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  1. Estelle Getty

    The Case for Peterman

    The reason why Peterman should be the backup is he has the tools of a backup QB. That 7 yard out that he constantly floats for the defenders to jumpmin front of is a great example of why he is not a starter in this league. Compare that to how Allen makes that throw.
  2. Estelle Getty

    Deā€™Ondre Wesley Impressing?

    He didnt look to hot on McCarrons first play when he failed to pickup the outside blitz and the guy went untouched.
  3. Estelle Getty

    Joe B: 53 Man Roster Projection - Updated

    They are not both making the team. Possibly one or the other.
  4. Estelle Getty

    Joe B: 53 Man Roster Projection - Updated

    WR is actually easy. Benjamin, Coleman, Jones, Reilly, Mcloud
  5. Oh thanks dipshit. I don't know the difference. Sounds like you just learned it and our showing off.
  6. Estelle Getty

    Allen should start with #1's

    Personally I think Allen needs to sit this year. I think last night was a good example of that. Allen is exactly what his scouting report said, a strong armed QB who struggles with accuracy at times who can make throws other QBs can't. The poster boy for a young QB who needs a year to develop. On a side note don't sleep on McCarron who in my opinion will be our starter this year.
  7. McCarron is who your missing. I think he is Peterman with a little bit stronger arm and more experience. I will take credit in advance for naming McCarron are starter in January before he was even a free agent.
  8. Estelle Getty

    Slow shotgun snaps!

    I thought I remember it with McCarron as well but I could be wrong.
  9. Estelle Getty

    Slow shotgun snaps!

    Am I the only one who noticed the 2nd string centers shotgun snaps took an awfully long time to get to the QB? I couldnt see who it was but I would imagine that threw the QBs timing off as well as gave the D an extra half second to get to the QB. It certainly needs to be addressed!
  10. Estelle Getty

    Interesting Astro Tweet re: Beane

    You guys have all gone a bit crazy whoever thinks we would trade a LB we just moved up for in the draft for another LB. Because that would make alot of sense. Fine me a trade like this that has ever happened.
  11. Estelle Getty

    Shaq Lawson on roster bubble

    Wasn't he pretty damn good against the run last year and had a couple of sacks? Why does everyone want to get rid of him so bad?
  12. Estelle Getty

    Bills' 2018 Training Camp Day 2

    So after 2 days it sounds like 1. AJ McCarron 2. Peterman/Allen
  13. The real concern is how his wife was ever considered a model, much less a super model.
  14. Estelle Getty

    Prisco: Bills to go 3-13 (start 0-8)

    I hope not. Prisco is a bit of a cynic in regards to the Bills, butsadly he is uaually right on the $$$ with our beloved team. He is one of the prognosticators that I actually put some stock into.
  15. Estelle Getty

    LeSean McCoy allegations

    Not even 1 yard on 10 tries?