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  1. Estelle Getty

    WAY too much Patriot* love around here (my analogy)

    Yeh...anyone who sticks up for the *pats is an automatic dbag...and no, im not kidding. They will be known as cheaters to anyone who is not a fan. So they can win 30 SBowls and it is pretty much irrelevant to the majority of informed fans.
  2. Estelle Getty

    The Phantom Hold and why the NFL is dying

    Im sure you will go before both of us so you won’t be there to find out!
  3. Estelle Getty

    The Phantom Hold and why the NFL is dying

    So the Teams should be ok with having to overcome horrible penalties that kill drives. Go back and look at the success rates on 1st and 20s compared to 1st and 10. And tell me if you would be ok with that if it was whatever team it is you root for. Weak ceo
  4. The holding call on the Rams center early in the fourth after Gurleys 13 yard run was no doubt the turning point in the game. Instead of first and 10 on the *patriots 43 after just tying the game and with all of the momentum the Rams faced a 1 and 20 in their own territory. They went on to punt and the *pats scored the game winning touchdown. I have watched that replay 10 times and there is no way that should have ever been called a hold. It’s these “inconspicuous” type of blatant calls in the NFL that have the ratings for the Superbowl at a 10 year low. The point being people like me are realizing there are just to many variables to be able to win a game in the NFL, with the refs being number 1. You really have to hope that your team is “allowed” to win. The Rams never really had a chance and it was made clear after that atrocious call. The *pats were penalized TWO TIMES up until the *pats last drive when the game was already over. How do they play such perfect football? But it isn’t really all about the refs. There are as many uncotrolled variables as a poker tournement with 3,000 people. No matter how good you are at the end you need the right run of cards and about a million other tiny things to go your way. That is the odds of your team winning the Big Game if your not the *pats. No matter how good you are in the NFL the refs, injuries, freak plays, and many other factors make the NFL a game of luck which is sad to me. People are realizing it’s all about luck unless your the *pats and winning the Superbowl is just like hitting a # on the roulette wheel, there is really no ryme or reason when it comes down to it and 31 teams are just hoping they get lucky and the cards fall their way, just a big gamble really. A game of chance, it’s just the hard truth for fans like us who wish there was justice in something we invested so much time and emotion in. On a side note edelman winning mvp is a great message for the kids that if you cheat it pays off. And bravo hiring an arrest riddled rapper to be part of the halftime show. Stay classy Goodell and the NFL
  5. Estelle Getty

    Super Bowl 2nd half Game Thread

    Your an idiot if you dont understand the impact of that call. Go to bed. Your grandma is waiting to tuck you in.
  6. Estelle Getty

    Super Bowl 2nd half Game Thread

  7. Estelle Getty

    Super Bowl 2nd half Game Thread

    Phantom call on gurleys run ended the game. But the general public is 2 stupid to realize it.
  8. Estelle Getty

    Super Bowl 2nd half Game Thread

    Phantom hold decided the game...go figure...in favor of the pats
  9. Estelle Getty

    Super Bowl 2nd half Game Thread

    The refs are now waiting for the *pats d to line up before moving off the ball?
  10. Estelle Getty

    Super Bowl 2nd half Game Thread

    1 penalty on the pats? Lol
  11. Estelle Getty

    Turns out it was Bellichick not Brady!

    I guess I watch a different game because the Brady I watched was pretty awful in the Cheifs game. His poor 2nd half play is what kept the Chiefs in the game. He looked fine on the last drive because he still has pinpoint accuracy within 15 yards but that won’t be enough for much longer.
  12. The great debate of who has been more responsible for the *pats success was answered this season. Look the Cheifs game, Bellichick was working with one of the most physically limited players in the NFL in Brady and he game planned for his only 2 strengths he has left accuracy and awareness. Brady can no longer throw the ball in the air over 20 yards with any real chance of success. Even that heave into the endzone was just him floating it up and wishing for the best. Brady has less than 8 games left as a formidable NFL QB. Bellichick has shown he can coach as long as he wants.
  13. Estelle Getty

    About Tom Brady and the Patriots

    This isn’t the place to come out of the closet.