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  1. Estelle Getty

    Eagles Release LB Mychal Kendricks

    50/50 we sign him. Mostly because of his versatility.
  2. Estelle Getty

    5-9: Chris Mortensen on One Bills Live

    I use to feel the same way. But it was Ralph W he was not a fan of. Towards the end he realized the gimick Wilson was letting Brandon run and not caring about the results. So he was right to dislike the orginazation.
  3. Estelle Getty

    Three reasons to hire Jordan Palmer

    I second the motion to hire Jordan Palmer.
  4. Shaq isn't that bad. More of a third round talent, but certainly not a guy you should cut from your roster. He would make for a great rotational player. Has more natural talent and strength than Eddie Y. Remember injuries do happen, depth is a good thing guys.
  5. Estelle Getty

    [edited title] Robert Foster, UDFA - Roster shot?

    I agree, I'm calling it with you. He will be our # 2 this year.
  6. Estelle Getty

    What a Week for Buffalo Sports

    Yes sir! We deserve it
  7. Estelle Getty

    RD 4, Pick 121: Taron Johnson DB - Weber State

    Like the pick. Now OT and WR. You can wait to take a reciever cause the Bills need a track star at this point and they are always avaliable late. Really just need a Goodwin type here to keep Ds honest. Skill wise ehhhh
  8. There now everyone can shut up about him being there at 12
  9. Estelle Getty

    I really want Mo Hurst

    I would have taken him at 22
  10. 2 guys who couldnt stay on the field who had and were going to have huge contracts. And where did that extra 1st go?
  11. Estelle Getty

    Would Allen have been there at 12?

    Throw the chart out the window when your talking about getting in the top 10 for a qb. I had him as the 3rd best qb and we took the 3rd qb of the top 10. Stop acting like this kid is a bum. Mayfield and Rudolph were the fools gold of qbs, and we avoided them.
  12. Estelle Getty

    RD1, Pick 7: Josh Allen QB - Wyoming

    To much negativity about him. We have some of the best scouts in the business. I just wish we had a real QB coach.