems like a Blaine Gabbert/Bryce Petty type more than anything. A guy who ran quick pace, 1 read offense that had success in college who you are basically just hoping can learn an NFL offense. It usually doesn't work out, and we as fans deserve more than that.
  4. Estelle Gettys Hot Takes

    And that is before we cut Clay before the 2019 season to save about 10 million, and more than likely part ways with Glenn saving almost 12 million. On top of that the 2 million a year of Tyrods that will be off the books. Assuming we dont sign Cousins and go with a draft pick or cheap option our highest paid player will be Jerry Hughes (if he's even on the team, I have my doubts) at about 10 million. That is some crazy stuff, we will be forced to spend. As far as AJ to the Browns if he is a RFA that is far from a done deal especially given a new GM in Dorsey who covets draft picks and may or may not even like AJ. I have no proof, it just serms like a happy middle ground for us from risking alot on a 1st rounder who might be able to play in the NFL, and giving Cousins 30 million a year. A reasonable contract and or trade for AJ seems alot more new age Billsy than the other 2 options, don't you think?
  5. Estelle Gettys Hot Takes

  6. Estelle Gettys Hot Takes

    Hello my old friends. I haven't posted since they switched the software, it took me six months to figure out how to log in. I was always here in spirit. At my age it is not so easy and Blanch is always hogging the computer looking for Mr. Right Now. Anyways on to football, my views from heaven: - I think our future QB may be on the Bengals at the moment, and it isn't Dalton. Suprised more people havent been talking about A.J. M coming here whether he ends up being a FA or not. - Can see us making a run at Jimmy Graham if he is willing to come here as our FA splash (Depending on QB situation). With the way Clays contract is set up he is a dead man walking in 2019. - Defensive front 7 will be totally overhauled as it should be. - Glad to see Dennison and soon to be Taylor put in the scrap heap. For the record I was on the fence about Taylor going into the year, my mind is firmly made up now. - Mc D is a good leader but as we all know clock management and his aggressiveness need to get much better. - Keep in mind in 2019 we will have an absurd amount of salary cap space, Beane is gonna be forced to dust off the velcrow wallet and spend a few dollars. Praise the good lord the drought is over and we can finally brush those big ass chips off our shoulders. Go Bills!