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  1. Saints and Cheifs are #1 and #2 according to this. “Stats that matter”. Haha. This should be a fireable offense really. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/25206920/week-11-2018-nfl-power-rankings-season-defining-stats-every-defense
  2. 100% his last season. Followed by Brady trying and failing to make it work w ONLY scrub receivers next year and no gronkowski. And the dynasty is over.
  3. Estelle Getty

    Possible power play by Beane?

    There is no proof that McDermott hired Beane himself. If you want to talk about unfounded speculation. It is much more likely that he put in a good word for him.
  4. Estelle Getty

    Possible power play by Beane?

    Many including me up until last week thought that Beane and McDermott are connected at the hip and that McDermott hand picked Bean. Even if this is true with things heading in this direction is it possible Beane lobbies for a coaching change? Judging from the moves Beane has made (the incredible amount of trades he has made for players and picks) he seems to be more of a new age NFL executive. Think Howie Roseman or Les Snead. What these types have in common is aggressive personel moves and aggressive coaches. Enter McDermott where you can not use the word aggressive and McDermott in the same sentence unless it is this one. I would have to think Beane knows the formula to beating the Patriots and other dominant teams is being more aggressive than they are. McDermott will never be that guy and Beane knows this. So I don’t think it would be a total shock for Beane to make a pitch to the Pegulas in an offensive league to go with a young innovative offense oriented mind. I would say it’s only about a 20% chance but at the same token it is larger than people may realize.
  5. Estelle Getty

    Will Peterman score more points for Chicago or Buffalo?

    I think this is accurate. And again I’m not hating on Peterman. I honestly think he throws more TD passes to the Bears than us. Sadly his stats would back this up.
  6. Serious ? I am honestly leaning towards Chicago 12 points and 10 for Buffalo. Anyone else?
  7. Estelle Getty

    I honestly think Zay Jones is a decent wide receiver

    He just needs to learn the rule that you CAN run after the catch. As of now he does not know this.
  8. Estelle Getty

    I actually like Daboll!

    Simply not true, but ok!
  9. Estelle Getty

    I actually like Daboll!

    The man is atleast attempting to run a real NFL offense. Very rarely do you see the run, run, pass combo we have come so accustom to over the last few years. Gone are the days of draw up the middle out of the shotgun for 1 yard over and over. The only issue is he is trying to run a modern day NFL offense with Junior College talent. I think his stubbornness will pay off in the long run by helping to weed out the players who can’t hack it in a real offense. Much like we saw a defensive overhaul this year I would expect the same on offense next year. I have confidence that McBeane have the ability to figure it out, as they did on defense. As far as McDermott, let’s not forget he got us to the playoffs with a joke of a roster last year. This year any educated fan could see we were not built to win although there was always the outside chance much like last year.
  10. Estelle Getty

    What is the first phone call Beane makes today?

    To Gruden saying he meant to trade the other QB
  11. Estelle Getty

    Don't Blitz!!!!

    We managed to make him look like 1
  12. Estelle Getty

    Don't Blitz!!!!

    I love watchin I love watching the QB stand in the pocket for literally 5 seconds when the Dline is no closer to the QB when the play started. Nothing like it in the world.
  13. Estelle Getty

    Don't Blitz!!!!

    Whatever you do do not Blitz!! We got great pressure rushing 4 the whole game. Oh wait......what's that? The Bills have absolutely 0 pass rush when rushing only four for the last 2 years? You would have to be a total idiot not to send a blitz up the middle on 3rd down with our lack of pass rush? I get it now. Love the ultra consevative out of touch defensive play calling.
  14. Estelle Getty

    9-4: Bills Worked Out Paxton Lynch & Ten Other Players Today

    This is Mario Williams all over again! Let Kelly show him all the "deers" in his backyard if that's what it takes. Fire up the plane tracker!!! Borrow Ralphs Taurus, let him order surf and turf at Tempo! I just wish Russ and Whaley were there to tell him what kind of wine the Pegulas like. This could be Uuuuuggggeaaaa!
  15. Estelle Getty

    Peterman pros and cons...

    In fairness Petermans grandma was drunk when she said it.